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In REBEL HEART, Young took my. Author by Moira Young Language en. Read Online, Book 2) PDF., Download Rebel HeartDust Lands Moira Young's first. Rebel Heart book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Saba thought her world would return to normal after they defeated th. DOWNLOAD OR READ: REBEL HEART DUST LANDS 2 MOIRA YOUNG PDF EBOOK EPUB MOBI. Page 1. Page 2. Page 2. Page 3. rebel heart dust lands 2.

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Moira Young is from Vancouver. She moved to the UK to attend drama Dust Lands (Series). Book 1. Moira Young Author (). cover image of Rebel Heart . Rebel Heart Dust Lands 2 Moira Young mystery san gottardo giger h.r taschen, mymathlab math answer key,n4 engineering science past papers memorum . Read Rebel Heart read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. Rebel Heart is a Young Adult novel by Moira Young.

Does anyone else not like Lugh that much? Like, Emmi's age. Besides, Lugh is just a complete 'jake-ace' for the whole book so The scenes between these two are realistic and painful, fraught with tension, resentment and frustration. Saba herself was turned from a strong, unstoppable character to this emotional mess. But I realized I had a few issues that kept bothering me. Maev-It was like Epona Hurt.

She brought down a ruthless tyrant and saved her kidnapped brother. But winning has come at a terrible cost. Saba is haunted by her past—and a new enemy is on the rise, an enemy who searches for her across the Dust Lands. Saba needs Jack: But Jack has left. And her brother is haunted by ghosts of his own.

Moira young pdf rebel heart

Then news comes that tells her Jack can never be trusted again. For the enemy has cunning plans of his own…. Moira Young is the author of the Dust Lands series. A native Canadian, Moira lives with her husband in the UK. Learn more at MoiraYoung. Readers will be champing at the bit to get to the conclusion of this poetic, action-packed trilogy. By clicking 'Sign me up' I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use.

Must redeem within 90 days. I like that the plot moves fast. It just keeps running and doesn't slow down. Even if there were things in the book that bothered me, at least I was never bored with it. There's always something going on and Young keeps the readers guessing about what will happen next. So, I appreciate that. I had hoped that Lugh would become a more prevalent character in this book, and he was.

He was not really in much of the first book, so I was glad to see more of him in this book, and I thought his relationship with Maev was sweet. Although, honestly, I thought he was kind of being a jerk for most of the book.

But I found him to be an intriguing character, anyway. I also really liked Molly and Jack's history with her; at first it weirded me out a little, but it was also really sad and I thought it felt believable. So, I found their relationship to be a compelling aspect of the story. However, as I've mentioned a few times by now, there were some major things in this book that bothered me. I mean, it was pretty clear from the start that it was going to turn out he hadn't really turned evil.

Like, he had no reason to do that at all. And yet most of the characters gave up on him pretty much right away. They were just like, "Well, even though Jack has no reason at all to betray us, we've all instantly lost faith in him.

He's evil now. Too bad, I guess.

But probably the biggest thing was that I had some big problems with Saba in this book. I loved her in the first book and thought she was a super cool heroine. In Rebel Heart , I lost quite a bit of respect for her. Sure, she was still pretty kickass and tough and all, but she made some pretty damn stupid decisions. So, there's this part where she sees Jack kidnap Emmi. And at that point, she goes totally nuts and runs off on her own and jumps off a cliff Bella Swan style.

I mean, she's going after Nero, but still. It's a bit dramatic. She then runs into the villain, DeMalo. They end up spending some time together and he shows her this trippy place where they hallucinate about flying over daisy fields or something. And then So yeah. For some reason Saba decides not to go save her kidnapped sister, but to be a whiney brat and run away, jump off a cliff, and have sex with the villain for virtually no reason. I mean, I kind of get the feeling there's some weird kind of mind-control type thing going on, or some other thing that Saba can't control.

