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Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications. Download Lover at Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #11) Book PDF. Qhuinn, son of no one, is used to being on his own. Disavowed from his bloodline. Lover At Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood) [J. R. Ward] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “The hottest collection of studs in romance” (New.

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Yep, I liked it. I tried to like her, I really did. The book would have been so much better!! With this book and the previous two, Ward showed me that his personality was shaped by a childhood of being denied what every person should have in this life, loving acceptance from his parents and family. He knew where he was getting himself into and even then, he was good to Blay. Trez and iAm are flesh eaters.

Because JRW wanted Blay "to be a daddy. She always placed Qhuinn first. As a character he always felt incomplete and unstable, as if JRW was still working on him. We find out he had suicidal tendencies back when he lived with his family.

And Blay saved him in several occasions. I thought it was inexcusable to keep this fact for books. It's too big of a deal to drop the boom like that and then never deal with it again. At the end of the book, Blay says something about therapy with Mary. And for the love of the Scribe Virgin I hope this happens. Because Qhuinn needs professional help. His issues run deeper than we can see. Even now, we can't fully see the scars because he's still discovering them himself.

He hide from the world, from himself so much, we still don't know him fully. And I think that realization made me empathic toward him. He realized he had lived a lie without even knowing it. He thought he had things under control, he thought he knew what he wanted, who he was, and then boom. His life is upside down. Forever changed. He finally saw it. All thanks to Blay. My concern?

Black Dagger Brotherhood 11 Lover At Last

And she chose to do so in the last twenty pages of LAL. She had a few great opportunities, life changing events where Qhuinn could have seen all this.

There were many ways to develop this character right, but like anything else lately with this series: Badly Executed. What the actual fuck. He had admitted this to himself back in Lover Mine, ffs! It also means JRW forgot her own plot, again. Qhuinn's anchor is Blay. He needs Blay, he needs Blay's strength to be able to face his issues.

He couldn't do it alone. I see why Qhuinn loves Blay. He was only a classy and respectful gentleman to Blay and Qhuinn. He broke up with Blay and stepped back, disappearing to let things happen between them. I know no one gives a crap about him. JRW included. But I think it's so unfair. He took care of Blay when Blay needed someone.

He knew where he was getting himself into and even then, he was good to Blay. I guess I must be grateful he's not dead yet! It was not romantic, nor a great gesture.

Yes, bonded males are possessive and all that bullcrap. I just don't find the bonded males thing hot, at all. That was violent and psycho. And it did not show how much Qhuinn loves Blay. Trust me, it didn't. Qhuinn never apologized to Saxton for what he did, too. And they are family. This really upsets me. Still not liking her. It's obvious through the whole book how hard JRW tried to make us like her.

But the more she tries, the more I dislike her. I hated the fact that she told Blay about Qhuinn being in love with him. And then, when she realized her mistake she did nothing about it. And later on, when she wanted a male to tell her if she smelled pregnant again, she went to Blay!!!

He was her first love. He took her virginity. And he's the father of her daughter. It's impossible she fully moved on. I find this a case of the "Because the Author says so. It was, however, very anticlimactic.

He's not a lesser or an asshole. I guess being kept in Omega blood for years makes someone look at their life, look at their choices. I was rooting for a similar scene to the one in LRb, where Tohr and what-was-her-name-again were at First Meal, and everyone was like "omg new gossip yay".

Everyone assumed Qhuinn was with Layla, and Blay was with Saxton! So where is the gossip? Where are the stares?

The whispers? The funny scenes? Goddammit, I'm so disappointed. I'm not even talking about what the Brothers think of a gay couple. Fuck that. They don't give a crap. And neither do I.

That's not the question. They are just a bunch of old gossiping ladies! Btw, where was JM in all this????? Sure, there was no contact with her. They were both fixed in each other.

Pdf lover at last

It was never about her. It bothers me because this is an example of their future feedings and just… Nope. I found the whole thing so gratuitous and cheapening for Qhuay. I felt I was reading an "insert yourself" scene. I feel like JRW used Qhuay to give certain readers what they wanted.

