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General Training Writing. PRACTICE TEST. 1 hour. Time. 1 hour. INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES. Do not open this question paper until you are told to do so. General Training Reading & Writing Practice Test 1. Reading. WORK HOURS. We understand that your time commitment is entirely voluntary and therefore. Part 3: General Training Writing Practice Tests. Acknowledgements. 1. 11 to sit either the Academic TELTS test or the General Training IELTS test. This choice.

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IELTS General Training Writing Practice Tests General Training Writing Sample - Task 1 (PDF, 21KB); General Training IELTS Academic practice tests. IELTS General Training Writing Task 1 – teacher's notes. Description. An activity that and standard letter layout and then gives practice in writing an answer. IELTS USA. Sample General Training Writing Test. Practice Test. IELTS USA. Colorado Blvd, Ste Los Angeles, CA

However, this wastes time. After only two times it was in use, problems started to appear. It is important that you follow these steps when answering a Task 1 question. Thanks you for your time and consideration. Band descriptors public version https: You have received a letter from your local video shop claiming that a DVD you rented is now overdue.

These include materials that offer: Technical advice on how to answer exam questions. Exam question examples 6. Examples of exam answers provided by test-takers.

These include examples of all six categories of official materials listed in the previous sub- section. You may preview this menu at the following web address: It includes samples of these resources in inventory list below. Band descriptors public version https: Identifying information 2. Matching features 4. Matching headings 5. Multiple choice questions 6. Table completion 7. Diagram label completion One example of each is found at this web-link: Check the links on the text box on the left of the screen.

Copies of these books are freely available at certain public libraries and college libraries. These are archived in the In some cases, members of the public may view these books and photocopy small sections of these books at libraries that allow members of the public to enter the library.

This document is not a complete list of all open-access training and exam practice resources published by IDP Australia, Cambridge University and the British Council. These materials are available at hundreds of different sub-webpages. The vast majority of official IELTS open-access resources are available via the sub-pages of the web-links that appear in this presentation.

Accessed 22 February IELTS fair educational use reproduction http: Related Papers. By The Free School.

University of Sydney: In your letter x describe what happened that caused you to miss the flight x explain how missing your flight affected you x make it clear what you would like the airline to do Before you start writing, quickly note down some ideas for each point: I was given the wrong boarding card.

I missed two days of my holiday. I would like compensation for the flight and other expenses. Don't worry about whether the problem seems realistic or not.

You will be judged according to how well you express ideas, not on the ideas themselves. Sample Answer Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing with regard to a flight that I missed due to a mistake by one of your employees. Two weeks ago, I was due to catch a flight to Rome, where I intended to spend four days on holiday.

Unfortunately, the attendant at the check-in desk gave me a boarding card for a different flight, and I did not notice the mistake until I arrived at the departure gate and it was too late. As a result of the error, I was not allowed to board the flight to Rome, and this caused me great inconvenience.

As the mistake was caused by your company, I hope that you will compensate me for the cost of the additional flight, as well as for my taxi fares to and from the airport.

Yours faithfully, Paul Jones words Let's do a quick plan for the question below. There have been some problems with public transport in your area recently.

Write a letter to the manager of the transport company. In your letter x describe the problems x explain how these problems are affecting the public x suggest some changes that could be made Always do a quick plan. The planning just takes a couple of minutes, but it really helps you save more time while writing and also gives you more confidence to write a really good letter.

I take the 8 AM train from Manchester to Liverpool every morning. This week, my train has arrived at least 10 minutes late each day, and i have been unable to find a seat due to overcrowding. Passengers are becoming increasingly frustrated. This is extremely uncomfortable. I would like to suggest that you run a more regular service on the Manchester to Liverpool line.

General pdf ielts writing practice

Another solution would be to add an extra carriage to trains at peak times in order to provide more space. I hope you will address these concerns as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully, Adam Smith words Let's look again at the letter. One interesting thing to notice is the variety of verb tenses: Present simple I take, the overcrowding means, this is Present Continuous I am writing, passengers are becoming, delays are making Present Perfect my train has arrived, I have been unable, I have seen It could be something you have purchased or a bad service that you have received, or an accident that happened to you. You must describe it and demand appropriate actions from relevant people.

