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Description and Features 1) A library containing an initial amount of books on the various Islaamic sciences [only Arabic] organized into. Download as DOCX, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd Al-Wahidi, al-Wajiz fi Tafsir al-Kitab al-`Aziz (): Ahl al-Bayt [in ] meaning, the wives of. Board index Free Unlimited PDF Downloads Free Downloads. Forum 3. Please, help me to find this terjemahan kitab ihya ulumuddin jilid 2 pdf. I'll be really.

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Kitab Mizan Al Kubra Vol 1 And 2. byAbdul Wahab Ash Sharani subiecte.infoption. totalpages: subiecte.infope: application/pdf. TEMPAT PENJUALAN KITAB PETUK | BUKU ISLAMI | KITAB MAKNA PESANTREN| TERJEMAH KITAB HUBUNGI SMS/WA Kitab Al Mizanul Kubro (2 Jilid) Rp. 10, berdasarkan permintaan dari beberapa murid dan anggota lspm kami berikan beberapa contoh.

Al-Qumi [said]: Imaam Jafar al-Saadiq said: You can also search by book title or author name. I have differentiated the two parts above with different colours and we can see that the second part which is known as Ayatul-Tathir starts from "Innama" and ends with "Tatheeran". More than that ra lilur has given the "code" that later his son will become a great writer. I am very very Happy.

The card is sent to……. How long did Mom and Dad get marriage? Which is the in-correct statement based on the text? Text for no Dear Rini, My thoughts and prayers are with you.

The purpose of the text is…. Why does Rahma send the card? Because Rini….. The function of the card is…. The card is for….

Pdf kitab mizanul kubro

God Mom Son you God Writer Receiver Son From the text we know that the son is……years old. What was Miss. She was a director She was a teacher She was a manager She was a student The senders of the card are….. Kartika and Mrs. The text is written to … invite all of the staffs congratulate the wedding anniversary congratulate the marriage of the couple invite Nanan Sumiarta and Kristiawati What is Hanifa?

She is smart and intelligent B. She is a student C. She is fine D. She is proud 2. From the text we know that….. The teachers are proud of you B. Hanifa is proud of the teachers C. The teachers are proud of Hanifa D. Hanifa is proud of the girl 3. The sender of the card is….. English teachers Text for no Dear: Jeffry I am very delighted to know that you have completely recovered from your long illness. It is almost a second birth 4 U. Fia 4. Why did Fia write the text?

From the text we know that Jeffry is …. I know it must be hard for you and your family. But, be sure that time heals all wounds. Take care of yourself and always pray for him.

May God be with him peacefully. Bima 7. Why did Bima send the card? God 9. Nia Please accept my warmest congratulations on your graduation from the faculty of Economy of Indonesian University.

Closed friend of yours Daniel Who is the sender of the text? The function of the card is to congratulate….. Nia who gets a new job. Nia who has finished study. From the text we can infer that…. Hopefully God bless us. The function of the text is…. What is the function of the text? To show happiness of a special day D. Who died based on the text?

Headmaster B. Rinaldo Santosa C. Wikanta Harjana D. When will the burial be held? On the same day B. January the fourth C. January 14 D. In Surabaya Paket 5 Text for no Mom and Dad Today is your silver wedding anniversary.

We are very proud of you as both you are the best parents for us. Thank you for everything. Both you become a bright shine that support our life. The writer wrote the text to….. How long did the parents get married? Two years B. Twenty years C. Twenty two years D. Twenty five years. Andi, Rara, and Fina D. God 4. Yours, Susan 5. The receiver of the card is…..

Marta D. Susan 6. Who passed away according to the card? Martha B. Susan C. Grandma D. Juliani Thanks for your Card and Gift. Best Regards, Riana 7. Who wrote the reply of the card based on the text above? Juliani B. Riana C. Who has a birthday? Jack Thanks for your Card. I also hope you enjoy the best holiday with your family.

God Bless You. Best Regards,Sari The receiver of the Christmas Card is….. Sari B. Jack C. The purpose of the card is…..