I'm sure someone may even suggest they should have a trio at some point. I had enough of that crap for the rest of my life, tbfqh. Not even once did Qhuinn indicate he wanted kids in the series. When he talked about having a shellan, he was talking in terms of the far future.

He's still young in vampire age. No one wants to be a daddy when they are 12, so to speak. What hurts the most is reading him saying he wanted a family. Blay should have been his family. But Qhuinn picked a female and having a kid before Blay as his family. He didn't fight for Blay, he decided he wanted to pass his genes one of his biggest issues, but who cares, right? Gay couples are a family, too. Gay couples can have children. And not all couples gay or straight need to have children to be a family.

JRW wanted Qhuay to be daddies. And that's the only reason all this happened. Plot wise, it still makes no sense. And when it comes to the pregnancy none of the characters act IC or logically. Am I the only one who noticed how, when Qhuinn explained he wanted a kid, Blay did never question him why.

WHY did Qhuinn want a baby? No one questioned this. Because the moment you do, you realize there is no reason. I'm still not sure, but I guess they used their own sperm as lubricant? Which is still a big NO, btw. I just - Women have anuses, too.

We know it hurts if you don't lubricate the area. In my understanding, JRW didn't want to get into too many details from the waist down. I had to read some very detailed hetero sex in her books before. Sex I didn't care about. Naughty, dirty, detailed sex. And with Qhuay, she was so afraid of going too far, she even messed up the emotional factor. Also, there are other things in this life besides penetration. That's such a heteronormativity point of view. Penis goes into vagina, yadda yadda yadda.

A lot of gay men are not into anal penetration. It's still sex and it's still good sex without penetration. I just- gurl, if you don't want to write in the lube, then google some stuff. What about intercrural sex? Should I send JRW some links? What about the Non-Penetrative Sex page on Wikipedia? They always had penetrative sex doggy style, too. At least, I think so?? At some point I wasn't sure of their position, tbh. So much like a newbie fic writer. This bugged me so much.

There are other positions, okay? I missed a face-to-face full of emotions sex scene. Their sex was usually quick, without foreplay, emotions or much detail.

But after their love confession, I was expecting a highly charted intimate sex scene. What I found hot was their talk, especially Qhuinn's.

Lover at Last

Totally my type of dirty talking. But the gay sex was meh. But if you changed their names, the sex would have been pretty bad. I imagine some people will be outraged, even. Qhuay sex was so-so. Especially compared to JRW's het sex scenes. I thought she was going to be so good at writing gay porn. After all, she's better at writing males. But she censured herself too much.

I loved how Qhuinn felt well owned for the first time in his life. I loved that he considered he had lost his virginity. And how happy he was about giving it to Blay. But I was expecting him to tell Blay before, like he said he would.

With more emotions involved. So far, all we had were hetero couples. And it worked for them. But in the case of Blay and Qhuinn There was no need to follow the same formula. None of them had to be "the girl" for their relationship to work. In this verse, males do bond and are possessive.

Females have control over males and get marked. Qhuinn was possessive and marked Blay. Blay had control over him. Their roles fit in with male and female vampire roles. And that's just BS. We read Blay's bonding scent at the end. But we don't get an explanation of how it works now with two bonding scents.

Or why Blay's bonding scent didn't show up first. Blay never bit Qhuinn, either. And I really needed him to. It just irritates me. The book tries to fight for equal rights. There are a lot of scenes where Blay wonders why he can't have what hetero couples take for granted. There is a coming out. There is a lot of talk of equality and love.

And meanwhile, the gay couple follows heteronormativity roles. It just makes me feel like JRW had good intentions but ultimately had no idea what she was doing.

Also, Qhuinn thinking of "turning Blay into a librarian, a hand model, hairdresser Don't you see the problem in this statement? On his knees. Begging for it. Because family is an always kind of thing. Wreck it, gurl. And if there was a mating, why didn't we read it? After all, it's a gay mating ritual. We have never read one before. We knew how an induction ceremony worked and yet we read another one.

