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Answers To The New First Aid In English book. Read 3 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Answers to the New First Aid in English by Angus Maciver, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Answers to the Illustrated First Aid in English [Angus Maciver] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Achieve the best possible standard with this .

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The New First Aid in English 2nd Ed ANSWERS - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Revised First Aid in - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) Aul m English for further study, checking his answers with the Answer Book. THE SECOND. EDITION NEW FIRST AID IN. Orders: please contact Bookpoint Ltd, Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon 0X 14 4SB. Telephone: + 4 4 (0)

Page 61 7. The lady lost the book. She bousht an umbrella It appears to be she not her. Adjectives 6. She sent it to you and me.

Anybody is allowed to enter. Every one of us knows the answers becauseevery one of us wascopying. Nobody is unhappy at the camp because nobody isallowed to feel lonely. Arthur, as well as Donald, is clever, so Arthur, as well as Donald, has succeeded. The gentlemen and the ladies were wearing evening dress. Either one or the other is wealthy as either one or the other has plenty of money.

All of us but David were on holiday so all of us but David are feeling relaxed. Werent they pleased when they heard we were coming? Cecil, as well as Annie, likes spelling and Cecil, as well as Annie, hates arithmetic. Either Flora or Richard has measles, so either she or he is in bed. Why does every one of them do that, when every one of them knows the arrangements? Page 84He and I went for a walk.

It was he whom we saw in the shop. No one believes it was she: Between him and me we ate the whole cake. She and I can go, but you and he cannot. Jack is not as clever as he or I. It seems to be they whom the police suspect. She and you sang very well together. John is much brighter than he or I. This discovery must remain a secret between you and me. Its not for us to run after them. It was he who knew the right answer. Who are they? We lads were at the cinema at the same time as they.

Between you and me, I know all about Sue and her. He is almost as big as I, but smaller than she. Her sisters are smaller than we, but she is taller than I. You must choose between them and us. You and I could do it, but not you and he. It appears to be she about whom you should worry. She and I are twelve years of age. Her cousin is younger than she or I. Was it I whom you saw there? I spoke to him and her about whom to tell. We are certain it was not he who was to blame.

It is not she that I am angry with, but he. Him I can excuse but not them. Was it he or she who found the purse? Whom do you think we met? Anyone whos poor shouldnt buy one of these. Thats not your pencil. Its mine. Everyone that wants a ticket must bring his money.

Neither he nor she knows what he or she is doing. Lets go, you and me, and see whos there. Whom were you speaking to? ConjunctionsPages 8 8 -8 9Time 1. Wait there tiU I have finished. He left before darkness fell. We have remained here since you left. After they arrived, they sat down. I can call whenever it is convenient to you. He went whence he could not return. The faithful dog followed his master wherever he went. There were many trees where I sat down.

They followed whither he led them. Cause o r Reason 1. As we left early, we did not see him. I was afraid to speak lest he should tell. My uncle was angry because he was deceived. Concession 1. The boy is strong and healthy though he is not tall. While I trust him, I dislike his companions. We will go even if it rains. Whether you like it or not, he will invite you. My cold is much worse although I have tried to cure it.

Condition 1. Except that he is sometimes nervous, he manages quite well. She will go if you ask her. You cannot obtain admission unless you pay. Manner o r Degree 1. You are quite right as far as I can see. The dog lifted his paw as though he understood me.

She is older than I am. They did not play so well as their opponents. The man looked as if he was a foreigner. I cannot work as he can. Purpose 1. The man put on the light so that he could read. In order that they might be in time, they left early. The boy ran quickly lest he should be left behind. You should go that you may be cured. Consequence 1. The dog ran so fast that he caught the hare.

He ran quickly so that he was in time for tea. Where possible give more than one answer in this section. The boy must apologise to the lady. That man is an authority on flowers. The mother was proud of her sons success.

My cousin put the book in the drawer. It is an exception to the rule. His opinion differs from mine. She takes great pride in her appearance. I stood on the bridge of the ship. Above me. I saw a cloudv skv. The dog leaped over the wall after a ball. We chased him through a field of hav. With that ticket you can obtain admission to the show. Mv brother received a letter from him.

The farmer stored his hay in a large barn. Beside the boxes lav several boulders. The careless bov ran behind the car. During the vear manv people were injured in street accidents.

Pages 9 2 -9 3She was the older of the two sisters. Whom did you see at the party? Neither John nor James was present. She is not as old as I. The books that we read were interesting.

As it was a fine day I went to the seashore. For whom can it be? OR Whom can it be for? He was angry with me for leaving. I am, yours truly. I cannot run any further. John has broken his leg. The parcel was returned to the sender. I left home at a quarter to seven. The girl said that she had done it herself. OR The girl said that she did it herself. He returned home as quickly as he could.

I have forgotten to post the letter. Where are my boots? She Juirt her leg. She had a bad accident. There are four books on the table. He went to get up OR He got up. The lady bought a comb with plastic teeth for the baby.

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Between you and me, he is quite wrong. They sang the same song twice. This jacket is worn out. Its no use my working. I intended to write. I was so tired I could hardly have spoken. The fishermen saw a shoal of herring in the sea. He ran immediately to the injured man. OR He ran to the injured man immediately. Between you and me we saw many people. I saw a dog, which had a long tail, with his master.

We found the ring made of gold, belonging to the lady. OR We found the gold ring belonging to the lady. A piano with carved legs was sold to a lady. We saw the rascal who stole our ball. There are five books on the table. A man and his dog were at the corner. She and her husband are going. His hair badly needs cutting.

Neither of them is tall. Someone has left his or her books behind. He and his sister went to the cinema.