The sender of the card is…… A. The card is sent to…. The function of the card is….. A receiver B. The card is sent … A. The Card is written for….. The card is sent to….. Share Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Short Message adalah text yang berisi pesan pendek. Pesan Pendek dapat dibagi menjadi 3 jenis: Short Message: Contoh Short Message: Pesan pendek yang bentuknya agak berbeda dengan pesan pendek, meskipun memo juga berisi pesan yang kalimatnya singkat.

Biasanya memo digunakan dalam urusan pekerjaan atau kedinasan. Contoh Memo: Liana Personalia Manager From: Juan Director Date: Friday, June 4 th Subject: Staff Meeting Tell to all staffs that the meeting will be delayed until tomorrow.

Rita Secretary Sender pengirim memo tersebut: Juan Receiver penerima: Liana Writer penulis memo tersebut: Contoh SMS: Diana 2.

Maybe any other time. Pertanyaan yang biasanya muncul dalam Short Message: The content of the Message: Isi Pesan — The text is about…. Andy Tuesday, 13th June, According to the short message above, Andy and Boby are going to have a picnic on …..

Tuesday B. Wednesday What is the purpose of the text above? To ask someone to join a vacation D. D Pembahasan: Mindo From: Deka Date: Deka B. Mindo C. Who is Mindo? The sport teacher C. Yours, Mary and Diana 3. Why do the writers write the text? To ask for suggestion related to their problem. To tell Mary that they have a big problem, C.

To share their plan of having plastic surgery. To give information that they have flat noses. From the content of the letter we can infer that Catrhine is … A. Putri From: Dwi Subject: Get the CD I am in a hurry to catch the bus. Thanks a lot. What should Putri do after reading the memo?

Wait the burning process and keep all burnt CDs. Unplug the cable power of the computer. Keep the CDs and catch the bus quickly. Shut down the electric lines. Putri sent a message to Dwi to burn CDs.

Putri was quite late to burn the CDs D. Dwi was quite late to catch the bus 7. Putri D.

Dwi Text for no Dear Olive, Sorry for leaving very early this morning. Who felt unwell? Olive B. Mother C. Father D. Grandma 9. Her mother asked Olive ….

According to the short message above, Andy and Boby are going to have a picnic on … A. Sunday B. Monday C.

Tuesday D. Wednesday What is the purpose of the text above?

Mizanul pdf kitab kubro

To invite someone to have a picnic. To ask someone to join a vacation. To tell the plan of having a trip. To inform someone about the changing of picnic time The receiver of the memo is…..

Bobby B. Andi C. Sendy D. Mom and Dad will be home late. What is the message about? Johan From: Ryan Message: Made a phone call. Johan B. Ratna C.

المكتبة الشاملة – Maktabah Shamilah

Ryan D. Benny At Text for no Please come to school tomorrow afternoon at 4. Take your short story and poetry with you. From the text we know that people have to come to school at….. Please, come on time! The announcement above is about … having a meeting discussing a plan planning the class meeting having activity on Sunday They will have a meeting ……, except: Dear Artika , Are you free after computer class this afternoon?

We could do some window shopping. Yolanda The best reply of the memo above is … A. To Yolanda I am sorry, I cannot take a computer class with this afternoon. I have to accompany my mother to go shopping in Galeria Mall. Artika B. May be some other time. Artika C. To Yolanda Ok, I can go window shopping with you. Thank you. Artika D. To Yolanda I am sorry, I cannot go to your house this afternoon. Artika Text for no Wawan, please send your proposal and your CV completed with recent photos and supporter documents, not later than January 28, The message means ….

Ruli B. Wawan C.

Kitab Mizan Al Kubra Vol 1 And 2

Writer D. Reader B. It will be held tomorrow at 2 pm. Call him for confirmation. Your secretary, Nabila 1. The message is for … A. Kusmantoro B. Nabila C. Mr Hans D. The secretary 2. Hans D. Kusmantoro 3. Kaka 4. According to the memo above, who made a telephone call?

Kaka B. Joe C. Staff of Jogja International School 5. My sister B. Joe D. Text for no Mala, today is the last preparation for web competition. Gaga From 6. What should Mala do at school? Collecting web design B. Sending a web design C. Preparing for web competition D. Having a meet with Anton and Ikbal 7. Text for no To: The Curriculum Staf From: The headmaster Date: Andrew 8.

