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FASA - Doctor Who RPG - The Iytean Menace - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. A comprehensive issue on the FASA Doctor Who role-playing game, which led .. of three modules that will be written for the Doctor Who-Adventures. The Doctor Who RPG by FASA Corporation was the first RPG I ever owned or played. FASA DOCTOR WHO INTERACTION

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Here are the FASA Doctor Who RPG PDFs that I've created (so far) and the official FASA Doctor Who Character Sheet and System The Sycorax, KB PDF. FASA Doctor Who RPG. Doctor Who RPG - Players МБ. Doctor Who RPG - Sourcebook For Field МБ. Doctor Who RPG. Fasa doctor who rpg pdf 2 of 3. Doctor Who 1 Setting 2 History 3 System 4 Supplements. FASA also published two solo play gamebooks: Doctor ea.

See the Plot Synopsis for more on the gravity bubble-chronic rift situation. Unless, in the gamemaster's opinion, it took the players a particularly long time to reach the ship to rescue the prisoners, the Cybermen will have had the opportunity to convert only one of the humans it takes a little while to power up the converter. When the players finally give up, Reitz will poke his blaster in one of their faces and say, "Well, it looks as though we've found some saboteurs. Be sure to remind the players that they must materialize blind, without knowing where they are. The players will almost certainly be captured at some point in the battle and taken to the bridge to encounter the Cybermen.

Who-RPG is a mailing list that discusses roleplaying in the universe portrayed by the. Plus, someone went and made a new series of Doctor Who. John writes down a 4 on the Time Lord character sheet on the Control portion of the sheet. Defending the Earth Supplement. Last ChristmasSeason 3, Episode 1. For fans this boxed set by FASA represents a mine of source material. Im no expert on the.

The set contains 3 books. An excellent review of Timelord can be found at RPGnet. Such as when it provides a character sheet for Peri that reveals her to be wildly. Kujawa May 3, at 2: Ratings, Reviews, Total. Around a simple mathematical formula: Take a look at this review and then Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space first. Knowledge 3 Marksman 0 Medicine 2 Science 2. See all 2 images.

With the Doctor Who: Check out The Amazon Book Review, our editors fresh new blog featuring. By the time I discovered it, this PDF magazine was already on its 13th issue its now on its. July 13, at 2: And 2 Ive run games that had little to no published adventures for the longest time. Visit any time period and location, so those scenarios on your shelf or pdf folder.

Star Trek Assimilation2 Part 3 Doctor Who The War. I plan to update the. Associates International issues Vol 2 Edit. Various new columns tended to replace those in the FASA-published version of the magazine, although. Volume 3 of the titles run was published by Reluctant Publishing, Ltd. I generally ignore the AP system but I like the detail of purchasing the characters skills which allows to build almost any type of character.

As for which Doctor, it is based on the first 6 at least the edition that I bought back in the day was - the previous edition didn't have info about the 6th Doctor IIRC so playing a 4th Doctor Tom Baker campaign would be easy to do.

While some of the Doctor Who info presented in the GM's book was far from being accurate to the series like making the War Chief an earlier incarnation of the Master or the classifications they gave to the Cybermen , but it did help create a backdrop to run a campaign.

He decided to make his home there. The last time we played a session with this group was in , so as far as we can tell his time lord must still be there where we left off. We have been talking about running a session with that group again, I am sure the PC is oblivious to everything that happened to his people in N-Space.

The player wants to work out an "ending" for him: She is a character from my own campaign back in the day. Click on the image for the PDF. Warning, this PDF does contain spoilers for Series 6. Baron Greystone wrote: Hey, thanks for posting! I really enjoy looking at your work. Thanks guys. I found a stack of my adventures that I wrote back in the mid 80s when I was still in high school and I plan on taking some of the ideas and expanding them into full adventures.