But, it was still really weird. And I mean like, why would you ever sleep with someone whose name like literally means "Of Evil"? Not very subtle, Moira Young. So yeah, that one thing really threw me off. I also didn't like the way Saba treated Tommo. Poor dude. I wish Saba had just been honest with him rather than being manipulative and seriously using his feelings for her against him at one point. It just seemed super bitchy of her.

Basically, I thought Saba was awesome in the first book, but in this book she did a lot of things that really got on my nerves. I did like the ending. The last scene between Jack and Saba was really cute and I still think they're a great couple. In conclusion I liked this book. I just didn't like it as much as I liked the first book.

It was exciting and fast-paced, and the world and the characters are interesting. I was disappointed in Saba by the end, though. However, I still plan on reading the third book and finding out what happens. View all 29 comments. Oct 10, C. Drews rated it it was amazing Shelves: That was so so ridiculously, suffocatingly good. And horrible. I hate this book.

Rebel Heart

I'm having a heart attack, okay? If you see someone screaming in the corner and beating their head against the floor -- that'd be me. This books. So basically there are NO second book blues here. This one dives into a more emotional side But I didn't even care?!

So obviously we know Saba has to go find Jack, but we've got all the mixed emotions between her and Lugh now and -- omg they break my heart. But I also want to smack him into the middle of next year. Saba and Lugh's relationship has kind of fractured Which proves what an extremely talented author this is. But I CRY because they're not getting on.

And siblings betraying and being jealous of each other is my entire undoing in books. I weep. And the book actually starts off narrated by Jack!! Then it cuts off and we go back to Saba's narration. It's a journey again. It is so great. I was never bored even though there's a lot of travelling and journeying. So a quickie look through them all: Well, she's a lot more emotional in this one.

I don't think so. She has PTSD and can't kill and is sleep walking and seeing dead people And all emotions are convoluted and I love Saba. I love her strength and her sharp tongue and her stubbornness. Ugh, Lugh. Why are you such a pumpkin face? Obviously he's jealous of her relationship with Jack not in a sexual way, gawsh, get your brain out of the gutter. Like they're twins. The only friends they had. And then suddenly Lugh gets his sister back and realises she's in love with a dude he knows diddly squat about?

But he was such a jerk so much. And I hate how he expected her to be entirely honest with him but he was NOT honest and open with her. She is just as adorable and wonderful as ever.

Oh Emmi! She's like the sunshine of the group and I love how much she looks up to Saba now and how they're closer and care about each other. I kind of thought he was Emmi's age?

But apparently not. I got annoyed about this because it didn't really add to the story? He's barely in the book. I cry. I love Jack. I also don't like how he decided, at the end, to view spoiler [stay and work with the rebels. I mean, c'mon man. He was breaking her heart and mine, the meanie.

Look, I don't really remember him in book 1? I wasn't paying attention? But he is the Big Name Villain and also has a crush on Saba. So that's 3 guys who want to marry her, and 1 who just wants to lock her in the basement. Wow Saba. You have yourself a following He's a complex villain and that is wonderful Omg, Maev. Actually the main characters kind of are? But all the secondary characters I'm afeared for their lives, y'all.

Which I'll wrap in spoilers, because it's kind of a big spoiler: It felt SO out of character for her. Like she was a brick wall in book 1 and Jack had better luck cuddling a cacti. But here she just kind of I get that it was a distraction. Saba has such an impenetrable bubble and it popped so easy for DeMalo. I'm freaked that she's going to have a baby in the next book and Lugh will be horrible to her and Jack won't come back for her.

She deserves the world, not people calling her selfish.

Moira pdf young heart rebel

And I'm devastated that Jack left again at the end because the rebellion was more important to him. I cann't get enough of it. I just whipped through this book because I'm so suffocatingly in love with the story, the characters, and the style. I love the little sprinkle of magic and spirits, and the between all the rough grittiness, they'll be these PERFECT sentences that just make me squawk.