The suitable reply of the message is … A. May 20 OK. I will inform it to other curriculum staff The Curriculum Staff D. Andrew From: The Curriculum Staff Date: You will have a meeting on June 15, The Curriculum Staff 9. When will the meeting be held? In the morning B. At noon C. We can conclude from the above text that….. Aida was absent this morning Manda was absent that day Manda had a problem with the teacher.

Aida did not inform Manda why he is absent. The sms was sent in the… Morning Afternoon Evening Night On a computer. On a cellular phone.

On a notice board. On a billboard. SMS D.

Pdf kubro kitab mizanul

Mom The most thing Parti should buy is….. Mom and your father B. Mom and Wida C. Mom and Parti D. Mom and her husband Which statement below is in-correct? Wida is the addressee of the meassage. Text for no Can you help me find ten students to be involved in IECS field trial that will be held two months later in Jakarta.

Maharani Utami Sent: The receiver of the meassage is……. Maharani Utami D.

From the text we can conclude that… A. Text 10 for no Hera, would you go home by the public transportation. How does Hera usually go home from school? On foot B.

AL QURAN MP3 OFFLINE FULL APK Download - Android Music & Audio Apps

By public transportation C. Drive her car herself D. Someone picks her up From the text we can conclude that…. What did the writer get? From the message above, we can conclude that the writer expresses…. Clara From: The marketing manager Date: Oct, 4 th Subject: Promotion letters Write out the promotion letter for all new clients.

Kubro kitab pdf mizanul

Who wrote the memo? Clara B. Marketing Manager C. Clients D. Secretary 6. Which of the followings is not true based on the above memo? The manager and the client will discuss the discount B. Clara is a secretary of the company C. The letter includes specifications and prices Text for no Hi, Sandro, This is Kevin your pen-pall. From the text we can get the information that… A. Sandro lives in Jogjakarta B. Kevin lives in Jogjakarta C. Sandro and Kevin are brothers D.

Sandro and Kevin are relatives 9. What did he write a message to his friend for? He wrote the message for…. Read and answer the questions below. What does Ghea ask to Arfian? Ghea herself wants to take a course B. When he met, he looked at ibn Al-Saqa with anger and said, without anyone telling his name before, " O Ibn Al-Saqa, how do you dare to ask me a question with my intention of degrading me?

Your question is this and the answer is this! Your question is this and the answer is this. Let the people be sad for being lost because of me. He said, " O Abdul Qadir, you have pleased Allah and his prophet with sincere respect for me. I see you will be sitting in a high place in Baghdad. You will talk, give guidance to people, and tell them that both your feet are on the neck of every guardian. And I almost see in my presence every guardian in your time gives you higher rights because of the greatness of your spiritual position and your honor.

Different circumstances with ibn saqa. He became a famous legal expert. He escape all scholars in his time. He really likes to argue with the scholars and defeat them until the Caliph calls him to the palace environment. One day the Caliph sent ibn saqa to the Byzantine King, who then called all the priests and Christians of the Christian religion to argue with him.

Ibn Al-Saqa is able to defeat them all. They are powerless to give an answer in front of him. He reveals a variety of arguments that make them look like schoolchildren. The cleverness fascinates the Byzantine King who then invited him into a private meeting of the king's family. At that moment he saw the princess of the king. He fell in love with him, and he proposed to the princess to marry him. The Princess refuses except with one condition, that is ibn saqa must accept his religion.

He accepted that condition and left Islam to embrace the princess's religion, that is Christian. After marriage, he suffered severe pain so they threw him out of the palace. Be he a beggar in the city, asking for food to everyone even though no one gives him. The darkness covers his face. One day he saw someone he knew. The one who met ibn Al-Saqa said that he asked him, " what happened to you? Al-Hijr [15]: I tried to turn his face to the kaaba, but he kept facing the east. Once again I tried to direct him to the kaaba, but he returned to the east.

Up to three times I tried, but he still turned his face to the east. Then, when the spirit of his body came out, he said, " O Allah, this is the consequence of your guardian, Yusuf Al-hamadani. I came to Damascus and the king there, Nuruddin Al-Syahid, asked me to take care of the field of religion, and I received the task. As a result, the world comes from every corner: Wealth, food, Fame, money, and position for the rest of my life.

