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margin to enable the student to look up his mistake and correct it. This method has been tested and found more effective than the common. Correct Your English Errors, Second Edition is a comprehensive guide to correcting the bad habits that can leave your audience confused. McGraw-Hill p. ISBN ISBN Speak and write English as if it were your native tongue Are you tired of making the.

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Speak and write English as if it were your native tongue!Are you tired of making the same mistakes in English again and again? End the bad habits that can. Copyright © by Tim Collins. Double letters are omitted from English words because the first language’s spelling system does not have double letters.. INTRODUCTION The purpose of this book is to identify the most common trouble spots for English language learners. Avoid 99% of the Common Mistakes Made by Learners of English. This Correct Your English Errors is edited by Tim Collins. This First Edition of Correct Your English Errors is published by McGraw-Hill Education Publications.

Stress Stress is the loudness with which we say a word or syllable. Always capitalize the first letter of the first word of a sentence. Direct objects She painted her car purple. Grammar Do not confuse job and work. The Earth is the third planet from the sun.


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