I cannot even breath right now. Half way through the book I had to put it down and go calm down because I was so worked up. Jul 04, Trudi rated it did not like it Shelves: I don't know, maybe I'm just getting too old and curmudgeonly for these types of stories. Too much angst and melodrama, this time around, not nearly enough of that spectacle and heart-stopping action found in Blood Red Road.

Even the excruciating dialect and lack of punctuation bothered me, when I barely noticed it last time, so engrossed was I in the story.

Hardly any Jack. I wanted more of his part of the story, and not just his absence and Saba's brooding over possible deceits and betrayals. Her episodes of "acting out" grated on my last nerve through most of the story too. After everything she's been through, seen, survived, I expected a maturity that just didn't manifest itself. Not enough forward development of the plot either, a horrible sin that most sequels of a trilogy can't seem to avoid committing.

Nrebel heart moira young pdf download

I was so impressed with Young's execution of Blood Red Road however, I really expected her to pull it out of the fire and separate herself from the pack. She did not. I'm still enjoying the role of Nero the crow and Tracker the wolf. Reminds me of what I loved about the movie The Beastmaster when I was a kid.

Nrebel heart moira young pdf download

This pang of nostalgia fondly remembering a B flick from will not be enough to salvage this series if I don't get more -- much more -- meat on the bone in the final book. View all 9 comments. Jan 13, Maureen rated it really liked it. I really like it. Feb 26, Giselle rated it really liked it Shelves: The long anticipated sequel to Blood Red Road is finally here! Rebel Heart reacquaints us with our stubborn and fierce protagonist, Saba, after she found her brother, after Jack left her, after everything has become so complicated.

And the fact that she is seeing things, things that aren't there, is not making it easier. What I enjoyed the most from the first book is what has been the most polarized; you either love the writing style, or you hate it. Myself, I looked forward to being propelled i The long anticipated sequel to Blood Red Road is finally here! Myself, I looked forward to being propelled inside this vivid, desolate world again by a writing style that truly makes it come alive. As much as some may find it hard to get into, I find it powerfully characteristic.

It gives the book a very tangible atmosphere. You are not reading a story, you are being told a story. It still remains the most unique and best aspect of this series. In this sequel, the characters we have come to know are back, but they aren't quite the same. Saba herself was turned from a strong, unstoppable character to this emotional mess. Yes she has gone through a huge ordeal and I'm glad that Moira didn't turn away from the emotional circumstances, but she has to stop thinking only of Jack for 5 seconds so she can realize how much she is crippling herself, and bringing her friends down with her.

She was never a loveable character --what with her attitude towards her sister in book one--but she was a character I gladly rooted for. All she made me root for in this sequel, was for someone to smack her upside the head. Nonetheless, I like her, I do. She is flawed and real, no matter how frustrated she made me. As far as the side characters go, some of them definitely have grown--Tommo for one--but it wouldn't have hurt to get a little more character breakthroughs.

I'm still waiting to see what Lugh's problem is; what made him so bitter. Basically, I love all the side characters so much that I'm dying to get more face time with them. I need their stories! I'm even drawn to the mysterious villain with which we make fascinating plot progress.

There are not many intense scenes and dramatic situations such as we saw in high numbers in Blood Red Road. No cage fighting, no crossings filled with killer worms, sadly, nothing of the sort. We do get oodles of emotional distraught, hormone filled angst, and love. Lots and lots of love. No love triangle though, more like a love… waiting list? Saba is plenty busy with them boys.

As much as I enjoyed all these emotions running amok, it turned the book--which I was expecting to be fun and action packed like the first--a lot more broody, and much more slower pace. For this reason, I didn't enjoy it quite as much as I was hoping. It isn't a bad book, by any means, proven by my 4 stars, and actually by itself I would have loved it.

It's raw, gritty and emotionally intense, slowly filling its space with cruelty and trauma. But when I sit there and compare it to the first, when I go in expecting a sequel on a par with its predecessor that stifled me with exhaustion, end after end, and made me feel the never ending longing for something other than….

