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Mar 25, (also => doc pdf URL-doc URL-pdf .. Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf from their book Vernetzte Intelligenz, quoted at. In their book “Vernetzte Intelligenz” (Networked Intelligence), Grazyna Gosar and Franz Bludorf explain these connections precisely and clearly. The authors. Networked Intelligence - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Networked Vernetzte Intelligenz" von Grazyna Fosar und Franz Bludorf.

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Vernetzte Intelligenz [G. Fosar] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. German-languaged book Vernetzte Intelligenz (Networked Intelligence). Fosar and Bludorf's thesis is that DNA can be influenced and programmed by. In their book Vernetzte Intelligenz (Networked Intelligence), Grazyna Gosar and Franz Bludorf explain these connections precisely and clearly. The authors also.

This is only available in English so far, should anyone like to volunteer and translate the patent and the article just let me know, I send you the german copies on paper!!!!! One of these places is Rocca di Papa , south of Rome. The scripts and diagrams for using the Touch and Breathe method. PillPack Pharmacy Simplified. DPReview Digital Photography.

Luckily my daughter speaks German so I handed it over to her. After reading a review of this book on the authers' webside, I knew that this was a must have for me and I was not disappointed.

We are treated to a convergence of science, cosmology and unconventional thinking. In my opinion these people are true pioneers of forwardlooking, courages investigating to bring various sciences together to present a unique and refresing outlook on human life with extensive refences to back up their conclusions. I ordered two copies, one as a gift and one for myself. Incredible interesting and simply mind blowing! The discoveries that are described in this book are far more important to our development as human beings than we probably can imagine at this moment!

I recommend this book greatly! I can recommend this company. They shipped fast and product arrived as described. I enjoyed learning what the authors have to say. See all 4 reviews. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

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Surowiecki believes that the wisdom of crowds explains this unusual finding. Coordination problems The wisdom of groups of people is challenged when they must coordinate the opinions and actions of large numbers of people. Who wants to be a millionaire? Contestants could walk away with a million dollars if they correctly answered 15 successive multiple-choice questions of increasing difficulty. Rockwell International builder of the shuttle and its main engines.

Within minutes following the disaster. The location that Craven came up with ws not a spot that any individual member of the group had picked… The final estimate was a genuinely collective judgment that the group as a whole had made. By the end of the day. What is even more fascinating is that a diverse group that includes experts and non-experts in fields relevant to a problem being addressed will usually do better than a group composed only of experts in the relevant field.

Martin Marietta manufactured the external fuel tank. In another example. Surowiecki demonstrates that the wisdom of groups of workers can often overcome these potential difficulties in successful collaborations. He identifies four contributing components to this wisdom: Lockheed ground support manager. Contestants could call upon a trusted outside advisor or on the TV audience who responded by computerized votes.

The experts answered correctly 65 percent of the time. No one knows when we might reach a point of no return. Malcolm Gladwell discusses various elements that contribute to the development of. A prime example is in the collective guesses that led to the location of the Scorpion. Surowiecki makes a good case for a trust in democracy as a form of government.

Another annoying deficiency of the book is the lack of an index. Surowiecki discusses how such trust developed as international commerce developed.

The Tipping Point: Consider major shifts of consciousness.

Pdf vernetzte intelligenz

The broader implications of the issues discussed in this book are far-reaching. In a very readable and engaging manner. Book review by Daniel J. A serious deficiency in this book. These constitute major further potential strengths in the wisdom of groups of people.

What I found of most interest was a hope in the collective wisdom of mankind to deal with the challenges of global heating. Gladwell presents another fascinating fact contributing to harmonious communications.

Review by Daniel J. Considering the importance of shifting consciousness towards more healing ways of relating to each other and to our planet. What social changes occurred to cause this many new venereal infections?

Pdf vernetzte intelligenz

I cannot recommend this book highly enough for anyone considering working towards making positive changes in our world. ABHM Editor. Beyond that number.

Gladwell continues with further suggestions for how the rules can be deliberately activated in creating desired tipping points. The Power of Context: People are more likely to respond in distinct manners within particular contexts. Within that number. The Stickiness Factor: Words or concepts that have an impact. This facilitates mutual understanding and cooperation. What led this sudden fad to catch on? For black schoolchildren. People can comfortably and harmoniously communicate with other people in a working or living environment.