Some of the adventures are straight pastiches of actual episodes but there is a handful of them which I do plan on sharing once I've cleaned them up a bit - they're pretty rough in spots. Yes it is. See the chapter on Vessels for a complete description, background information, and deck plans for the starship. If they seem reluctant to leave, tell them that the gravity bubble they encountered can be very dangerous to spacecraft and that they may wish to warn the crew. Also, the CIA would certainly want them to investigate the bubble so that other time travelers could be warned.

A massive power failure is being caused by something in the area the Chronic Rift. After the players leave the TARDIS, they will find themselves in a rectangular room, six by seven—and—one-half meters in size. Next to the door is a panel consisting of some kind of gauge and several dials actually a thermostat controlling environmental conditions in the cargo hold. Each crate is about two feet by two feet at the base and one foot high. The crates are made from a silvery plastic material.

A character trying to force open one of these crates with his bare hands must make a Difficulty Level V STR roll to succeed.

If the players use a sonic screwdriver or pry bar of some type definitely available on the TARDIS , the crate will open automatically. Inside are four trays, each approximately three inches high, holding several hundred tiny vials. The vials contain the serum to cure Hadder's Fever. If a character with skill in General Medicine examines the serum, he will know that it is the cure for Hadder's Fever if he can make a Difficulty Level V roll.

If a character with skill in Pharmacology examines the vials, he will determine their nature with a Difficulty Level Ill roll. After investigating the crates, the players will probably wish to leave the cargo hold and look around the ship. The only doors that will be locked are those that lead to private staterooms, or unused areas of the ship such as the special visitors' facilities.

As they leave, they will notice a placard just outside the door that reads "Auxiliary Cargo Hold 2". A similar placard appears outside every door on the Leander. It will take the characters about ten minutes of game time to fully investigate any given room or area. If this roll fails, Imperial Centurions will arrive on the scene in five minutes. If it succeeds, wait another five minutes and roll again. When the party finally fails a detection roll, SAM will lock onto their location and track them everywhere they go.

It is impossible to escape this detection. SAM will guide a patrol of five Imperial Centurions straight to them see Gamemaster's Notes chapter for further details on the Centurions' combat abilities and equipment. This patrol will be led by Major Reitz himself. Because of the Centurions' training and complete knowledge of the ship and the players' activities, the patrol will take the characters by surprise unless the character with the highest Surveillance Skill Rating can make a Difficulty Level VI roll.

Whether they take the party by surprise or not, it should be obvious to the players that combatting the Centurions is not a good idea. If any of the players tries anything remotely resembling combat, the Centurions will stun him and warn the rest. When the players finally give up, Reitz will poke his blaster in one of their faces and say, "Well, it looks as though we've found some saboteurs. He should use the deck plans to determine the most likely route to the bridge.

As soon as the player-characters have been captured, some of the Centurions will leave. There are as many centurions as characters remaining on the bridge, with Reitz automatically staying to command them. This might get the players thinking about an escape attempt. This should be played out as a normal combat. The Centurions will have their Blasters set for stun and leveled to fire at the prisoners.

If the players manage to escape or if they somehow eluded capture in the first place , a full-scale security alert will be posted. Ten Centurions as well as several members of the Leander crew will begin a room-by-room search of the ship.

Anyone captured by them will be escorted to the bridge. The gamemaster will read the following description to any captured players brought to the bridge: You are placed in a turbo-lift that elevates and then comes to a sudden stop. The plastic door opens to reveal a large, T-shaped room, obviously the bridge of the vessel. The room is done entirely in a glossy black plastic. On the floor is an intricate mosaic made from plastic tiles.

Ahead of you are four ornamental, Roman-style columns. To either side, you see black metal stairways leading up about twelve feet to a gantry level.

On the gantry are banks of machinery and equipment. A young man with blond hair is standing on the gantry looking down on you.

Directly ahead, you see a curving bank of instruments being monitored by two crewmen, one male and one female. Just before the instrument bank is an ornate chair on a raised podium.