There are 4 paragraphs in this type of letter. They should look like this: I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the tape recorder that I purchased in your store. Explain in more details A What happened, what the problem is: After a few times that I used it, the Play button broke off. B What are you unhappy about: I was very surprised to see the new improved model with 2 years of warranty breaking so soon and for no reason at all.

Pdf practice general ielts writing

C What did you do to resolve the situation: I contacted your store immediately in order to return the tape recorder and spoke to the shift manager. He refused to replace the tape recorder and suggested that I had it repaired. D How do you feel about the problem: You can imagine how receiving this offer upset me. This paragraph should be the longest in the whole letter. You can even divide it into several parts. I insist that you replace the damaged tape recorder and send me a new one.

Otherwise, I will be forced to stop my payments to your store. Write formal ending for the letter, your name and sign. If you know the name of person you are writing to, sign Yours sincerely, Mr. In case it is hard for you to remember all of them, choose just one for each paragraph, memorize it and use for all the letters of this type. Unfortunately, he denied me the service that I requested. For paragraph 3 x The ideal solution would be … x I hope you can settle this matter by … doing something x I insist on getting a refund of … x Please look into this matter as soon as possible.

Write a letter to the manager of the shop and describe the problem. In your letter, include what you have done about it and suggest what action you'd like them to take. After only two times it was in use, problems started to appear. The first malfunction that I noticed was safety lock that demanded applying of great force. We discovered another problem when tried to use the blender. It started working but suddenly got stuck and we were unable to use it since.

I was very surprised to discover that much problems in a quite expensive model. Naturally, I returned the blender to you to be replaced with a new one. Your assistant said that I would have to wait only a week. After two weeks the food processor had still not arrived.

Finally, four weeks later, I was contacted by your representative. Imagine my feelings when I learned from him that I cannot receive the same model of food processor as I bought. As a solution he offered that I upgrade my model to a better one and this too will take two weeks.

I am very disappointed with both the equipment and the service have I received. Yours faithfully, Mr. There are 3 paragraphs in this type of letter. I am writing to ask for information about membership in the Shape sports club. Explain in more details who you are, exactly what information you need, why, when and in what form do you need it — a letter, a fax, an e-mail, a phone-call, etc. This should be the biggest paragraph of the whole letter. Write a letter to the travel agency and ask for the membership in their club.

In your letter, explain in more details who you are, what information you exactly need, why, when and in what form you need it the information.

The trip I refer to starts on August 12, I am supposed to leave with a group of 16 people. The information I would like to obtain should include the following. First, I need the names and phone numbers of a few of the other people in my group. I also need to know the airline names, flight numbers, the departure and the arrival times. I was wondering if you could provide me with the list of local doctors I can contact in case of emergency and a contact number for your company representative in Africa.

You could send the above-mentioned information to my email or a fax. I would like to receive it as soon as possible but not later than a week before my flight. In the real life you would attach your resume to it. Write about your skills, diplomas and experience. I am a Software Engineer with more than ten years of experience in … I graduated in Some Study Course from Famous University, At present I am employed as a … by company … I am familiar with… My skills include working with …, performing …, managing… In course of my present job I have been responsible for the planning and organization of … I am used to working at a fast pace to meet deadlines As in previous types of letters, this paragraph should be the biggest in the whole letter.

Explain, why you are interested in this job, express your motivation to contribute. Ask to schedule an interview as soon as possible. I would like to apply my skills in your company. I believe the position you offer will give me opportunity to I am looking forward to discussing my credentials with you personally. Thank the person. Thank you for your time and consideration. Write a letter to the company and say what position you are applying to and where it was advertised.

In your letter, include some information about your skills, education and experience. Explain why you are interested in this job. As you can see from my CV, I am a flight attendant with 5 years of experience.

The last year I was working for Air Comfort Airlines, providing customer service to first class passengers. I have a pleasant personality and good communication skills. I am familiar with service and emergency instructions, and used to working unsupervised. My experience includes administering first aid to ill passengers and dealing with unusual incidents. I am available to work weekends, holydays and overtime. If you find my skills and experience suitable, please contact me to schedule an interview.

Thanks you for your time and consideration. It does not have many strict rules. I have a couple of suggestions that will make it easier. Start writing on a topic from paragraph 1. Once again, this paragraph must be the biggest one. If possible, try to write 2 paragraphs depending on the length of your ideas. In your letter, describe how you have been and describe a few changes in your life during that time.

