Linux server security pdf

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working group on Security with the purpose of implementing joint However, the protection of a Linux server is not a one-time effort, but a. Linux® Server Security: Hack and Defend. Published by. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Crosspoint Boulevard. Indianapolis, IN Local security measures. ○ Protecting against common remote attacks. ○ What to do after an attack, cleanup. ○ Having and following a Security Policy.

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Linux: Configuring and securing your server howto guide. A technical howto document presented to H3ABioNet. Created by. The System Administrator Task- . More information and available at Server administrators are likely to use these tools, since they are familiar. PDF | The purpose of this project is to explore and highlight the basic security and industry best practices to secure the Linux Server as well.

I strongly recommend using the Linux Firewall by applying the iptable rules and filtering all the incoming, outgoing and forwarded packets. Will not allow users to reuse the last four passwords. Another password policy that should be forced is strong passwords. For additional details please read our privacy policy. Adding kernel. Do you?

Pdf security linux server

First published: Print ISBN: Master hacking tools and launch sophisticated attacks: Defend systems and networks: Increase your background knowledge of attacks on systems and networks and improve all-important practical skills required to secure any Linux server.

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Linux hardening: A step checklist for a secure Linux server | Pluralsight

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Linux hardening: A 15-step checklist for a secure Linux server

Take control of your career. Sign up. Document the host information Each time you work on a new Linux hardening job, you need to create a new document that has all the checklist items listed in this post, and you need to check off every item you applied on the system. Furthermore, on the top of the document, you need to include the Linux host information: Hard disk encryption confidentiality Most of the Linux distributions will allow you to encrypt your disks before installation.

Pdf security linux server

Disk protection availability Backups have so many advantages in case of a damaged system, bugs in the OS update. Critical systems should be separated into different partitions for: Lock the boot directory The boot directory contains important files related to the Linux kernel, so you need to make sure that this directory is locked down to read-only permissions by following the next simple steps.

When you finish editing the file, you need to set the owner by executing the following command: Next, I set few permissions for securing the boot settings: When the file opens, then add the following line at the end of the file save and close: System update The first thing to do after the first boot is to update the system; this should be an easy step.

In Kali Linux, you achieve this by executing the commands in the picture below: Check the installed packages List all packages installed on your Linux OS and remove the unnecessary ones. Remember that disabling unnecessary services will reduce the attack surface, so it is important to remove the following legacy services if you found them installed on the Linux server: Check for open ports Identifying open connections to the internet is a critical mission.

In Kali Linux, I use the following command to spot any hidden open ports: Change the default port number 22 to something else e.

Security pdf server linux

Make sure that root cannot login remotely through SSH: AllowUsers [username] The list can go on and on, but these should be enough to start with. The SELinux has three configuration modes: Turned-off Permissive: Prints warnings Enforcing: Policy is enforced Using a text editor, open the config file: Network parameters Securing your Linux host network activities is an essential task.

Here are some important features to consider for securing your host network: Disable the IP Forwarding by setting the net. Password policies People often reuse their passwords , which is a bad security practice.

Will not allow users to reuse the last four passwords. After five failed attempts, only an administrator can unlock the account by using the following command: Also, another good practice is to set the password to expire after 90 days, to accomplish this task you need to: The final tip for passwords policy is to disable the system accounts for non-root users by using the following bash script: Permissions and verifications Prepare yourself mentally because this is going to be a long list.

First, Restrict Core Dumps by: Adding kernel. Recommended for you:.

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Security pdf server linux

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