I loved the Induction Ceremony. We have read several mating ceremonies. But the first gay one was not included? If it was a matter of space, Qhuay's mating ceremony should have had priority. It should have mattered more. If you want a book all about equality and such, show me a gay wedding. Stop chickening out midway. Make your gay men use lube and write their goddamn wedding!

I refuse to value Qhuay having to include Layla and the baby. I'm not letting her ruin my OTP. I'm going to hold onto the moment Blay gave Qhuinn his family ring. To the moment when they slow danced together. To the moment when Blay said he was Qhuinn's family and Qhuinn cried. Because that's the core of the story, that's what all this was supposed to be about. Because Blay is Qhuinn's family. Qhuay will always be my OTP. Because even with all the pregnancy crap and the many unresolved issues, when they are together, it's beautiful.

It's like witnessing magic. And somehow it makes everything worth it. Apr 02, Lora rated it it was amazing Shelves: Review to come. Apr 08, Monique rated it really liked it. Excellent… a game changer in the m-m genre and J. Ward delivered. I love J. Ward and this series is mouth wateringly delicious, and like so many others I sit impatiently awaiting each next instalment, running scenarios and pairings through my head, trying to anticipate where she will take us next… and as an m-m reader, I was desperate for her to get this one right… As usual we not only have the main story, Ms Ward also gives us side-plots, flipping back and forth between them all, leaving th Excellent… a game changer in the m-m genre and J.

Ward and this series is mouth wateringly delicious, and like so many others I sit impatiently awaiting each next instalment, running scenarios and pairings through my head, trying to anticipate where she will take us next… and as an m-m reader, I was desperate for her to get this one right… As usual we not only have the main story, Ms Ward also gives us side-plots, flipping back and forth between them all, leaving threads dangling, some picked up and seamlessly weaved back into the fabric of the story and others still unresolved leaving us to speculate her next move.

There is not a moment of complacency, you might think you know where she is taking you and then a spanner is thrown in the works to take us in another direction… I was enthralled and captivated, and yes, at times frustrated and impatient but still turning the pages at an alarming rate, trying to absorb and digest each new piece of information. The Band of Bastards are still in the periphery, Xcor is rethinking his plans on overthrowing Wrath.

We have a new character Sola, a love interest and someone I think will be further developed in the next book. Assail turns out to be far more interesting than I was lead to believe in the last book… not only that but he is very dark and domineering and was certainly pressing my kink buttons! Trez is quite a character, a bit of a man whore, petulant at times but he brought some humour into the book and made me smile.

This book however is about the two boys we grew to love way back, when they were just themselves peripheral characters, pre trans vampires and John Matthews best friends. As readers we have always been able to see what they themselves were unable to fathom, that they did truly love one another, which is why it has been so agonisingly frustrating for us. What is so beautiful about this story is that we really get to see the vulnerability behind the persona of the tough warrior unaffected by what life throws at him, a bitter and angry man whore, but ultimately he was just a lost soul, the child who had so longed for the love and affection he had always been denied, who felt alone in the world despite being surrounded by friends.

Blay is totally unselfish, caring and compassionate, a man of worth, with strong principles, a gentlemale, with all the finesse and finery that goes with it, yes, he is still a warrior of strength and honour and a fighter like the others but his private life is more suited to a man of Saxtons aristocratic bearing.

Where we had always seen Blay as the character that wore his heart on his sleeve the roles were now reversed, Blay over the years of pain, hurt and rejection from the man he loves is now resigned to the fact that Qhuinn will never admit to his feelings so he had taken control of his life and emotions and had grown up in the last year he had spent with Saxton, convincing himself that Qhuinn was with Layla and he had finally found a female with whom he wanted to have young and mate with.

This would not be a J. But we moved along to see that soul shattering hurt dispelled by bonds between them that were deeper than just sex, their relationship had been founded on friendship and a life shared with moments that they both treasured, and yes, they had lost their way… but together, they were all I was hoping for, their passion was intense, erotic and sensual with heart melting moments that just had me in tears.

Overall… I loved it, how could you not with our two boys and we are set up nicely for the next book and yet again trying to anticipate where the lovely Ms Ward will next take us on our journey with the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Apr 02, Lenore rated it really liked it Shelves: I've died and gone to heaven! I discovered the series a little after Lover Avenged book 7 came out.