That's what al-Ghawts Yusuf Al-Hamadani foretold for me. Syaikhona Kholil blame santri At that time, syaikhona kholil taught santri-Santrinya the book of jurumiyah, it is quite rare for the era now if a ' big kiai ' that mulang ' the little book ' is like jurumiyah because of various aspects. In addition to the famous syaikhona with various kinds of karomahnya, he is a allamah, a master of fiqh, a master of nahwu, and a field of other Islam so that it does not rarely answer the problem of fiqh with the temple of Alfiyah Ibn Malik like the story of dlomir mustakin I told you last year In the book of al-Wasiilatul Hariyah, Kiai Ahmad Qusyairi Bin Kiai Siddiq to his teacher that: Then no wonder he is the scholars of the people's referral in his time.

There was a funny but meaningful incident when he taught, that is when he taught the book of jurumiyah and arrived at the chapter of la linafyil jinsi. In the past, the books of pesantren are still shaped in the irregular book so that there is no difference where the title is and where it is. The text that explains the chapter of la linafyil jinsi in the jurumiyah is written as follows: Know that la menasobkan isim nakiroh " But while teaching, syaikhona kholil read the text different: Door, I don't know not to focus Which raises the meaning of " Chapter.

I don't know that la menasobkan isim nakiroh " Suddenly my anger is angry: The next day he returned teaching, again he read the text wrong, again he was angry and went straight away from the santrinya. They are confused and afraid, if so on like this then the lesson will not be able to make it Finally they think of how the solution is to solve the problem. The next day again, syaikhona kholil read it with the wrong read, but right before he was about to be angry, there was a santri who dared to say: Reading it is not so, but it is so hard to see you, you know it Sontak syaikhona kholil said with a cheerful atmosphere: It does not make sense if the class of syaikhona kholil is wrong in reading the basic book of similar, the more he is famous with the piousness nahwunya.

But he would like to convey a message behind the incident: Son, it's not about who's wrong and who's right, it's not about ' bullying ' a mistake by the one who feels right, it's not about the wrong person who doesn't accept to blame, but it's about reminding the truth, it's about creating a happy atmosphere between Fellow, because we know that the similarity of principle is more creating peace.

Isn't it beautiful if he is aware of his mistakes thanks to your polite reprimand? Isn't it beautiful if you can remind him softly, with the sincere sense of the heart that your intention is not patronizing but pure want to straighten?

Son, this isn't about blaming someone, but this is about allowing a mistake. A great scholar who reveals that if he is wrong he wants to be blamed even by students who are still learning. A great scholar who managed to educate his little disciple to be a firm and civilized person if he tells the truth and does not carelessly accuse a mistake.

This morals that we deserve to imitate, because it is very inappropriate if we are a layman but acting like never wrong. Or pointing out a mistake that we don't even know whether the fallout is right or wrong. We have forgotten the deliberation because of freedom of speech, we point it out without remembering that in fixing something there must be a way.

O you who believe, fear God and say good words. Fix you your deeds and forgive you your sins "O believers, fear God, say the consistent, then little by little God improve your attitude and forgive your mistakes" Then with this morals, let us beg God, with blessing syaikhona kholil, so that we are put in the group of his humble people so that it is easy for us to always be ridlo against the qodlo and qadar of Allah subhanahu wa ta ' ala, bijahi sayyidina rosulillah Muhammad shollallohu Alaihi Wasallam.

Abdullah Kafabihi Mahrus -. Ayat pertama yang dijadikan pembuka teks setelah kalimat bismillah adalah su The message of rais akbar hour 'juggled nahdlatul ulama hadlratussyekh hasyim asy' Ari in al-Qanun Al-rights is very important to be the guideline of organizing Nahdlatul Ulama NU. Because inside there is a lot of philosophy value organization quoted from the 42 verses of the Qur ' an Muqaddimah 36 verse and ikhtitam 6 Verse.

The substance of the verse indeed needs to be good at it so that it is not wrong in putting yourself. The first verse that was made a text opener after the sentence bismillah is the letter of al furqon verse 1 Juz Then continued with the letter of al baqarah verse JUZ 2: These three verses give four important messages for anyone who follows the hours of ' juggled nu to match the guidelines of mbah hasyim.