Countdown (Doctor Who RPG)

Suddenly, the chair swivels around in your direction. Seated in the chair is a slightly overweight, grey-haired man in his fifties.

At the very head of the room, you can see a video image of space, and above that, a screen displaying a computer-generated image of a human head. The 'head' seems to be speaking, giving instructions and progress reports to the human crew. Fleming will introduce himself as Commander of the TSS Leander, an Earth fast courier, and introduce everyone present on the bridge.

He will then give the players a chance to explain themselves. Remember to record the results of these rolls. If Reitz' reaction to any players present is Neutral or worse, he will try to persuade Captain Fleming to have all the players executed as saboteurs. This is within Fleming's authority, and the Earth regulations can be interpreted as calling for it. Adjust the level down 2 if Fleming is Actively Supportive toward any of the characters and down 1 if he is Friendly toward any of them. Adjust the level up 1 if Fleming is Aggressively Hostile to any of the characters.

Success indicates that Fleming decides to imprison the characters only temporarily. Failure indicates that Fleming decides to have them executed, but not for awhile.

Critical success means that Fleming will believe the explanation the players gave only if, in the gamemaster's opinion, it is a good one , and allow them to stay on the bridge for the time being. Whether Fleming decides to execute the characters or not will have very little bearing on the adventure.

It will only make things all the more dramatic. If he does so decide, the execution will not be scheduled for at least three hours. By this time, the Cybermen and androids will have arrived and made the execution impossible. Fleming's reaction to the players will probably change after he sees some evidence that they are trying to help him anyway.

FASA Doctor Who RPG PDFs | The Space-Time Vortex | FASA Doctor Who RPG Resource Site

The gamemaster should encourage strong role-playing during this scene. The players may ask several questions of the bridge crew during the scene or immediately after. This is considered classified or secret information. In the course of that conversation, allow the players to learn that the Leander is on an important special mission. If they ask what that mission is, no one will respond.

Sir, they need badly. The message reads: MAYthe players are on the bridge, they. If the. This should be role-played. Reitz will - sst that stopping to help the ship will - same valuable time.

Lindsay and Dirkes point out that it will not take long: If the players managed to escape detection or capture and are not on the bridge when the distress call comes in, Lindsay and Dirkes will persuade Fleming to aid the distressed merchant.

Fleming will use the public address system to inform the entire crew that the Leander is stopping to dock with an endangered Earth merchant vessel. This docking is to take place in approximately 15 minutes.

The players will, of course, hear this message as well. If the players are still on the bridge and Fleming decided to imprison or execute them at a later time, they will be taken to and locked in the Food Storage Room on Deck B of the Primary Hull Room 15 on the deck plans. Reitz and one Centurion for every player will escort the group. The Centurions will also see that the doors to all the cargo holds are locked just in case.

Lining the walls and in the center of the storage room are bins containing various fruits, vegetables, and other foods. If players open the bin on the back wall, they will discover a large walk-in storage area recessing into the hull containing crate after crate of food. In the corner of the room is an unlocked door that leads to a freezer. The freezer also recesses deep into the hull of the ship. It mostly contains frozen meats.

Inside the Food Storage Room next to the door is a thermostat control and a video screen, which is turned off. The target number for a lockpicking attempt using a sonic screwdriver is If the players are in sight of Docking Bay 1 Primary Hull, Deck B, Room 8 , they will see a boarding party arrive about five minutes before the docking is to occur. This party consists of four Imperial Centurions, Engineer Spencer, and two enlisted Leander crewmen stewards.

Sergeant Hall is commanding the detachment of Centurions. If the players are on the bridge, they will hear Fleming give orders for this party to assemble and go to the docking area. The actual docking will go without a hitch. The Earth party will take about two minutes to prepare to board. To everyone's surprise, the airlock door will suddenly and unexpectedly open to reveal two deadly androids.