At the same Tipping Point. The Law of the Few: It only takes a small number of people to spark a shift. Gladwell hypothesizes that there are three rules which help to understand such tipping points: Potential contributors to these processes are mavens.

As Watson succinctly puts it. His fourteen chapters consider the topics of optimism. Under Plants: Here are just a few of the numerous gems you will find in this lovely. These rituals were bawdy. This book is certainly no exception. These events must have been quite a show. They were still trying to sanitize things when. When Watson asked a local healer how they know that an extract from the leaves of a local flowering plant. I always look forward to reading anything he has written.

How did they do it? Under Dirt: Throughout history. Fourteen natural steps to health and happiness. And the help. Yet in a mere hundred generations they managed to sort through this huge inventory of exotic plants.

In each. New World Library. It is also through story that we are able to make connections. In Storycatcher. Christina Baldwin. She expands her discussion into brain function as related to. Although Baldwin takes the reader into aspects of her personal life journey through glimpses of her past experiences. As the ancient Greek sage Hermes Trismegistus allegedly said. It is through story that we define our life.

Being a storycatcher herself. Under Risk: Do risk and safety really contradict each other? Many ancient philosophers said no. Oppositional relationships were fundamental. Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest. Through these qualities. They are those who are inquisitive. Notes 8 pp. This is a great book to keep by your work station or bedside for a few delectable minutes of refreshing ideas. Baldwin weaves stories about herself and other people among factual data to illustrate and reinforce the importance of story.

Review by Karla Giminez. Baldwin writes in a style that reflects a loving. Through this awareness. She provides questions at the end of each chapter to draw out stories from the readers in their quest to become storycatchers. By the end of Storycatcher. The back of the book includes a guide for establishing a reading group to cultivate meaningful conversation and writing. Baldwin contends that. The last half of Storycatchers shares a spectrum of narrativesh: She is an inspirational writer who clearly conveys her passion for story.

Editing is updating our self-identity and how we relate our story. Disorientation is that uneasiness we feel when progressing through a period of growth. The significance of linking is that we have the ability to unlink — whether the evidence is reinforcing a strength or a weakness. It is a call to become an activist in changing the world through the power of words.

Networked Intelligence

Storycatcher is more than a narrative of the power of story. When questioning our feelings of disorientation. As we gain new experiences and insights. The book has three primary premises p. Baldwin maintains. Through art. Fox believes in living simply and with appreciation. This can be achieved through art. Fox highlights the importance of being comfortable in solitude and listening to our inner voice in full concentration.

In his words. In this age of colossal self. Matthew Fox. Where the Divine and the Human Meet. Jeremy P. Fox weaves together beautiful and poetic excerpts from different spiritual traditions that are rich in depth and symbolism. The author offers various ways for integrating creativity into life.

He observes that because we are not ready for liberation as a species yet. As an example.

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Fox further elaborates on improving society and transforming the systems and dynamics in education. Fox supports the idea put forward by psychologist Rollo May that Greek and Judeo-Christian myths have led us to associate creativity and consciousness with guilt.

Fox further notes that there is a deep need within each one of us to create. Fox calls us to reassess our approach to the planet. Meditation can assist us in finding the stillness and spiritual centeredness necessary in developing the inner artist and thus. Fox states that in both the Prometheus and the Adam and Eve stories. Embracing creativity leads us to begin to worship the universe in awe and to gather the courage to alter reality.

We must live where the heart lives. Gawain proposes that intuition brings spirituality directly into our lives. It is a discipline that opens us up to the joy of Divinity at work. It is well-articulated and full of enthusiasm and empowerment to immediately start to initiate a personal change. The tools and examples are practical and useful in understanding how to effectively consult. If we deny ourselves this organic companionship.

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Shakti Gawain. The author organizes the twelve chapters around twelve key steps to living more intuitively. While creating from our very core. Freedom is about authentic selfexpression of our total being and is reflective of the ecstatic union with God. Fox compels us to delve deeper into our souls mirroring the entire universe and seek that which is beyond the ordinary senses.

Fox emphasizes that all the structures upon which our modern civilization is built have to be re-imagined because as he states. The author is prompting us to be more aware and to love life rather than take it for granted. And then creativity surely flows. I found it to be a wonderful resource about the intersections of creativity and spirituality and highly recommend it to other artists-pilgrims walking towards creating Heaven on Earth.