The Vutch ship had sailed and gloriously sunk, with the BDB world principles and rules uncompromised, with hearts returning to their place in many fans' chests "What do you mean they're gay for each other! But that heartbreaking confession of love, that unexpected, but oh-so-sweet, kiss in the Brotherhood's PT Suite, that pledge of protection had already happened between Blay and Qhuinn in Lover Enshrined book 6 and it had already made my heart beat faster in my chest. It was anyone's guess what direction J.

Ward intended to take that particular storyline at first glance, she didn't seem very eager to take it anywhere, but I started hoping. And shipping Qhuay. The part at the top of this review about me dying and going to heaven was posted after I learnt Blay and Qhuinn were getting their own book in the series.

Their story wasn't going to end up all hush-hush like V and Butch's the author has alluded to Butch and V getting it on off-page, and their significance in the overall story arc wasn't going to be played down by telling their story in a separate novella, as if they had to be segregated from the other males of the series because they were gay.

They were going to be treated by the same standards as any other couple and I was over the moon about it. In the past year, i. Fast forward to last week, when I finally got to read Lover At Last. I tried to contain my excitement because I knew I wasn't going to be happy about everything in the book not after a year of overenthusiasm and over-inflated expectations, and I knew J.

Ward has a habit of shooting herself in the foot when it comes to her plots and keeping her facts straight Lover Unleashed, anyone? And, like I expected, I didn't love everything about it. I won't get into many details, because this review is getting long already, but, to put it in a nutshell: I knew she would make the characters jump through hoops before she gave them their HEA, but there were many ways she could have done it without making them come across as juveniles. They're young, of course.

But not that young, nor that immature. I also think she could have made the side plots shorter and more interesting and relevant. I think her editors should have done a better job, both with the plot and the structure and the consistency and with the copy editing for instance, there's a physician telling a patient they don't need to be renumerated if the patient aren't able to pay. In addition, I think she had a great chance to develop her characters further, and to a certain extent she did, mostly with Qhuinn, but she could have managed a lot better and it's not like she doesn't know how to do it.

She has done it in past instalments and she's much better at writing male characters anyway.

Ward does that in all the BDB books, at least in the last two or three. I didn't feel she sold Blay and Qhuinn short and I didn't feel she didn't pay them the same respect.

I think she did treat them by the same standards she treated all her previous couples and if she fell short in some respects it's not because it was Qhuay, but because it's J. Ward and her shortcomings. I noticed that, too. One, two, three fingers, go! Finger prep isn't always necessary and penetration can be achieved without lubrication, especially if the penis is uncircumcised. Did J. Ward omit those steps because she researched gay sex so well, she knew they weren't absolutely necessary?

I doubt it. Does that bother me? Not in the slightest. They don't need to be indoctrinated into gay sex from the get go. They are already emotionally invested and curious enough. And, on that level, J. Ward does a great job. Because, if you ask me, even without the anal prep and the copious amounts of lube, the sex was still hot and it'll make people want to read more of it.

I could have ripped the book to pieces if I wanted to. I chose to focus on the beautiful parts in it and there are quite a few of them , instead. And also embrace it and praise it for the ground it's breaking in mainstream fiction. It's a big deal for me.

But it's the Black Dagger Brotherhood world and the way it works; and it's one of the most popular paranormal series out there. Thousands of people will be reading Lover At Last. The story of two men who finally pull their heads out of their asses and admit their feelings for each other.

Two gay fighters. Out and proud and fully accepted by their peers. And that alone is awesome. Sep 15, Anna Bananas rated it really liked it Shelves: Joy Happiness Contentment Also Yep, I liked it. The first sex scene was so surreal, I thought I was reading fanfic for a second. I had to pause and collect myself. It's really happening!!! Okay, so it wasn't perfect. There are certainly things wrong with this book gay men CAN have sex in positions other than doggy style , but the reason I counted down the days to this release - all the things I've pi Joy Happiness Contentment Also There are certainly things wrong with this book gay men CAN have sex in positions other than doggy style , but the reason I counted down the days to this release - all the things I've pined about and wanted for these two - Ward delivered.

