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Nearly 10X more success stories than any other Amazon selling course on the market! . IT'S ALL FREE for former and new Proven Amazon Course students!. Course Review: Skip McGrath's Complete Amazon Marketing System Course Review: .. with an accompanying PDF that you can read and/or print out. Jim Cockrum's Proven Amazon Course was the first major Amazon seller. So what's the story with Proven Amazon Course? Open Your Amazon Account; FBA Quick Start Guide PDF; Join our Facebook Group; Pin In.

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5-Step-Startup-Checklist PDF. This free PDF download is from the Proven Amazon Course (PAC) — A comprehensive training program that shows you how to. to start by thanking you for purchasing the Amazon FBA course we have put together. If you do not set the PDF document with your labels, you have to. To understand our session today, understand that in everything the Proven Amazon Course. (PAC) teaches, we want you to understand the. HOW and the WHY.

Some are PDF, and others are video. I am looking forward to the upcoming webinars. I will eventually do FBA to supplement my affiliate business just because I have to. This is the most comprehensive, creative and up-to-date "selling on Amazon " course in the world supported by the largest team of successful Amazon selling moderators. Connect with Lynn:

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Overall 4. Cons Slightly cluttered site layout Risk of information overload. What are Promotional Companies? Multiple different sourcing strategies are covered in-depth. Very active, lively and helpful Facebook group. Jim Cockrum gets involved on forum and Facebook groups. Training delivered across multi-media formats. Just about everything you need to know is covered, and then some.

My Experience: I have two massive favourites when it comes to Amazon FBA training courses: I hope you found my review helpful. Want More Stuff Like This? Straight To Your Inbox Then sign-up to thedoublethink free newsletter and get strategies I only share with subscribers My feedbacks are full of praise from hundreds of happy, satisfied buyers, but 2 sour apples poisoned the well for me….

Pdf course proven amazon

I have removed most of my listings and am seriously considering abandoning ebay altogether. One of the best tools I had found on ebay is Blocking another user. It makes my life easier, every time someody gives me trouble I blocked, is like saying you are not allowed to enter my store. Wish Amazon would have something like that. Sometimes is better to buy the item from that person, that to deal with them when you sell it.

This is a reminder that on June 19, Jim Cockrum sent you an invitation to become part of his or her professional network at LinkedIn. My eBay business has fallen off some…but not a heck of a lot. And I like the Amazon payments to my account twice a month. I usually only sell items that I make…there are some exceptions…but not often. VERY nice feature. These are just a few comments from a seller on both of these websites.

I concur with your conclusions. I used to be a serious eBay seller and I stll sell on eBay , just no where near the volume as I used to. Amazon is a much more serious platform especially with FBA and outsells eBay many times over. You really need to research the items you want to sell on eBay to see if it is practical, as eBay is not what it used to be.

Bob http: I was able to sell phone accessories for around double the amount on Amazon as on Ebay for a few years. FBA is good for some products, but our shipping rates here are much higher than in the US so it costs more to send to their fullfillment centre and the FBA charges are higher.

Hi Jim I rate Amazon miles above eBay. Add to that the arbitrary decision making that can suddenly leave you suspended or even worse as happened to me you have your Paypal account suspended for no apparent reason unusual withdrawals was all I could get out of them.

This left me unable to trade for 6 months as I was selling tickets and could only prove I had fulfilled all my obligations after I had supplied the final ticket. Amazon is a grown up operation that is fair to both buyers and sellers.

You can be a merchant for long enough to list unique items and then revert to a standard seller with no penalty.

My Amazon account ticks along nicely with no hassle and no aggravation. In other words are the opportunities still there for the little guy? Amazon is a big, mostly tradition e-taler, albeit larger and with a wider variety of goods and sources for products. However there are some significant potential threats to Amazon.

Too many stores can stay focused and undersell Amazon. And there will always be gamblers. No one could ever call shopping at Amazon exciting.

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I think that increased competition against both Amazon and e-bay, especially as they have to allow their consumers some limited access to their Clouds, or inner workings, will make them both tighten up their operations, increase their CRM and get more Social, especially in their advertising but in other places as well, because they are sure to face additional competition.

Take care! I took the Proven Amazon Course, joined some forums and bought a scanner. Today was the first day I went out. I went to an estate sale, thrift store and Big Lots. It was so easy to just scan products and know before I put them in my basket that I was going to make money with my purchase. I felt like I had an unfair advantage by doing this. But it is totally fair. I invested in a good course, spent time in the forums just to get some beginner information and inspiration.

I bought a scanner, which will be paid for in one weekend with the profits. I have an app right now on my phone that will scan a bar code and compare that item with the prices at several different stores … but may be Steve it talking about something a little different!? Amazon is very strict but I know what to expect. I was stunned at the lower stress level of Amazon.

Bye, Bye eBay for me. Less stress, more profit, business and fun. This is true and I should charge amazon and Jim for the great testimonial. Be cool. In many respects selling has gotten easier. For example I have a search for specific items I collect that I run every 3 or 4 days.