First, cling to the Qur ' an as a source of religious life and society. With the guidelines of the scriptures this is the cruel value of ' iyyahan will remain firm in the values of the Muslims that are diridlai by God and the messenger Second, the given power needs to be offset with wisdom.

The story of the letter of al baqarah explained about the position of the Prophet David who was against the soldiers of Goliath and then God gave Prophethood Al-Mulk and the book of Psalms Al-Hikmah. Third, life is over ' juggled really needs a wise attitude to get lucky. This is what is much needed in every person stepping in the organization.

Can we imagine if not wise, then there will be an easy time to break. Fourth, the need for balance of paradigm and insaniyah paradigm. That the verse of God made by religious guidelines is to make society good.

So the organization needs a verse guidelines that match the value of humanity. Then what else is important to note in al qanun al-rights in the middle of nu age already entered 92 years?

The very need to be shared together is mbah hasyim's message: It is for all of you and those who follow you all from the poor, the rich, the weak and the strong to this blessed assembly, marked by the society of the renaissance of scientists, and its free of love, preparation, roll, Union and communication with lives and corruption. Come in with full of love, compassion, along, United and with the bond of soul and body " translations kh mustofa bisri.

This message is very important to be the reflection of the 92th harlah of nu. That there is no important word in bernu other than love and along. There is no time for a straight line that always insults nu. Just in such a way, same with nu but with malice and split.

If you want to be strong, then you must go back to mbah hasyim's message. The Author is the admin of pw gp ansor central java. GenerasiMudaNU Source: Sebab dalam di dalam terdapat banyak filosofi nilai organisasi yang dikutip dari 42 ayat Al. Abu Zein Fardany Sejak awal abad 19, terjadi persinggungan antara Islam sayap pesantren dengan gerakan Pembaruan Islam di Nusantara yang mengusung ide-ide Wahhabisme.

He has a habit of doing hajj worship every year. He received the call of the person and after a long walk to the exit of Medina Al-Munawarroh, both of them in the house that were on the way. Until the next year he comes again to visit the tomb of rasullulloh s. He remembered the incident of the year ago but he still received the ajakn until he was brought to the young man's house, he found the house was the home he used to come through his tongue in the cut.

We say to them: Al-a ' Raf Verse: Then Shaykh farazdaq pray: Because of praise to Prophet Muhammad S. Shollu ' Alan Prophet God bless our Prophet Muhammad and his family and his family.

Many thanks — we would be making the books available in Braille and Daisy format a talking book for the blind our partners will follow up with the original creators to make sure that all are happy with the library being made in this way. Is there any such library for urdu islamic books? Or can i add urdu islamic books to Shamila? Syed Muhammad Asim Kazmi. Assalamu alaikkum Al Hamdulillah, i installed the shamila, i currently using windows7.

As far as I know, there are no Urdu books for the Shamila. This is a good resource on Urdu Islamic materials: And this is its books section: Did you look in the Language options in Control Panel? Maybe you can consult Windows 7 Help file or documentation to find where the option is located. As for the upgrade, here it is: Asslamu alaikum: Please help me with the procedure to follow to download recent Maktabatul Al-shamilah or any way that you can help me to get it.

Lillahi i want to get it on time. Assalamu alaikum. I have long had problem with the non- Arabic language appearing in my installed Maktaba. It is today I found this comment you suggested for someone- date: March 14 I followed it and it help me so well. I am very very Happy. May Allah absorbed you in Jannatul Firdaous.

Assalamu alaikum, when I was adding new books using the first method above, I mistakenly uncheck all boxes except one just to try the download. Please check this page to see the updated article on how to install the Shamila: On a side note, if you really seriously need any of the books, you can download it individual at the shamela.

Assalm dears, i have download the shamila liberary into my PC and after that i have extracted the file, when i start the file it is in Turkish language, i m not familiar with Turkish language, kindly anybody who knows about this software, tell me how to change the software language into English, send me information on this ID ziaudin88 yahoo.