Also invite him or her to join you soon. My work keeps me so busy, that I never have a minute to myself. I am writing to invite you to my wedding. Since you have never met my future husband, you must have a million questions running through your mind right now.

I hope I can tell you enough to put your mind at ease until we meet. Five months ago I decided to take a cruise to Bahamas, to get away for a little while. And on that cruise Faith arraigned for me to meet my future husband Alan. He is the most wonderful, loving person you could ever imagine and we are very happy together.

I told him all about you and our friendship. I am writing in regard to books I borrowed from the library on March 15, and never returned. Explain in more details the purpose of your letter. Consider the idea that task instructions give you, write according to it. Make up interesting details in addition to the original idea. Say what kind of answer you expect or what suggestions do you have for the situation. It is also a good place to apologize, if applicable.

Write a letter to the library official and in your letter describes what happened, express your sincere words of apology and offer what you can do to make it up. I have found myself in this unpleasant situation for a reason. My close relative was very sick and I had to go visit him at the hospital.

I intended to return the books immediately after I get back to the college, but unfortunately I left the books on a train on my way from the hospital to the library. I understand that other students may need those books and deeply apologize for the inconvenience.

I will try to return the books as soon as possible. Faithfully yours, Adam Smith Mr.

IELTS General Training Writing Practice Tests

Avoid these mistakes, and you are on the way to writing a good letter! Do it right!

General practice ielts pdf writing

It works for absolutely any kind of letter. After writing a couple of letters you will realize, that writing down a words alone takes you 15 minutes, plus you have to think of a story to tell in your letter, to make it interesting.

So this is how you do it: When you get the writing assignment, first look and understand what kind of letter do you need to write: Read the assignment and write down on the draft paper 3 first things that come to your mind. Those ideas must refer to the topic directly. If there are a number of things you need to write about, refer to every one of them. Stop right there, no more thinking!

Start writing. First paragraph requires no thinking — write sentences that explain the topic of your letter. Remember the 3 things you made up? Use them while you are writing paragraph two.

Make it the largest paragraph because it is your only chance to get words in the letter. When paragraph two is done, paragraph three and four if applicable are a piece of cake, because they generally are based on paragraph two.

After you have finished writing, read the letter once again and check for your common spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors.

Use the following topics to practice in writing letters as much as you can. They will also help you understand better how to classify the letter tasks — to know what kind of letter you need to write.

Academic Writing Practice for IELTS

You are visiting another town next month for a short break. Write a letter to the tourist information centre. In your letter x Tell them how long you are staying x Ask for some suggestions for what to do x Find out if there are any local events happening at the time You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Sample Answer: Dear sir or madam, I am trying to get some advice about getting the best out of visiting Wanaka Lakes, as I am planning on visiting your area at the end of February for a fortnight, from the fourteenth to the twenty-eighth. First of all, what accommodation can you recommend?

I am travelling alone and do not have a car, so I'd like something central to the town, at a mid range price if possible. Somewhere near a bus route would be good, too. Also, are there any special events on between the dates I will be there? I have heard that there is a market on the 20th of the month, but I was wondering if there's anything else going on?

I am interested in most things, but would like to plan my trip as much as possible to get the most out of my stay. Thanks for your time. You were supposed to go on an interview in a few weeks, but you have since found out you cannot go on the date arranged. Write a letter to the potential employer. In your letter x Tell them why you need to move the interview time x Ask to change the interview date x Explain that you are still interested in being interviewed for the job You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Bromley, I am writing in the hope that I am able to reschedule an upcoming interview I had organised for the 17th of next month. I had previously arranged this with your secretary and had verbally agreed the date, but a situation has arisen that means I would like to postpone. I have been invited to attend my best friend's wedding which unfortunately coincides with the date we had already established. I realise that this is not the most impressive start to my application to work with your company, but I have been asked to speak at the wedding and feel obliged to attend.

I am of course very interested in the position and feel that I can offer my skills and experience to the role, so I would be very grateful if we could set a new date that fits your schedule. Once again, my apologies for the inconvenience and hope that we can reschedule.

You have seen an advertisement looking for volunteers to teach English overseas. Write to the recruitment office. In your letter x Tell them where you saw the advertisement x Explain why you would like to go x Describe the skills that you have that you think would help You do NOT need to write any addresses. Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing with regards the voluntary position advertised recently in The Herald newspaper, looking for people able and willing to teach overseas.