Enjoy it, fangirls. Did your boys get together? Did they have some great sex? Did they confess their hopes and fears, and most importantly, their love for each other? That's a big fat YES. I mean, view spoiler [ Blay giving Qhuinn his ring? Qhuinn turned his face into one of the male's palms. My soul. And then, from out of nowhere, a dark spice wafted up, the scent-Blay's bonding scent- the single most beautiful thing And of course, Qhuinn proposing to Blay, wearing all his piercings, in a tuxedo, in front of all their family?

And the other stuff Sola and Assail - I'm shocked to actually be interested in them. I might even buy their book. It could happen. Trez and iAm - Slightly interested.

It's just getting harder to care about the BDB world in general for me. Layla - Do not care! Still don't care! Do not care at all! This is where the skimming came in, hardcore. Zsadist - Involvement wholly inflated. Wrath - Haven't cared about him since book two. Saxton, my love, I have hopes for you: Now, if only Saxton could find his. Some fucking Honey Boo Boo references?

I want MORE. Gimme Lassiterrrrrr view spoiler [Luchas - Who? Oh yeah, him.

Why not. No, really. Okay, that was a lot of MEH. Feel like I'm forgetting someone Maybe because there was SO much going on in this book besides the Dream Team. These subplots seem orchestrated to make you invested enough that you have to buy subsequent books. Then that book will have new subplots, more loose ends, a never-ending vicious cycle Nice try but no dice, Ward. You gave me my candy. Now I'm full. Oh yeah. At last, my love has come along My lonely days are over And life is like a song Oh, yeah, at last And here we are in heaven For you are mine At last My original hopes for the book: I want a LOT from this book!!

I want double bonding scents for starters. I want a gay mating ceremony, names carved in two backs, Qhuinn losing his anal virginity, alpha Blay, alpha Qhuinn, some groveling on Qhuinn's part, some romancing, some serious flirting, lots of Qhuinn humor and smart-assery, "I love you's" that the other person actually hears for fuck's sake.

And sex, sex, sex! Top and bottom reversal galore. Blow jobs, hands jobs, any kind of jobs. All comers welcome! And I want to hear ALL about those piercings down below.

Also, I want Saxton to move on and mend his broken heart with someone new, hopefully in the next book. I adore Saxton. I thought Ward reached a good balance and excelled with LO 4. I could understand the personal barriers that Qhuinn and Blay would have to overcome on their own before they could accept their feelings for one another. It was just nice knowing that all their pain would lead to a lifetime of bliss.

The epilogue is more than enough to make the romantic in me sigh with satisfaction. I was smiling from ear to ear through the entire last chapter, knowing that although this is the final chapter of their book, it is only the beginning of their time together for eternity. What a perfect ending! At almost pages, Ward covers her bases. She takes a lot of time setting up future books in the series.

Ward accomplished the impossible by making me love her. What Layla goes through in this book is crushing and in some ways, inspiring. Her strength shows and I think all women can sympathize with her. Suddenly, I find myself wanting a happily ever after for her too. Ward exercises her writing skill by penning different POVs of the same scene, creating intricacy and depth in an already well-written series.

Not many are able to weave such intricate storylines and have such memorable characters simultaneously. Only Ward can strike a balance and keep it entertaining. At times, I felt like I had to take a break. One word: But all in all, I did enjoy reading it. More kink! More sex! Bring it all! Layla Well shit. I like Layla.

At last pdf lover

Yup, never thought I would say those words but here they are and by the end of this book, I had a complete change of opinion on her. She needs to find happiness too. Xcor His last scene also changed how I saw this roughened warrior.

For his whole life, he has been a lonely soul. Seeing this possessive side of him brings him to life and I cannot wait to see how Ward will give him a HEA. I want to know more about him. Also, all the politics with the king and Rehv and Assail and all that? I was really impressed by the way Ward was able to weave the individual storylines into one another.

And the different POVs of the same scene just proves her genius mad skillz. As simple as that. Sola Where did this chick come from? I love her attitude and love the way she handles herself with Assail. I love the set up Ward did for their book!