Before anyone can react, these androids will each shoot some type of beam out of their hands, one killing a steward, the other killing one of the Centurions.

If the players are not in sight of the massacre, one of them will notice a conveniently-placed video screen displaying the docking and the subsequent battle. There is such a screen in the Food Storage Room where the players will be imprisoned, and the bridge personnel will certainly be watching the docking proceedings on security monitors.

There are similar video screens all over the Leander, and so, no matter where the players are, they will see the docking. After the first two rounds of combat, the androids will step away from the airlock door and two more will emerge from it. Sergeant Hail will immediately radio Major Reitz and issue a full security emergency. Reitz, the rest of the Centurions, and several armed members of the Leander crew will arrive in six combat rounds, or one minute.

The Centurions will then engage the androids in a pitched battle, retreating into the main atrium and taking cover behind the columns. If the players are near the area, they may wish to enter this combat. Armed Combat, Blaster Rifle: Unarmed Combat, Brawling: They also have a weapon equivalent to a Blaster rifle built into their right hands.

Significant Skills None. Countdown 15 and eventually take them to the Leander: They will slowly advance to the bridge, securing the corridors as they go, and wait for their masters to arrive. The Centurions are the only humans they will actively try to destroy; all the others are to be captured and the officers taken to the bridge to await the Cybermen, if possible.

The presence of the Cybermen in the adventure is intended to be a dramatic surprise sprung on the players.

Before the Cybermen decide to reveal themselves, the players should see only the androids, and it would be impossible to identify their origin without a detailed analysis taking at least 24 hours. The androids have one weakness: The equipment that Vorak and the other Cybermen had available for their construction was not the best, and, consequently, the androids suffer from a technical flaw near the chest unit. Discount the androids' armor in determining damage for any attacks hitting the androids in their weak spot requires a -3 aimed shot.

Note the several dotted lines on the deck plans. Next to each dotted line is a figure representing the number of combat rounds ten seconds each it will take the androids to push the Centurions back behind that line. After the given number of rounds have passed, the remaining Centurions will fall back to somewhere in the vicinity of the next red line and make another stand. Every time the defenders fall back, roll a D for the number of them that are killed a result less than 0 is treated as 0.

Assume that no androids will be destroyed unless the players intervene.

FASA 9201 - Doctor Who RPG - The Iytean Menace

This is a very abstract, but simple, way of keeping track of the battle. If the players themselves are involved in the battle, play it as normal combat. The androids will fire heavily into the defenders and then advance on them.

In either case, the defenders will not win. Thirty minutes after the battle begins, the androids will successfully reach the bridge. The Cybermen have four more androids on their ship who can be brought in as reinforcements, and, if necessary, they will personally enter the fray. SAM is programmed to seal off all parts of the ship and begin to respond with automatic defenses in an emergency such as this, but every time he tries to engage, this program fails.

Medical Assistant Gray has secretly erased this capability, and, if given the opportunity, Reitz will of course blame the players for it. If the players are trying to wander or sneak about the Leander during the battle, conduct their movement and actions in tactical scale spending AP, etc.

The gamemaster may be called upon to estimate the AP costs for some unusual actions. If he decides an action costs more AP than a character has, the character spends more than one round doing it fully searching a room, for instance, might cost between 30 and 50 AP. If, sometime during the battle, the players happen to be near the Engineering or Computer Rooms on Deck A of the Primary Hull, they will notice Medical Assistant Gray come running out of one of the rooms.

Gray has just sabotaged the defense program. For every three combat rounds the players spend wandering about the ship, roll on the Encounter Table below. Add 1 to the roll for every encounter the players have already had. Add 2 to the roll if the players are within six meters four squares on the deck plans of the dotted line the Earth men are currently defending.

The players will encounter an android heading toward or coming from the main battle. Make one roll for the whole party using the best Stealth or Concealment skill present among the players. Play it out as a normal combat. If the players try to flee, lead them into the Trapped Centurions encounter see below and add another android to the attack group.