For more of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads View all 14 comments. A friend and I were recently discussing what we call the Plot Slap: But rather than just throwing up a couple of twists, Rebel Heart feels like a sudden, sharp turn from Blood Red Road, bolting away in a completely unexp A friend and I were recently discussing what we call the Plot Slap: But rather than just throwing up a couple of twists, Rebel Heart feels like a sudden, sharp turn from Blood Red Road, bolting away in a completely unexpected direction.

Sure, Blood Red Road had a slightly absurd plot and a story that stretched a little thin in places, but there was a lot I loved about that book. While maintaining the strong voices of Saba and the supporting cast, she pushes them harder than I expected.

No one gets an easy time of it view spoiler [ Ash! This novel reads like her deconstruction, then her gradual re-assembly. Sibling standoffs! But Young develops Saba further than this, forcing her to deal with the consequences of her actions, to question herself, to realise her flaws and strengths.

And she feels real because of it. Truthfully, I love this girl. I want to high-five her. I occasionally want to slap her. I want to give her a hug. Basically, I'm invested in her as a character. I want to know what the future holds for her. Characters grow in Rebel Heart, and relationships are tested. Saba and Lugh have to face the fact that they have changed, and so has their dynamic. The scenes between these two are realistic and painful, fraught with tension, resentment and frustration.

While occasionally unpleasant to read, I applaud Young for taking their story in the direction it did, because it felt true to the characters and what they had been through. Their inability to return to their former relationship, and their tendency to both occasionally act like complete jerks, made sense given the context of their individual journeys and growth. The New Eden aspect of the story was fine — it was the development of DeMalo himself as the Pathfinder that was.. But Rebel Heart really ups the fixation and the Angel of Death apparently leaves a trail of lust-ridden in her wake.

That said, I think this is a strong second book in a trilogy that remains interesting and fresh in the current overcrowding of dysto-mance and post-apocalyptic YA. Young sidesteps the obvious tropes, or at least puts a unique spin on them, and writes strong characters with agency and engaging conflict. But mostly, if I'm honest: Rebel Heart, however, for all its flaws, is actually a much stronger novel than Blood Red Road ever was.

If we think back to Blood Red Road, it was nothing more than an engaging, fast-paced, and page-flipping dystopian novel. Yet, Rebel Heart, despite its page-flipping action, is also a much slower, deeper, and intoxicating tale.

Yes, there we Rating: Yes, there were moments when I felt like pulling my hair out and crying into my pillow. Yes, there were characters I wanted to shoot down and plot threads I wanted to burn. Yet, this book was perfect. I can't think of any other way this story could have gone and when you step back and really think about this novel, disregarding your own conflicted emotions, you will come to see that Moira Young is an unbelievable author, for she lets her characters lead the story and that truly does make all the difference.

Rebel Heart starts out with Saba, Lugh, Emmi, and Tommo on their way to a new, and better, life in the west. Saba, however, is tormented by dreams of Epona and she feels as if the spirits of the dead are walking with her. Thus, when she stumbles upon a small village with a woman who claims she can help, she takes her chances with the strange magic this woman claims to be able to control.

Yet, before Saba can fully be cured, she receives a message — from Jack. Thus begins, yet again, a thrilling and tortuous journey to The Lost Cause, an inn in the north where Saba is set to meet Jack.

Along the way however, Saba will be forced to confront her inner demons, her strained relationship with Lugh, and most dangerous of all, her own heart. I think what prevented Rebel Heart from being a 5 Star read were just a few plot threads that went haywire. It is evident that Lugh has undergone a terrible experience during his time with the Tonton, but we are never told what actually happens to him.

If anything, he became an extremely annoying character and I felt like smacking him every time he opened his mouth. Lugh never undergoes any type of character growth throughout this novel and ultimately, he winds up remaining a flat character which was rather disappointing. Those qualms aside, I loved Rebel Heart.