Definitely makes me want it BAD. Trez It was nice dropping into Trez head once in awhile. But I had no idea that his problem was so extreme. His stuttering moment over Selena is the cutest thing ever. Butch and Lassiter fighting over the Red Soxs? Fucking priceless. Check out my team review with the rest of UTC here The Qhuinn in my head - sometimes it changes The Blay in my head - again, it changes View all 81 comments.

Mar 25, Rebekah Weatherspoon rated it did not like it Shelves: Xcor and Layla: Qhuinn's initiation: Blay coming out to his parents: I actually wont spoil this.

Assail is exactly like Rehv. Saxton and Blay break up. Blay doesn't tell Qhuinn until the last 10 pages. Qhuinn, who we have all known was at least bi, is also fighting the fact that he's not straight up until the very end, and Blay is afraid he'll want to keep their relationship in the closet.

Neither of them really gets hurt, there's no kidnapping, no external threat. Qhuinn A black guy who would be a lesser if he didn't die. Layla Xcor Assail Wrath Mr.

Pdf lover at last

Layla is having a miscarriage for the first half of the book. Blay is pissed about it, but goes along with it anyway. Qhuinn is the fighter, Blay is the guy.

I wanted them to give each other sweet vampire endearments like lellan or something. Qhuinn's dick is pierced and they don't use condoms or lube. Qhuinn also seems extra misogynistic in this book. Qhuinn is also hung up on his virginity that he supposedly gives to Blay when he bottoms for him. Qhuinn has fucked tons of people, tons of dudes. Ward's obsession with class: She totally clipped Payne's wings.

Eff that Ess. The only woman besides Autumn who tried to kill Xhex in the womb in the house who has carried a baby to term and they don't talk to her, at all. Magical negroes much. Trez and iAm are flesh eaters.

Wrath was promised to Marissa, sort of. V was supposed to be primale and Rehv was supposed to marry his half sister. V and Rehv at least tried to suck it up and follow through on those promises and Wrath just straight up bonded with someone else. Rehv gets a pass cause he had to marry his crazy sister, but V and Wrath never talked about these women in negative terms. Trez's perspective wife is a BITCH up and down a blue streak and there is no fucking way he is going back to live under her thumb.

I am not here for that shit. View all 49 comments. I'll back off - I'll live with the consequences. But for the love of God, if there's a chance - for whatever reason on your side - revenge, curiosity I'll take it. I'll take you As much as I loved Qhuinn and Blay, I was very frustrated with Qhuinn pushing Blay away in past books and felt this read was going to be a very dramatic one.

I just didn't know most of that drama was going to come from my sweet Blay. I mean wtf? Qhuinn in past book was acting wild, out of control, and reckless. Being a coward and pushing Blay away, hurting him deeply, while sleeping with everyone that crossed his path. In this book Qhuinn really manned up and changed his ways. I found myself hurting for Qhuinn and falling a little in love with him were as before I just liked him.

Blay in this book flipped the switch and instead of Qhuinn he was the drama queen. I mean I love Blay and I understand that after years of Qhuinn pushing him away he is scared of getting hurt but damn.

Last pdf at lover

I thought it was so immature that Blay hid his break up with Sax from Qhuinn for almost the whole damn book. I mean come on are we high school girls or full grown warrior men? All day long.

Every day. You and me? That's it. So I want you to do us both a favor before you think I 'need' to know something. Ask yourself, 'If I were flipping burgers at McDonald's, would I be telling the fucking fry guy this? The great iconoclast, Mr. Pierced, crippled by his fucking family! The truth is, you're a pussy and you always have been!

And that includes my cousin and the fact that you fucked around on him. I can't take this with you again. I feel like I've spent a lifetime dealing with your shit - "-Blay and Qhuinn On top of that Blay was the one pushing Qhuinn away. Every time Qhuinn would try Blay would freak and bolt.

I was ready to rip my hair out. Don't get me wrong, when they were together there was some smokin' hot heat, but the catty fighting between them drove me crazy. They would have this rip the clothes, raw, powerful sex then Blay would panic and run. Also I felt really bad for Sax.