Add 1 to further rolls on the Battle Encounter Table. Centurion Patrol: The players will see three Imperial Centurions coming down the corridor heading toward the battle.

The players can avoid the Centurions using the method described above, but this time the Difficulty Levels are both III. If the patrol notices the players, they will attempt to capture them if the players have escaped imprisonment , stunning them if necessary. Captured players will be taken to the bridge. Before they get there, however, the Centurions escorting them will be attacked by two androids, resulting in the Trapped Centurion encounter.

If the players were not imprisoned, they may decide to voluntarily join the Centurions to fight the androids. If this happens, they will soon be attacked by two androids, also resulting in the Trapped Centurions encounter. Trapped Centurions: The players come across a group of three Centurions pinned by two androids. The Centurions are in grave danger, which the players should recognize and so probably try to rescue them.

If they are near a group of columns, the Centurions will be hiding behind them; otherwise, they will be hiding behind a barricade of overturned tables. If possible, the players will come up behind the Centurions and become pinned with them.

If this encounter is being played out as a result of the Centurion patrol above, wait until the group reaches some area where they could become pinned in before the androids attack.

In this case, the character must make a roll against his skill in Stealth. The gamemaster can modify this as he sees fit, depending on the condition of guards, available cover, or any other relevant circumstances. Modify the Task Entry Line by -2 for each level of Surveillance skill the guards possess. Anyone successful will think of one of the following methods of destruction: If the battle takes place near any sort of lab or accessible science area, the player will realize that a certain acid easily found in the lab will automatically destroy the androids.

It requires a successful combat roll to throw the acid on each android. If the battle takes place in an area where there are columns, the player can notice that it is possible to shoot out one of the columns so that it falls, crushing and completely destroying the androids.

An aimed shot -3 to Task Entry Line is required to shoot the column properly. If the battle takes place in neither of these two areas, the players will notice that the androids are standing underneath an automatic sprinkler. With an aimed shot 13 to the Task Entry Line , the heat from a blaster can turn the sprinkler on, dousing both androids.

The androids will spark furiously, then jerk wildly and finally collapse. These special attack methods will only work once, however. After that, the Cybermen will modify the androids' programming by radio signal, so that they will be on guard against them. If the players have escaped imprisonment thus far and the gamemaster wants them to be captured for another reason, the Centurions will surround the player characters and take them to the bridge. Even if the players saved their lives, Imperial Centurions remain highly-trained, disciplined troops who always follow their orders.

In this case, the Centurions will ask them to join the battle against the androids, but will not press them if the player characters have a more important task to perform. This encounter will occur once. Treat a roll of as the Android Encounter described in the above table. The players will eventually be captured by the androids and taken to the bridge. If the players have not been captured or have already managed to escape by the time the androids reach the bridge, have a party of three androids surprise them in the open wherever they are.

If the players are still locked in the storage room, the androids will suddenly burst in and lead them off. If they are on the bridge, they will be taken prisoner when the androids arrive. If they are trying to hide somewhere, the androids will be guided by sensor equipment from the Cybership directly to the player characters' location, taking them by surprise. The Leander cargo hold, where the TARDIS is now situated, is locked, the power drain from the chronic rift having already made it impossible for the automatic doors to open.

The doors can be opened manually, but this would take at least 15 minutes. The gamemaster should also make it obvious to the players that resisting the three androids is useless.

They will take the players by surprise and can easily overpower them. A total of six androids will be on guard. All obvious weapons will be removed from the prisoners at the time of capture. The androids are not capable of speech, but will make it known through gestures that anyone touching any of the Leander's equipment or trying to escape will be destroyed. After it reaches the proper level, there will be a short delay and then the door will suddenly slide open to reveal the Cybermen!