My friend and I went to buy coats for ourselves. It was he whom you saw. They have done it again. She could not come any quicker. We have never seen any of them. He couldnt remember anything. He did his work correctly. Is he the taller of the two? Each of the boys had his books. It was I that broke the window. The Right Word in the Right Place Who is the cleverer, John or Mary?

A kinder man never lived. I was so breathless I could hardly speak. The animal did not take any notice. Neither of them has been lucky. He and I went to the cinema together. He took the bigger portion. It was a remarkably fine picture. He is worse than I. I saw him go to the theatre. One of the horses was tired.

Of the two, I like James better. Give me those oranges. He doesnt speak very clearly. We are quite sure he did it. She sent it to you and me. The man taught him to swim. That answer is different from mine. Neither one nor the other is right. I do not think she will stay. The lady sings quite nicely. He did not accept the gift. To whom does this belong?

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The child rose from the floor. The two brothers divided the apple between them. The Right Word in the Right Place1. I remember how the story ended. I have completed my lessons. Could use finished. They have finished the alterations. Could use completed. The meeting concluded with the National Anthem. Having enough money, they closed the fund. Pages 9 4 -9 The Right Word in the Right Placetaking snatching tapping battering throwing hurling writing scribbling He chuckled gleefully.


He listened attentively. He whispered softly. He shouted with joy. He muttered under his breath. That is so, he answered. He sang tunefully.

He frowned angrily. He bowed humbly. He mumbled indistinctly. He said that he would come. He explained why he was late. He pleaded for mercy. He whispered quietly to his neighbour.

He bled profusely. He pulled vigorously. He caressed fondly. He He He Heate greedily. Never have I seen such a display. We have not received any of the books. No thank you, I never smoke. We are not going there any more. No, I have not. The soldier was one hundred and eighty centimetres tall.

My exercise book is fifteen centimetres wide. The height of the factory chimney was seventy metres. The distance from London to Glasgow is about six hundred andforty-three kilometres. The string on the parcel was two millimetres thick. The distance from Southampton to New York is about four thousand eight hundred and twenty-seven kilometres.

The room was four metres high. My ruler is thirty centimetres long. The Right Word in the Right Placepicture sketch river canal chair sofa shadow reflection hay straw map plan Addition of Clauses p g 9 ae 1. I saw the ladv The little bov said The girl ran quicklv Thev opened the door I noticed We stood on the verv sp o t Do not go into the water The dog barked loudlv The ladv Will vou let me know The dog We saw the train I hope He stood up The bov hurt himself badlv The man She bousht an umbrella She trembled The messenger arrived I watched the man I do not know As the girl approached the house We saw Call the doctor Come to mv house I know the child When I cam here I bought a stamp Mv father scolded me The crowd rushed forward The solders, who had followed the enemv The unhappv scholar said I will probablv forget all about i t The bov lifted the box The man waved franticallv Kind of clause adjectival noun adverbial reason principal noun adjectival principal adverbial time adjectival noun principal adverbial time noun principal adverbial time adjectival noun adverbial reason principal adverbial time adjectival noun principal noun principal adverbial time adjectival principal principal adverbial reason adverbial time adjectival noun principal adjectival adverbial reason ReplacementPage 99Phrases into Clauses 1.

He failed When his task was completed He told me A man She lived in a cottage When I entered I saw several pictures. The police recovered the property I was pleased to hear The roads Clauses into Phrases 1.

I am convinced The child was in bed His action showed I am certain On approaching I heard a great noise. He met me The man admitted The girl was absent You cannot succeed The witness described One word replacement 6. He wished to see him immediately.

The concert was postponed for a month. The sentry deserted his post. The concert is held annually. The army advanced towards the town. The man regretted his hasty words. The sun disappeared behind the clouds. The neighbours are very kind. They decided to go to the party. That boy is always punctual. Pages 1 0 0 -1 0 1Simple to ComplexI have a dog of which I am very fond. That is the man who stole my purse. I was travelling in a bus which collided with a taxi. The boy did not pass because his work was badly done.

I was gazing out of the window when I saw a crowd. The boy was riding a horse which looked tired. The man could hardly walk because he carried such a heavy load. The book, which is red, belongs to Jack. The girl went for the doctor, who stayed next door. The house, which was built by Toms father, was destroyed. He works hard at his lessons because he wishes to succeed. The men, who were walking quickly, saw me. He heard the sound of music as he was passing a church.

The lady lost the book when she was going to the library. The man stood at the door, which was open. The boy took home the rabbit which he had caught. The girl hurt herself when she fell heavily. He saw many books when he opened the cupboard.

The lady who lost her purse was careless. Mary entered the room which was brightly decorated. When a loud peal of thunder came the children were frightened. Tom made mistakes in reading because he could not see well. The teacher praised the boys because they had worked well. The horse fell as it was pulling a heavy load. The man who caught a salmon took it home. The boy cannot walk because he had hurt his foot.

The lady sat in a coach which was drawn by four horses. The tourist climbed the hill, which was steep. Because she has a good voice, my sister sings in the choir. The girl found a brooch which she took to her mother.

I found a ladys purse which contained two coins. The girl who wore a red dress sat next to me. I visited the little cottage in which I was born. The woman who stood at the corner of the street was selling flowers 3 5. I gave money to the man, who was poorly clad.

Complex to Simple1. He is a man. He is very intelligent. We heard the news. He was saved. How old is he? I can tell you.

The woman lives in a house. It is very big. Maria spoke to the soldier. He was wounded. The boy lost his ticket. He was careless. He will arrive.

Then I shall speak to him. The child found a ring. It was very valuable. He asked me. Where do you live? Can you tell me? