Wcf interview questions and answers for experienced pdf

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Chapter 5: WCF Interview Questions and Answers. – years of experience his rick skill set includes designing, integrating, implementing, ORM. WCF Interview Questions and Answers for freshers pdf 1. What is WCF? 2. Top 14 wcf interview questions and answers If you need top 7 free ebooks . Interview questions and answers – free pdf download Page 2 of 24; 3. . In this section, the author shares his experience and useful tips to exploit.

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In this article you will learn about WCF Interview Questions and Answers. Top 23 WCF Interview Questions & Answers. 1) Explain what is WCF? WCF ( Windows Communication Framework) is Microsoft framework to make inter- process. WCF is a distributed technology that provides a single, integrated platform or model called the service model to develop distributed applications for Windows.

Describe which operations the client can perform on the service. WordPress Shortcode. Below is the code snippet of the client side for multi-protocol hosting Interview questions and answers — free pdf download Page 8 of 24 9. The sample address for above transport schema may look like. The below code shows how to expose a RESTful service.

For more details visit the following link:. The message is encrypted using the certificate and can now safely travel over any port using plain http.

It provides end-to-end security.

WCF Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced

Transport Security Transport security is a protocol implemented security so it works only point to point. As security is dependent on protocol, it has limited security support and is bounded to the protocol security limitations.

This we can call a mixture of both Message and Transport security implementation. Message Pattern: A message in WCF is very similar to messages in the real world. It describes how the programs will exchange message each other. There are three way of communication between source and destination, There is no need to call a Java class from a C class.

When they want to talk with each other they just send a message to each other. In the Next programming industry though it's fine and cool to communicate via messages but there should be some standardization of those messages. Then, when people try to exchange data between two programs they send the standardized message to get it done. Message Exchange Patterns describes the way of communication between Client and Server means how client and server would be exchange messages to each other.

There are three types of message exchange patterns. And the default value of the IsOneWay property is false. So ultimately we do not need to set this property.

Answers experienced pdf interview for questions wcf and

It is set by default. That is why it is very easy to implement. The above diagram shows how a PerCall instance works:. A new instance of the service class is created for each client. The following given diagram represents the request from the client using Persession service instance mode: Single Instance Service When we configure a service as a singleton, all clients are connected to a single instance context.


We configure a singleton service by setting the InstanceContextMode property as single. Only one instance is created upon creation of a service host.

This instance is forever for the service. Another service instance is created only when we reset the IIS or when the service host is shut down. Diagrammatic representation of a singletion instance: When should you use per call, per session, and single mode? Per call: Syntax [OperationContract] [FaultContract typeof MyException ] string getDetails int value ; The Fault Contract sample demonstrates how to communicate error information from a service to a client.

And experienced wcf for interview answers pdf questions

The sample is based with some additional code added to the servie to convert an internal exception to a fault. Question What is the concept of tracelevel in trace listeners? To enable the wcf trace we need to mention the trace source in configuration file like Web. Mostly and widely used trace source is System. WCF tracing provides us different wcf tracing levels as given below:.

AnswerInstance Management is the name for a set of techniques used by WCF to bind client requests to service instances, governing which service instance handles which client request. This is a service side implementation detail. In WCF, Instance Management is a technique to decide which service instance will serve a client request. It also decides when a client request will be served by a service instance.

Instance Management is a very important factor when designing a service. Its affects:. Instance Management can be seen as a set of techniques to decide which service instance will serve a client request and when. Basically there are three instance modes in WCF:.

Why we need Instance Management we need Instance Management because applications differ too much in their needs for scalability, performance, throughput, transactions and queued calls.

So one solution for all applications doesn't fit. Information cards are virtual representations of a person's identity that are assured by a particular party. Information cards are analogous to real-world identity cards such as passports, driver's licenses, credit cards, and employee ID cards.

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We are inviting Java Developers like you to help the other developers on http: Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Top wcf interview questions and answers job interview tips 1.

Top 14 wcf interview questions and answers If you need top 7 free ebooks below for your job interview, please visit: Tell me about yourself? This is probably the most asked question in wcf interview.

It breaks the ice and gets you to talk about something you should be fairly comfortable with. Have something prepared that doesn't sound rehearsed.

It's not about you telling your life story and quite frankly, the interviewer just isn't interested. Unless asked to do so, stick to your education, career and current situation. Work through it chronologically from the furthest back to the present.

Interview questions and answers — free pdf download Page 2 of 24 3. What is endpoint in WCF? Every service must have Address that defines where the service resides, Contract that defines what the service does and a Binding that defines how to communicate with the service.

The Endpoint is the fusion of Address, Contract and Binding. Specifies the location of the service which will be like http: Clients will use this location to communicate with our service. Specifies the interface between client and the server.

Specifies how the two paries will communicate in term of transport and encoding and protocols.

WCF Interview Questions and Answers

Interview questions and answers — free pdf download Page 3 of 24 4. What makes you unique? This will take an assessment of your experiences, skills and traits. Summarize concisely: This allows me to use my knowledge and break down information to be more user-friendly. How do I serialize entities using WCF?

Note this is not a general solution for serialization as unidirectional mode may be insufficient for many use cases.

Interview questions and answers — free pdf download Page 5 of 24 6. What is contracts in WCF? In WCF, all services expose contracts. The contract is a platform-neutral and standard way of describing what the service does. WCF defines four types of contracts. Service contracts: Describe which operations the client can perform on the service.

WCF Interview Questions & Answers

Data contracts: Define which data types are passed to and from the service. The interviewer wants to get at your motives. Explain WCF in one sentence. What is the biggest advantage of WCF? The interviewer wants to see where your values lie — what you think is important. What is the biggest disadvantage of WCF? Microsoft holds control over its APIs. Name two types of approaches that can be taken when programming WCF. Imperative and Configuration-based are two programming methods.

Hypothetical situation. I tell you that I want to have WCF services hosted. How do you respond?

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