IELTS General Writing Practice Tests | IELTS Essentials

I have recently graduated from university, and I am looking for rewarding and fulfilling temporary work before I apply for positions related to my studies, and I think the vacancy you have would be ideal for me. I feel that I would be able to contribute to the position as I have some teaching experience already and I am a native English speaker. I have also worked with various different levels and abilities of student so would have no difficulty adapting to the requirements of the job.

I would be very interested in putting my name forward, and would like some additional information regarding the role, specifically the exact dates and any additional costs that I may need to pay. Yours faithfully, J. You are temporarily moving to a new city for your job. You will be there for three months, and you would like to rent some accommodation for your stay. Write to an accommodation rental office. In your letter x Tell them how long you are staying x Describe the type of accommodation you would like x Explain what facilities you will need nearby You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Dear sir or madam, I will be moving to Carrick for three months with a short term placement for my job, and am looking for a suitable place to rent for the period.

Ideally, I am looking for something with easy access to the motorways as I will be spending a great deal of time travelling to nearby cities. I am not particularly concerned with the particulars of the house itself as I will only need a bedroom and bathroom, and don't anticipate spending much time in the kitchen.

I will, however, need internet access as I will be working at home on my computer and will need to be in touch with my head office throughout my stay. I will also need to be within a reasonable distance from a shopping area, although it will only be for the essentials like bread and milk.

If you have anything you feel may be suitable, then I would be very interested to hear from you. You would like to rent a car for a holiday. Write to the car rental agency. In your letter x Explain what type of car you would like x Give details of when you would like the car x Request more information about the cost You do NOT need to write any addresses. Dear sir or madam, I would like to arrange a rental car for my upcoming visit to Chelling City.

I will be arriving on the 13th of January and will need the vehicle for a period of 9 days. As we are flying in, we would like to either pick the car up at the airport or meet one of your representatives there.

My flight number is NZ, arriving at 8. As I will be travelling with my wife and two children, as well as luggage and camping equipment for the period, we are looking for a medium sized vehicle that will comfortably travel off road. I would be grateful if you could confirm availability of a suitable vehicle and let us know the costs as soon as possible so we can get this arranged. For insurance purposes, I have a clean driving licence and am 48 years old.

An old friend is coming to town and has invited you to go to the cinema. Write to your friend. In your letter x Explain that you are unable to come x Find out how long your friend is staying in town x Arrange a suitable time to meet You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Dear Bill, Hope you're keeping well and the kids are fine. Thanks for asking me to come to the cinema, but I'm going to have to pass I'm afraid - I have already arranged to catch up with a few people from the place I used to work.

My old boss is retiring, so it'd be good to catch up with him before he leaves. How long will you have? We can arrange another night or why don't you come along to the part I'm going to? I'm sure you'll have a good time, and I think you've already met a few of the people at that Christmas party a few years ago. It probably won't go on too late, so we could perhaps go somewhere afterwards?

If you're keen, I can pick you up at the station and you can spend the night with us at our place - it'll be like old times! You have recently ordered an item from the internet, but are not happy with the purchase.

Write to the company. In your letter x Describe what you purchased x Explain why you are not happy with the purchase x Tell them what you would like them to do about the situation You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Dear sir or madam, I am writing to express my disappointment with a recent purchase I made from your online store, order number I ordered a set of training DVDs that were advertised on your site as a package including 4 disks and an instruction manual. However, on their arrival I found that there were only three disks and no manual.

In addition, there were scratches on one of the disks that suggest that it had been used before and returned to your store. I have since found the same offer on another website and will be returning the package to your offices.

Pdf writing practice ielts general

I have read the refund policy on your site, and as I am dissatisfied with the product, I would like to request a return of all fees paid, as well as the post and packaging costs. Should you have any questions, you can contact me on johnf abc. I look forward to a swift resolution to this matter. You have just returned from holiday and were not satisfied with your trip. Write to the travel agency.

Dear Manager, I am writing to express our dissatisfaction with a holiday we have recently had that was organised by your company. We booked the 7 day 'Explorer' package and departed on the 22nd of last month. Our main grievance is that we were informed by the staff member with whom we made the booking that all excursions were included in the cost, yet on our arrival we were informed that additional fees were required to join any of these trips.