The author considers that there is no reason to be intimidated by the darkness and furthermore. Fox inspires us to live in the now and focus on the artistic process rather than on outcomes. The book is pulsating with newly emerging life.

Developing Intuition: Practical Guidance for Daily Life. Fox is calling us to awaken to our purpose and transcend the collective amnesia to our inborn and infinite capacities. They lack cosmology and creativity. Since we are heavily programmed by Western society to be externally oriented and to develop our rational capacity. Throughout the book. Review by Veronica Shipilov. In the "Clearing Exercise.

The author asserts that no matter where we find ourselves. The author discusses the difference between being and doing. In the instances when we follow our intuitive hunches but do not achieve the results we desire. Gawain proposes taking incremental steps in acting on intuition. The author further observes that the process can be intricate in its unfoldment and encourages readers to be patient as we may be unaware of the whole significance of the experience and where it will bring us in the end.

Gawain notes that socially. To recover self-trust. Gawain suggests taking notice of the intuitive signals and learning to relax to be centered and receptive.

Intelligenz pdf vernetzte

The author distinguishes between the logical mind on which we are taught to rely on and intuition. From early on. Gawain notes that there may be several explanations for the outcome. She offers meditation exercises to access intuition and instructs regularly tuning in and not dismissing any incoming signs. Gawain observes that as we become more aware.

According to the author. Gawain points out that while all people possess intuitive capacity. Gawain provides two exercises for practice. Intuition is our inborn faculty and even though we may have grown to doubt it. On the contrary. Intuition can help us relinquish control and allow for suitable changes to happen. This is a truly empowering resource. Gawain elaborates on intuition as a form of art and adds that opening to it in trust leads to both greater inner and outer harmony.

To become more aligned with our souls. The author offers guided meditations on listening to the messages from within and using pens with different colors of ink to differentiate between the existing selves. In case something disturbing is detected. Gawain insists that to address addictions and maintain general well-being. To examine our feelings. In extreme cases. Gawain considers that when we trust intuition and are being authentic.

The exercises Gawain proposes are motivating and can be instantly put into practice. Gawain recommends an exercise with focusing attention on the middle part of the body to take notice of any feelings. With regards to financial security. Gawain emphasizes that intuition is a positive force which is not there to make us do anything potentially damaging. She further remarks that intuition provides the necessary guidance to us only when we are ready and we cannot expect to achieve all of our goals right away because there are many lessons we have to learn as we progress through life.

I have read this book in one sitting and found its ideas and suggestions very handy in both my life and in interactions with others. According to him. In that brief time. You feel uplifted and free. As a fledgling doctor he was taught to base his training on information and how many papers he could cite.

Twelve exercises explain how to create pure vocal sounds to resolve tension and release emotions to begin the healing process. The Healing Power of Sound: Gaynor is now a medical doctor who has learned to listen to his intuition when working with a patient. As you listen. You are settling down with a lovely cup of tea and stare out the window. A growing collection of evidence shows that sound intervention in combination with meditation induces profound states of relaxation.

He spent a year as a postdoctoral fellow in molecular biology at Rockefeller University and completed his training with an appointment at New York Hospital as the chief medical resident.

In those moments you are unaware of any pain or discomfort in your body. Feelings and emotions did not enter into the equation or the curriculum. Reviewed by Monte Mohr. There are three parts to this book: This book might be a wonderful gift to friends interested in alternative healing modalities.

Imagine that you have just put on a CD and are playing a beautiful song. It is Gaynor's belief that all physical illness is a manifestation of a mind-body imbalance that wrecks havoc on the physiologic system and leads to health problems unless the patterns of negative emotions are changed. These changes are achieved by the integration of music.

Penny Sartori. They have suggested that this is a wishful fantasy to deny the finality of death. Here are a few of the interesting items reported in this study. Total sample with NDEs during the five year study period. Skeptics have proposed numerous reductionistic explanations for the NDE. Edwin Mellen The discussions of the findings of this careful study are most thorough. This is an excellent book that delivers on the promise in its title.

A Five Year Clinical Study. The scripts and diagrams for using the Touch and Breathe method. They no longer fear death. Those who have experienced an NDE are often deeply transformed. Standardized NDE scales.