I believe you mean it is in the Arabic language. This software is not meant to be in the English language, and all the books that it contains are in the Arabic language. If you want to see the Arabic properly follow the steps in the comment above. If you want English books, you can find a lot at site like: As far as I know, there is no other free library out there. I would, however, wonder at what else would somebody need from a library?

The Maktaba Shamila provides an excellent set of features. By the way, the official Shamila website says that they are currently redesigning the entire library so that it can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux and so that it would run faster. So you may keep a look out for that. Plus, if you need individual books, you can always download them from: Assalamu alaikum!

This is as-Silsilah as-Saheeha in. But the Maktaba Shamila makes it very easy to search for any Hadeeth you want in all the books of Shaykh al-Albani and not just the two above, so I recommend that you use the Maktaba Shamila instead. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah. And i want whether a specific Hadith is Sahi or Zaeef at least.

Kindly Help me. In that case I would suggest that you try improving your Arabic more and more, since it is very important in learning the sciences of our Deen. In the meantime, can also try searching through the IslamQA which is a big Fatwa website whenever you have a certain Hadith in mind and perhaps you may find the answer to the subject there. Simply follow the steps in the post above on how to download and install Shamela.

Currently only Windows is supported by the Maktaba Shamila. It is not practical to send the Maktaba through email.

You can download the library at this link: Then download the latest update at this link: Iam only able to open it from the programs files section and not from the icon at the desk top…. Now go open the library itself. There are unofficial ways to do that I myself have tried it on iOS devices.

But the method is mainly about using exported text files of the Shamila and reading them by a txt reader on any of those devices. There are ready packs on the internet where people have exported each set of books in the Shamila into a zip package of txt files which you can download and read on your device by a txt reader.

The above method obviously lacks almost every feature that the real Shamila offers. The official website shamela. Most likely, you opened the update file in the wrong place. When you download the update file, you have to put it in the directory where you have the main files and folders of your Shamila.

After putting the file there, then you open it. So, I would advise that you put the update file 3. Mohammad Well, maybe you can try extracting the files on a faster computer and then transferring them by an external HD to your computer?

The results would pretty much be the same. The only way to get the files is extracting the contents of the zip file that you downloaded, so I believe there is no other way.

Mohammed Abdul Rauf , Pakistan. Dear fellows , I am much happy that u introduced such sort of Islamic software, I left question but u people did not reply. Is it possible that Al Maktaba al shamila menu , sub menu and command may in English language so that many people may comprehend and understand. But I think downloading it from the download links in the post is much easier than sending it back e-mail.

You can download it from this link: Dear Muhammad Abdul Rauf, here are the answers: As for changing the menu items to English, I believe that is not possible. As for including books in pdf, doc, or rar format, that also is not possible. You can, however, download. You can download a full version at this link: The Shamila allows you to choose a standard font for viewing the content of the books. So only one font is used throughout the whole text, and it cannot be possible that you have a different font for different parts of a book.

For this reason, I believe that you may have a problem with your system language settings of your computer. You can try the steps mentioned at this link to correct that: Ahmad Avira has been giving this alert for a long time now. It is a false positive Avira is giving. You can prevent it from annoying you by adding the shamela. Also check this: Simply click the download link of any application you want.

This is the download link for the Shamila: Please modify the language options in control panel on how to enable support for Arabic programs. This is about Windows XP: Keep it up. Tahir Abba. You can download the library from this link: I personally do not recommend that you download the version because it is not an official version. Furthermore, you should really think about whether having an extra books or so is really useful for you not.

Anyways, here is the link in case you want to download them it is on MediaFire, fragmented into 26 files: This is a very good course and also a very interesting site. Try first updating the library to the latest upgrade then re-adding the books you want.

This is the latest upgrade: And it is probably better to install new books from within the program rather than importing from other websites, if possible. Not yet. I myself have been waiting very eagerly for it. Their website says that they are working on it. May Allah help them produce it and get it out fast. Maybe you can ask for help about it from the shamela. Brother, I cannot provide you with a CD of the Shamila. You can probably look in your local CD and bookshops.

Well, there is no point in sending it by e-mail. It is worse than downloading it directly from a link. Just use this link to download it: May Allah reward you for your intention, and may He show you the correct path to obtain correct knowledge and spread it for the sake of Allah.