In addition, we had expected a far higher standard of accommodation, and were disappointed to find it was only a two star establishment despite your brochure stating that it would be at least three stars. Given that we have had to make considerable additional expenses whilst on our holiday, we are requesting a complete refund of the fees we have been charged by your company. Hoping for a swift response to our concerns. A friend has invited you to a party but you will not be able to attend.

In your letter x Tell your friend you can't come x Explain why you are unable to attend x Arrange another time to meet You do NOT need to write any addresses. Dear Anna, I just wanted to say thanks for the invite - I would have loved to come, but I'm not going to be in town next weekend.

You remember my cousin Jason? Well, he's getting married and the wedding is in London, so I'll be away for three days. Perhaps we could catch up when I get back? We could go to that new restaurant that's just opened on Queen St. It's about time we caught up — it must be at least 6 months since I saw you and I have some exciting news to tell you about my job!

Anyway, hope you have a good party - I'm sure you will as your parties are always good fun! I remember the New Years Eve party at your house three years ago — it was one of the best parties I've been to!

You recently ordered an item that was advertised as having a discount from the normal price, but you have found that when you paid, you did not get the discount. In your letter x Explain that you did not get the discount x Tell them where you saw the discount advertised x Tell them what you would like them to do about the situation You do NOT need to write any addresses. It was a new digital camera from the Nokia range, model number SL The item was ordered using your telephone ordering system and I read my credit card number to the sales person on the other end of the line.

I saw the reduced price offer in our local newspaper, in which your company had taken a full page advertisement with all items on the page discounted. If this is not possible, then I would regretfully send the item back as I can obtain it for a cheaper price in other stores.

You have received a letter from your local video shop claiming that a DVD you rented is now overdue. However, you have already returned the DVD. Write to the video shop. In your letter x Tell them which film the letter is about x Explain when you returned it x Tell them what you would like them to do about the situation You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Dear Manager, About one week ago, I rented a film entitled 'Master of the Seas', a recent release form your store. As it was only a one night rental, I returned the disc the following day. As your store was closed at the time of the morning that I took the film back, I posted it through the 'video return' slot you have on the front door.

This morning, however, I have received a letter from your office claiming that the title has not been returned, and that I now have fines to pay. Nonetheless, I have been a member of your store for over 6 years, and I am sure your records will verify that I have always returned items on time.

Could I ask that you check your inventory once again, and perhaps also check the postal slot where I returned the film, in case it has landed in an obscure position? You have an advertisement for a part time job welcoming visitors to your town. Write to the recruiters. In your letter x Explain why you want the job x Describe why you would be a good person for the role x Describe any relevant experience you may have You do NOT need to write any addresses. As a local resident of some 25 years, I am very familiar with the location, and have actually spent some time in researching the history of the town.

As you may know, the house I live in is one of the oldest buildings in the area and dates back over years, so I feel I am perhaps in a unique position to give visitors an interesting and informative perspective of where we live. I have a background in lecturing, so I feel that I would be able to address groups of people clearly and confidently, and my experience with students from overseas would certainly help, given the multinational nature of visitors that we have here.

Your local museum has asked for feedback on your recent visit. Write to the museum. In your letter x Tell them what you liked and what you didn't like x Make some suggestions for improvement x Describe some other exhibits you would like to see You do NOT need to write any addresses. Johnson, I have been asked by your office to write to you regarding your museum with some points of view about my recent visit.

I would like to say first of all that I think you have done an excellent job modernizing the place, and I have recommend it as a day trip to a number of friends. The layout of the building is bright and inviting, and the items you have on display are well laid out.

However, I do feel that some of the exhibits could have been more clearly labeled, with some additional details about where they were discovered and what they would have been used for. Some of the displays my son and I were looking at were a little confusing. I would also be very interested to see artifacts that may be available from other cultures.

I am particularly interested in Egyptian history, for example, and would certainly come again if there were any displays like that. Thanks for your interest in my feedback.

You recently went to a restaurant but think you could have left your credit card behind. Write to the restaurant. In your letter x Tell them when you went there x Describe where you think you may have left the credit card x Explain what you would like the restaurant to do You do NOT need to write any addresses. Dear owner, Three nights ago, on the 22nd of February, my wife and I came to your restaurant for an evening meal.