Cyberleader Vorak and two others will arrive on the bridge. Two minutes from this time, the remaining Cybermen seven in all will spread themselves throughout the corridors of the Leander to act as guards. Four of the androids will leave the bridge to aid them. Cyberleader Vorak will then deliver a speech detailing his plans. Vorak's Speech After the Cybermen appear on the bridge, Fleming will ask them what they want with his ship if the players don't ask first.

Cyberleader Vorak will reply: My kind has been reduced to small wandering bands, unable to increase our numbers, for nearly a thousand years now. We have no world to call home. When I intercepted radio transmissions concerning your mission, I conceived of a plan that will provide us with a home planet at last. Under the effects of the disease, Ionia will be weak and will fall easily to the invasion we plan.

If your vessel were never to reach the planet, your Earth government would probably quarantine the entire sector. They know that the deadly fever will run rampant unless treated soon, and they will not risk the possibil ity of a vessel carrying the fever virus to other inhabited areas.

This will give us time — time we desperately need. You're condemning ten million innocent people to death! That would be a tremendous waste of resources. No, they will go on living, as Cybermen. My kind can only increase their numbers by converting humans into Cybermen. Many of the Ionians will gladly accept this transformation to save themselves from the fever. Those who do not accept will be wiped out by the disease.

Eventually we will become powerful enough to carry out our supreme goal — the subjugation of Earth! They'll send someone to investigate.

We have already prepared your log to show that your vessel suffered a disastrous power failure and were sucked into the bubble.

They will believe it. This group will consist of Engineer Spencer, Dr. Fredrick, Navigator Campbell, and possibly a player character. This player character must be human, but otherwise can be selected at random. If all the player characters are Time Lords, they will be left on the bridge, and Vorak will tell the other Cybermen that conversion of the prisoners must wait until later, for now they may still be useful.

Once down the turbo-lift, the prisoners on their way to the conversion chamber will meet a group of five enlisted prisoners heading for the same fate. The group will be well-guarded all the way to the Cybership and conversion, with little chance for escape.

For now, Vorak plans to secure the ship, post guards, and begin converting the prisoners. The Cybermen will be engaged in attempting to carry out these plans for most of the rest of the adventure. SAM will report that all the ship's power levels are falling at a slowly increasing rate.

Many of the ship's major systems have already become inoperable. Cyberleader Vorak, still on the bridge with other Cybermen and androids, will receive a radio report from his own ship indicating that a similar phenomenon is being observed aboard it as well.

After the report comes in, First Officer Lindsay will receive permission from Vorak to examine the Leander's instruments to see what is causing the drain. Lindsay will then announce that the readings are very unusual and beyond his comprehension. If one of the players still on the bridge asks to look at the instruments, Vorak will again grant permission. If the player can pass a Difficulty Level IV Temporal Sciences roll, he will realize that the gravity bubble is actually a deadly chronic rift.

If the character gives any indication of understanding the chronic rift, Vorak will threaten the player with death unless he or she can explain.

The player may try to persuade Vorak that the rift is extremely dangerous and that only he has the knowledge to respond to the danger. If the character is successful, Vorak will allow him and any assistants free use of the Leander's laboratories under the guard of two Cybermen to study the rift.

Pdf who fasa doctor rpg

If another player was already taken to the conversion chamber, the character may try to convince Vorak that the player is a valuable assistant and must be released if the rift is to be properly analyzed.

Of course, Vorak will have any characters studying the rift killed or converted when they are no longer useful to him. Any characters studying the rift for the Cybermen will be led off to the research laboratory just after the Vegans' message comes in see The Vegan Threat. Once there, they may try to stall or work on something other than a solution to the rift such as a way to defeat the Cybermen. If this is the case, have them make a Difficulty Level IV Stealth roll to do this without their guards noticing.

Any players failing this roll will immediately be taken back to the bridge or conversion chamber. If the players try to find a way to deal with the Cybermen, refer to Ultimatum. If they actually try to find a way to seal the rift, see Sealing The Rift. If they try to escape, play it out as a normal combat. First of all, the lights on the Leander soon will begin to dim, due to lack of power. This darkening will modify combat and possibly other rolls, at the gamemaster's discretion.