When I started this search 4 years ago I got less than results. Today I get results. The majority of the results are overpriced items or parts. This clutter is happening in all the collectible categories, and is a direct result of eBay trying to compete with Amazon. Watch what happens over the next year to eBay. How long do you think it will take for a new eBay store account to realize he should be listing more items to cover his store fee?

How long do you think it will take for competitive items to start selling for amounts that leaves no profit for the seller?

How long after that point will it take for sellers to realize eBay and the Post Office are the only ones making money,? Amazon just keeps being what it is — a large retailer who lets small people access their buyers for a fee. Go NOW because in a short while there will be tens of thousands of unhappy eBay sellers moving to Amazon.

I just began listing items on Amazon and quickly my items began to sell a lot faster than on Ebay. Both work but Amazon FBA gives me a strong regular cash flow whilst eBay sometimes surprises with intense auction bidding for rarer items.

Proven Amazon Course

I need both venues! Great to hear your success story! Thanks for sharing. The ProvenAmazonCourse. Make sure recruiters and colleagues see all you have to offer. Finish Your Profile, http: Use it to track influence. Add a comment: Get connected to at least 50 people. See people you may know, http: Update your profile, http: Take LinkedIn on the go!

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Course proven pdf amazon

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You bend over backwards to help people and it gets you nowhere. A perfect record can be damaged in the blink of an eye. Somebody receives what they ordered, great price, bang on time, but they order the wrong thing, their fault but oh boy game over!

You take it back full refund and they still leave negative feedback! One customer bought a fuel pump, brand new, fitted it, then claims it is missing parts, asked him to mail me a photo of all the parts so we could send any missing items, refuses. We tell him to return it, he refuses, too expensive to return!

The other problem is that the product originators can make a poor job of the product listing, which you are usually stuck with, until someone does a second listing, which they are not supposedly correct to do! If that person treaten you with bad feedback, you can report it, and any feedback that he left you will be removed.

If you sell expensive parts, buy a digital camera, and at the time of shipping you take a picture. You will be surprise how many claims I had won like that. I live in Australia so Amazon is not really viable to use as a selling platform for physical products at the moment. Most of the buyers on Amazon are overseas so if I did sell something the shipping costs that Amazon dictate do not cover anywhere near the actual postage costs that it would cost to ship the item.

Amazon may be the way that online selling is going for those in the USA, but here in Australia eBay is still the better option.

I agree with the person who said… use ebay for what ebay is good for and use amazon for what amazon is good for. You need the right tools for doing either business model. I never got ebay fine tuned. I started FBA 2 weeks ago, listed some books from around the house the first night and some were sold the next morning, others have been selling over the last 2 weeks.

I got the right tools for FBA and did some scouting at some retail stores and now I know that I am making money when I buy the item, not if it bids ups. I will be sending in my first FBA shipment this Monday.

Amazon pdf proven course

No question Amazon is far and above eBay. I sold for almost 10 years with eBay and had a total of 6 negative feedbacks in 10 years, s of return customers, and over night because I was selling test strips, eBay stripped me no pun intended of my right to sell without an explanation.

I have appealed twice to no avail and they refuse to give me the reason why. I never received a policy violation, negative feedback do to a misrepresentation, or ANY unethical behavior. I was a Powerseller and top Rated Seller.

You would think they would want to continue to receive that revenue…. Amazon is hands down easier to work with now that they have improved their shipping process and with the use of FBA there is no comparison. That is one bad combination there. I am of the belief that all the slitheing snake moves that Paypal is doing could not be done without a green light from their masters at Ebay. What am I referring to? I hope I am not sounding off-track here. I agree with the vast majority of these posts here.

I am just saying, play with Paypal, which is owned by Ebay for too long, and…look out. However I tried selling on Amazon UK about 4 years ago after reading another excellent guide to selling on the river. Amazon immediately suspended my account and told me I could no longer sell on their site.

If I tried to open another account then that too would be closed. After about 18 months I contacted them again explaining very clearly what had happened and asking them to reconsider, but received another rebuff. There seems to be no way to get anyone to see reason and re-assess my situation.

Good luck to you all!

Proven Amazon Course going amazingly well

Is there anyone else who has experienced similar issues with Amazon or is it just personal??? Good point, whether it is eBay or Amazon people are going to have good experiences and bad experiences. I have personally found if you sell collectibles and antiques, Amazon is not very workable and is also very costly in terms of fees. Amazon is great for books and items with UPC labels. They will write me glowing emails, but not leave feedback. Bottomline here is a chance to kick the stuffing out of eBay they sure seem to be making it easy nowdays including Jim.

Seems to me the real agenda is pushing the sales of the FBA Program, because it feels like all of a sudden Jim has thrown eBay under the bus. Connect with WiSE: Connect with Susan: I will be holding a 6 week weight loss challenge…if you are interested, please… http: Connect with Mary: Hyde, and 17 other people.

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Pdf proven amazon course

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