He was totally in love with Blay and to have to watch him move on with Qhuinn. Not to mention that Qhuinn almost killed him thinking he was cheating on Blay because Blay didn't bother to tell anyone that they were broken up.

Sax handled everything with grace and dignity. I hope Sax gets his own HEA. I really liked the way Qhuinn was with Layla. The way he checked on her, supported her, and respected her.

The way he roughed Havers up for disrespecting Layla was awesome.

I was really proud of Qhuinn's growth in this book. I'm going nowhere. Just gonna wait until you're ready to come out into the world, and then your mom and I are going to take care of you. So you hang tight, we clear? Do your thing, and we'll wait for however long it takes. Waiting for you Don't say that.

You are where you are, and it's okay - " Qhuinn's head cranked around, leaving its cage of the hand that had remained, his blue and green eyes red rimmed and watery. I have been in love with you for years and years and years And that I'm going to be honest and say I didn't care much of the Trez and iAm story line. I was just kinda bored with Trez's whore ways and the whole forced mated crap. Now with Assail and Sola I'm mildly intrigued. I will just have to see how their story plays out.

I smell drama coming for Beth and Wrath as Beth has got the baby fever and Wrath doesn't want to have young. Now Layla and Xcor omg I fucking loved them. There was some serious Romeo and Juliet vibes going on with them.

My favorite part in the whole book was Xcor and Layla in the car together. I so melted into sappy goo. I mean I straight swooned. I really wished Xcor was the father of Layla's babies. I can't fucking wait for their book. Bottom line with Qhuinn and Blay's book is I love them as a couple but I didn't like the journey their relationship took to get to their HEA.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes: No, no - I chose this for myself. For the male. My needing came, and all I could think of was how much I wanted to be a mahmen to something that was mine.

Hiding his irregular mouth, he said, "I wish that I I were worthy to have given you what you desired. Layla looked down at her hands. You are e'er on my mind, but for a different reason, I venture to guess. There was a long silence. Actions have been taken that cannae be undone through words nor vows. Your scent, your voice, your eyes Closing her lids, Layla leaned into the touch, knowing that this was all she would ever get from him. They were on opposite sides of the war, and though she knew not the particulars, she had heard enough in the household to know that he was right.

He could not undo what he had done. And that meant they were going to kill him. Dearest Virgin Scribe, for all her life, she had waited for a moment like this View all 50 comments.

To feel the warmth of his skin, to inhale his clean, masculine scent. No doubt about it. It was the only thing that kept me going. You were the only thing, actually.

It was…you. It's just, nothing really important happens here, there isn't any big deal with any bad guys, just them dealing with their feelings and being angry at one another. After Saxton finishes his re-write of the law, he realises it's over between him and Blay, and they break up. Qhuinn doesn't know that, but is willing to have an affair with Blay all the same, just so he can be with him.

That leads to some very steamy sex scenes, a whole lot of fights and misunderstandings, and a happy end at the very end of the book: The end.

I just…wanted you…to be okay—" The story - There is not that much happening in this one, it's mostly Qhuinn and Blay dealing with their feelings, and meeting a huge bunch of other characters. There were a few action scenes and those were great: The romance - There really isn't much romance in this book, and since I am first and foremost a romance fan, it did not work for me there.

Maybe it was intentional, because we've got the romantic scenes in the previous books, the kisses and the glances and the heartbreak later on. Stayed up all night to read it in a little under six hours: For those of you that pre-ordered the reason you don't have the book is that they cannot mail the book until the day of release. That is why I never preorder the book if I want it the day of release.

Harry Potter, all the high demand books can't be mailed until release day.

Read lover at last black dagger brotherhood series 11 pdf by Ozie Thicke - Issuu

If you order the Nook, Kindle edition, that you can get the day of release. That's what I was told a long time ago when I went through this with the Harry Potter book so no more preordering for me.

Loved this book - as usual Ms. Ward, keeping me up way past my bedtime! Ah Quinn I was so happy to see him and Blay finally find their love. Lots of new storylines coming up. Can't wait to see what the next book brings.