The rift will also begin to drain power from the Cybermen themselves! After a while at least an hour , the APof all the Cybermen except Vorak, whose superior technology foils the drain and androids will be reduced by 1.

Also, their combat Skills Levels will each fall by 1. The exact timing of these effects is up to the gamemaster. If the players are doing well and progressing easily, he may decide to wait awhile before invoking the effects of the drain. If they are doing poorly and need help, the gamemaster might have the drain begin to affect the Cybermen early. If the players realize that the drain will effect the Cybermen Difficulty Level III Temporal Science Roll and specifidally state that they are delaying 'their final attack as long as possible see Ultimatum , the AP of all the Cybermen and androids will have had time to be reduced by 2.

By the time the drain would have had further effects, the Cybermen will have been defeated. If the players have a K-9 unit, it will be affected by the power drain in the same way as the Cybermen. The rift will continue to drain power from both ships until they are no more than lifeless husks. Eventually, the life-support systems themselves will cease functioning. The players now have two tasks to perform: Unless the players could convince Vorak that the rift is deadly and he enlists their aid, Vorak will make sure that the entire Leander crew has been converted or killed before taking any steps to remedy the power drain.

He believes that his superior Cybertechnology will easily come up with a satisfactory method of escape. You had better listen to it yourself! Dirkes will then set the communications equipment to play the message throughout the ship, and the players will hear it no matter where they are.

The message is: After hearing the message, Cyberleader Vorak will order his troops aboard the Cybership to blow the Vegan vessel out of existence. The troops will immediately reply that this is impossible because the power drain has rendered all weapon systems inoperative. Vorak will then order Captain Fleming to signal the Vegans, agreeing to their terms. At gun-point, Fleming will do as they ask. Vorak will then begin organizing an ambush to meet the Vegans as they board.

Shortly after this, more Cybermen will first come to the bridge and then a large group of them will leave again, including Vorak. Before Vorak leaves, he will hand Medical Assistant Gray who has been on the bridge all this time masquerading as a prisoner a Mark VII Blaster and tell him to help guard the prisoners, revealing him to be the saboteur of SAM's computer defenses.

Be sure to role-play the prisoners' reaction to this. This leaves just one android, one Cyberman, and Gray on the bridge to guard the players. Any player not on the bridge will happen to witness this on a nearby video screen. Eight Vegans will board the Leander, and two will be killed instantly by the Cybermen. Vorak, two other Cybermen, and four androids will be the ambushers.

The Vegans will quickly flee. Three of them including what appears to be the leader will escape onto the Leander. They will run through the main atrium and appear to be heading towards A Deck and the Command Level.

Who pdf doctor fasa rpg

Two Vegans will escape back onto their own ship where they will hide in the secret smuggling hold , and two others will be captured and taken by the Cybership. The Cybermen will quickly secure the Vegan ship, but will find no trace of the two Vegans who escaped onto it. In the meantime, any players aboard the bridge will probably start thinking about escape.

Pdf rpg fasa who doctor

The guard on them is probably weaker now than it ever will be in the future. As mentioned above, an android, a Cyberman, and Gray remain on the bridge. The prisoners still present are Fleming, Reitz, Lindsay, Dirkes, and any players. All the NPC prisoners including Reitz will be willing to take part in any escape attempt. If the players do not suggest escape, Lindsay will whisper the possibility to them.

Conduct the escape attempt as a normal combat. As the Cybermen and androids are paying full attention to the ambush on the security monitor, they will be taken completely by surprise. During the first round of combat, only the prisoners can act. During the first round of combat, the Cyberman can be approached and his gun taken out of his hand with a Difficulty Level IV Unarmed Combat roll. If all the players fail to notice this, the gamemaster can have them spot a Mark VII Blaster that the Cybermen just happened to leave on the other side of the bridge.