Your first step is to get a good foundation of understanding Islam, first to instill a firm and knowledge-based belief in yourself, and then to be able to spread this to others. If you have scholars in your area and if it is possible for you, I would highly suggest that you ask them to start giving you lectures on basic sciences of Islam. I also recommend that you benefit from this website: But you can download the Shamila library from this link: Please note that this library is only useful if you already have good background knowledge of Islam and also good understanding of Arabic.

Brother downloading from this link is much faster than e-mail: Brother just follow the same steps as outlined in the article above. If you have problems with the display of the text, see this link: Assalamu Alaikum Wa-rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuhu. May Allah increase your rewards and help this maktaba. What are you trying to upload?

If you are trying to upload the Maktaba Shamila then there is no need to do this because you can already download it from many online servers. If, however, you are trying to upload individual books then again there is no need to do this because the books are available for download at: So just give your brother the link to the site above and he can download the books there.

As for the virus warning, if your antivirus is Avira then this is a known issue and it is a false-positive. So just ignore Avira on this warning. Please modify the language options in control panel to enable support for Arabic programs. But you can ask these questions at the official website of the Maktaba Shamila which is this: A very good and advantageous site. May Allah bless you for this site. Whenever I download a book from the Shamela website I can only open up the file on its own rather than in the Shamela program.

I followed the directions listed above and on the official website listed here: On the other hand, books that are included in automatic updates are able to be added to the program. During installation, a few sections e. Is there anyway way to download that entire section or do I have to choose each book from the website one at a time? Thank you. As for the book importing problem, may the program does in fact add the book but it is being categorized in a different category in the book list?

When viewing the book categories dialog box after adding a book, try scrolling down to see if the book is in a new category. Also try re-starting the Shamela after adding the book. If none of these things work, maybe you can try re-installing the Shamela?

It is weird that an error occurred during installation of the program. You can also review the steps for adding books at this link: If, however, the old books are not in the automatic update, then probably you need to all the books one by one. But an easier way to download them is to visit this link: You can use the FlashGot extension for firefox to directly send the links to Gigaget to download them.

I seem to be having some problems here. These are the files that were extracted. Assala mu Alaikum…. I hope u will be fine by the grace of God… I have shamila after install i cant open…but 1file show crpt..

I have window7. May Allah give you good health and Eeman. Well, that is actually weird. The file should work fine after installing. Try re-installing it again from the Archive: Assalamu alaikum, jazakumullahu khairan. Ashraf bayar. Assala mu Alaikum………. I hope you will be fine by the grace of God….. Alhmdulillah now I have shamila and i can use easly……. My Blog: Thanks again. There are, however,. Please view this post to learn more about this: Assalam o Alaikum wr wb! So, how I can install Shamilah on it?

As of now there is no official version of the Shamila working on Mac. It has been many months now that the official website of the Shamila has stated that they are working on developing a faster and improved version of the Shamila working universally on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Salamu alaikum warahmatullah.

May Allah, rewad you in abondont. Till now there is no official version of the Shamila to work on handheld devices, but in their website they say they are working on it. For now, you can read txt versions of the books of the Shamila using any text reader on your phone.

Kitab syamsul ma'arif al kubra pdf

Read this post to get more information on this method: How can i convert it to. Alhamdulillah I added kithab thuhfathul muhthaj. But it has 10 juz in. I want to add these 10 juz as a single kithab having 10 juz. Also want to know how to delete kitabs. Another problm brother i added a kithab in. As for converting a book into. You may ask the Shamila forum about it.

As for importing books, I have explained it in the post above so please read it there. You can try looking for your desired book in. Asalam o alaikum! But there are exe collections of many books which you can find by searching in Google.

You can download the book in PDF format from this link: You can download the English translation of it from this link: You can download its commentary in Arabic in PDF format from this link: Simply click this link to start downloading the file: When you add the book, open the book list dialog box, and type the name of the book at the bottom text box to find it. Well, at what stage does it show that? In the zip file or after installation? Try changing your system locale language from the Regional and Language options dialog box in Control Panel.

As far as I know only Arabic books are available for this program. As salaam alikum brother… I have downloded the free version of shamela from google apps. Please let me know how can I download the books version of shamela for android tablet.