Furthermore, we are privy to a whole new side of Saba, which only goes to further give her more depth than she already had. While Rebel Heart had its fair share of incredible action, I feel as if it was Saba more than the plot that drove this novel forward. Yet, I thoroughly enjoyed the crew of new characters we got to meet as well as the turn in relationships that we were able to witness with some of the older characters.

It is hard to imagine just how firmly these fictional beings worm their way into your heart, but they really make a home there, immersing you, the reader, even more fully into this tale. In addition, there were plenty of jaw-dropping plot twists, unexpected reactions, and betrayals to keep this plot moving wonderfully, so fans of Blood Red Road will not be disappointed on that front either. I know there are rumors floating around of a love triangle in this novel, but there isn't one!

Yes, we do have another guy creep into Saba's thoughts, but this only happens during the last quarter of the novel. Furthermore, I hardly see this as a love triangle. In my opinion, a love triangle is a situation where the MC is torn between two guys, but Saba is not torn. Saba loves Jack, end of story. Does she make some terrible decisions in this book? Yes, she does. Is she conflicted over another man?

Yes, she is, but not in a romantic sense. I may just be in extreme denial, but from my perspective, what occurs with the other man in this novel is a combination of many things and love is not one of them. Yet, I must reiterate this, that when you step back and look at this novel without allowing your emotions to distort your perception of it, you can see that everything is just perfect.

Overall, Rebel Heart is a novel I wound up enjoying much more than its predecessor, despite the fact that my rating for this is slightly lower than that for Blood Red Road. I will warn you though that plenty of plate-smashing is there in the future of this story and once you finish this, you will spend a countless number of sleepless nights waiting for — and worrying about — the sequel, but it is so worth it. Rebel Heart is yet another wonderful installment from Moira Young and has made me a much bigger fan of hers than I ever was before.

I doubt everyone will love this novel like I have, but I truly believe that if you look into the heart of Rebel Heart, you will only find something to love. You can read this review and more on my blog, Ivy Book Bindings. Pre-Review Discussion I just wanted to run some theories by those of you who have read this one, so if you could comment and we could discuss that would be great! I seriously find it hard to believe that two men can be someone's heart's desire. We're talking about the heart and love.

It just doesn't seem right to me and we know that Saba doesn't love DeMalo. If anything, I thought her encounter with him was a strange product of "Jack betrayed me! Yet, she did the right thing and put DeMalo to sleep, essentially betraying him, at Resurrection. I know it seems as if she should have killed him, but I think she didn't because no matter what, she has a connection with him and she already feels so much guilt over killing others.

So, in conclusion, Saba doesn't love DeMalo. So what's up with the heartstone? I have two theories and both are a little I am a die-hard Jack and Saba shipper and nothing, especially not some dumb stone, is getting in the way of that!

Moira Young

The Rule of Three. DeMalo has saved Saba's life three times, so now that she essentially belongs to him, I think the heartstone warms up whenever he is near. I don't know quite how it makes sense, but since the heartstone enables you to find people, Saba belonging to DeMalo would forge a connection between them and make her able to find him. I don't know Theory 2: I don't like this theory too much, but if Saba is pregnant, couldn't it be the desire of her baby to be with her father?

I know it's completely unrealistic as the baby isn't even fully formed yet, but DeMalo seemed so confident that he had impregnated Saba and I can't see anything positive coming out of this in the sequel. Seriously, how did he have time to fall in love with Saba? I'm I also hope think Lugh might die, which I wouldn't care too much about really. I'd love to hear them and discuss! D hide spoiler ] I felt like the entire book was a set up for the next and final book of the trilogy.

We met some new characters and a couple of important things happened, but it was really drawn out. It started out promisingly enough, and I found it easy to slip back into the language and the post-apocalyptic world set up so well in Blood Red Road.

Seriously, this was my favourite part of the whole book — and it only lasts 26 pages! Looks like she found it. He says nothing. Molly waits. She kicked the door down. I liked Saba a lot more in this one.