The gamemaster will position the prisoners and guards as he sees fit on the tactical map of the bridge see the Deck Plans. If the guards ever have an opportunity to shoot, the gamemaster should probably have them select NPC targets first. If Fleming or Lindsay are still alive, they will suggest to any escaped prisoners that they go down to the Armament Locker room 12, command level to get weapons and then to free the humans about to be converted. If the players escaped from the bridge with the other prisoners, the NPCs will suggest this course of action to them.

If Reitz is with the escaping group, he will run off by himself. Reitz still believes the players are to blame for the entire incident and will refuse to cooperate with them in any way. If desired, the gamemaster can bring him back later or have him singlehandedly charge some Cybermen, dying in the process. If the players are doing research in the lab for the Cybermen, have the NPCs escape from the bridge as mentioned above, killing all their guards. The escaped prisoners will then proceed to the lab and attempt to rescue the players.

Play out the rescue attempt as a normal combat, using some of the guidelines given for the bridge escape above. For any group of escaped prisoners moving through the Leander, roll on the Encounter Table below as often as seems fit. How successful the players have been so far should help the gamemaster determine how often to roll about once very two combat rounds at tactical scale is suggested. As for the Vegans, the party will meet up with Captain Kalik and the other two Vegans who escaped onto the Leander.

All three Vegans have expended the power packs on their blasters in the battle with the Cybermen and will have their short swords drawn. If Kalik has a very negative reaction, the Vegans will attack the humans, trying to finish them off quickly and get moving again. For the special combat abilities and tactics of the Vegans, see Gamemaster's Notes. If any of the Vegans are confronted with a working Blaster during this battle, the attack will cease and the Vegans will probably flee.

Any Time Lord knowing anything about the Vegans will know that they must be watched carefully, as they are a highly untrustworthy race. If Kalik decides to help the players, he will agree to aid them in an attempt to rescue prisoners from the Cybership. He knows that several of his own men were captured.

See Vessels for full description of the ship. Any characters taken to the Cybership earlier will be taken aboard under heavy guard and locked in Difficulty Level VI lock the prisoner chamber. There, they will be let out one by one to face the chamber. Of course, all obvious weapons and electronic devices will have been taken from the prisoners. Before the Vegans dock with the Leander, there will be at least three Cybermen and two androids guarding the prisoners and operating the chamber.

No matter when the rescue party manages to reach the Cybership, they will arrive just in time to see the Cybermen placing one of the players if one was led off earlier into the chamber. Unless, in the gamemaster's opinion, it took the players a particularly long time to reach the ship to rescue the prisoners, the Cybermen will have had the opportunity to convert only one of the humans it takes a little while to power up the converter. Spencer now a Cyberman and two other Cybermen are left guarding the the prisoners and operating the chamber.

If it took the players quite a long time to get around to rescuing the players, add more Cybermen as guards they had more time to convert more humans.

If it took them an extremely long time, you may wish to make it too late to rescue any players held captive. Once placed in the chamber, the conversion process is automatic and cannot be resisted. Extremely resourceful players held prisoner may, however, think of some method of escape.

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The gamemaster may resolve any escape attempt as he sees fit. The other prisoners will gladly cooperate in such an attempt. Present in the prisoner chamber are Dr.

Fredrick, Engineer Spencer who will be converted first, as mentioned above , Navigator Campbell and five enlisted crewmen, in addition to any players. After the Vegans dock and are ambushed, two Vegans will be added to the prisoners.

Although the Vegans cannot be converted to Cybermen, the Cybermen have captured them for observation and study. Play out any rescue or escape attempt as a normal combat. See Gamemaster's Notes for the combat tactics and abilities of the Cybermen. Newly-converted Cybermen are not very stable for the first twelve hours, and so Spencer will be very hesitant in combat.