I am using micromax tab. Do we have english version of Shamela? Up to this date there is no official version for android devices. They released the official version for iOS a few weeks ago, and they may release a version for Android soon. Check their website every now and then: As far as I know there is no English equivalent to the Shamila nor is it present on their official website.

Maybe you can contact them to see if they have it in plan: Also try changing system locale to Arabic, which is not needed though. I have tried twice so far, it extracts the file which takes about mins but then nothing. I am using XP. Jazakallah khairan. You can use 7zip for the extraction: Jazakallah khair for mentioning the software. Anwar Hussain This depends on whether the book was typed with tashkeel harakat or not. Uncheck this checkbox to show the tashkeel.

Look at this image: The Shamela group have clarified this in an article on their website: Yes, download from the AppStore: As far as I know there is no English equivalent to the Shamilah. You can download English Islamic books from sites like: This site is also very good: Anis Well then try opening the Sharh book separately instead of trying to link it to the Matn.

Anis Please read this page to learn how to link the matn with the sharh: To learn more about this read this page: Salam, I would like to know how to download maktaba shamila.

I have tried it several times, but nothing. Thanx a lot for this solution. Jazaakallahu khayran. Assalamu Alaikum Admin!

How I enter this softwear. Plzzz help me about this……. Assalamu alaykum. May Allah reward you abundantly, well done. This is the biggest online base islamic library of the world. May allah give proper prize to all of them who are developed this. Jazaak ALlhu Khairan for you efforts…. Can you please translate the main window menu and buttons to English in a screen shot …It will be very helpful to all non-Arab beginners using this software….

Can you please clarify what exactly is the problem? The links are available on the page and the instructions are written. Other people have also reported problems with it. Maybe you can try changing the language and system locale from the Control Panel? As of yet there is no version of the Shamilah for Mac. They have mentioned on their website that they are working on it. You can in the meantime use the online version: Brother there should be no need for WinRAR. You just need to download and run the file and it will ask you to choose a place to extract the files to.

The team responsible for it is at http: Maybe you can send the suggestion to them. Zrian Shwani As I believe so far there is no official version for the android.

There may be unofficial apps, though. Keep checking the official website for updates: It depends on the type of the phone. It is available for iOS currently.

If you have other phones you can use this: I have not tried it on Windows 8 myself so I do not know about that. But at least try it and see if it works.

Harga dan Infaq: Hidayatullah, Jl. Flashdisk Tholibul Ilmi 32 GB I tried changing the locale to Egypt but made no difference. Try looking through the help files of your Windows or on the microsoft support base for how to enable support for unicode programs or support for right-to-left languages.

You can access it here: Dear Admin Assalamu Alaikum, I was looking for this, Alhamdulillah I got it, but thing is I need English version of this site to understand it properly,Would you help me please?

As far as I know there is no English version of this software. You can get isolated English book from websites like: Brother you can download the newest version from the shamela. This is the link to download the program: Can i use it on my mobile please. I like it becouse it is more important than any thing for me. As far as I know there is no English equivalent of the Shamela.

You can, however, download English Islamic books from many websites such as: It depends on the type of your mobile device. If it is an android-based device then so far there is no official version for it but I have come across some apps for that in the Google Store. Search for it and you should be able to find it. If it is none of these, then you can put the text files of any of the books you want on your mobile device and use any simple text reader to read the books.

Refer to this post for more info: Assalam o alaikum. For those who want an alternative for android, you can download the bok reader from here https: Then using this program convert the books you want to. Can I install it on Nokia Lumia? Please do reply. Brother read the instructions in the post above. This is the site: Can you please repeat that more clearly? As for the language issue if it is present, try to find the option of extended support for eastern languages and turn that on.

I am sorry I have not tried that. Maybe you can ask the Shamela team at: It depends on which phone you have. There is a specially-designed app for iOS devices: As for Nokia devices I am not sure. If you cannot find a specific software for it you can still extract the book as txt files and read them on the phone using a simple text reader. See this post: Try to see if there is a specific app for it in its store, and if there is not you can download a simple text reader on it and read the books as txt files: The authors write on this website: But for Android there are some software that can run the books of the Shamela.

One good software is this: Assalam alaykum….