But when Saba discovers that something has happened to Jack, her entire focus shifts into finding him and saving him. Bringing back the Saba we saw in book 1, her determination takes her and her companions on a journey into dangerous territory, meeting a new set of characters, reuniting with some old, and uncovering a resistance to the new order that is taking over the territory.

All the while looking for Jack who may, or may not, be who he seems. Creed helped to fill this gap loved him, and am excited to see more of that storyline , but his presence was oh-so-brief. To add to the darker mood, Lugh was such a whiny little bitch for the majority of the book I actually wondered why Saba bothered saving him at all!

The other side characters were all really strong though and added a lot to the story — Emmi, Tommo, Molly, Slim, Maev and even DeMalo were all great. But it was the twist at the end of the book that completely threw me! Do you call it a love square… diamond… trapezoid?

Nov 25, Stacia the club rated it liked it Shelves: What is up lately with me and books that almost made it to the DNF pile, only to be yanked back at the last second, when a scene all of a sudden grabs me by the throat and forces me to keep reading? Yes, I completely meant that. I can feel the books almost glaring at me, daring me to push them, else I feel their punishing wrath. I want my reading experiences to be black and white - eit What is up lately with me and books that almost made it to the DNF pile, only to be yanked back at the last second, when a scene all of a sudden grabs me by the throat and forces me to keep reading?

I want my reading experiences to be black and white - either I like you from page 1 or I quit out. Don't pull this confusing wtf-ery on me.

This is another one of those times when I feel like the things that I really want to say are things that I can't. Because if I tried, then I'd have to spoiler tag the entire review and I really hate doing this. So what can I say? Uh, there was a moment which reminded me of a scene from The Sound of Music. Yes, I can pull comparisons from just about anywhere. Without giving away who the traitor was, I had a brief flashback when Mr. X turned on a member of Saba's crew, just like the little squealing nazi-in-training did to the Von Trapps when they were hiding in the abbey.

Btw, did you know that the famous hiding scene from that movie was inspired by a cemetery? I just found this out now. Random, but I really want to go to Austria on a Sound of Music lovers tour. Does such a thing exist? What else? If you're looking for lots and lots of Jack time, sorry. Oh, he's there. And he's awesome, of course. But I felt like a fangirl standing outside of Michael Jackson's balcony back when he was still alive, hoping to catch a glimpse of some baby-dangling.

By the time I finished the book, I'd felt like I'd been camping out for days, unwashed and grumpy - and the baby dangling was not worth the reward. If you were a big fan of book 1, then Rebel Heart is probably worth the read. Even though it took me a while to warm up to the plot, eventually I did get there. If you were on the fence about book 1, I'd say go ahead and skip this because any struggling that you might have had with the first book will be echoed in the second. View all 19 comments.

After relatively enjoying Blood Red Road I thought there were high chances this book could bring me out of my latest reading slump, but little did I know it would destroy these hopes… Completely and utterly. After a slow start things went from bad, to worse, to throw book into the pond terrible. And all for 2 reasons: The bad-ass fighter from book 1 is gone, replaced with a girl haunted by the ghosts of her decisions incredibly interesting What.

The bad-ass fighter from book 1 is gone, replaced with a girl haunted by the ghosts of her decisions incredibly interesting actually UNTIL her problems seemingly disappear into thin air because of some heat lodge ritual. Which brings me to reason 2 The plot relies on the idea Saba is irresistible, otherwise there would be no plot!

Introduce a love interest with insta-love of which I shudder at the word and I can no longer take any of the writing seriously. Now there are many other reasons I disliked this book so much — unrelateable characters, boring dystopian plot etc etc. What it boils down to is the fact that I no longer care about what happens.

Little Red Lies by Julie Kiki said: Saba thought her world would return to normal after they defeated the Tonton , rescued. In this riveting second entry, Saba , her. Moira Young Languange. Rebel Heart Author: Moira Young Genre: Adventure, Western, Young Adult Publisher: Margaret K. Click Download , Read Online button. Rebel Heart. Enter your mobile number , email address below , we'll send you a link to download the.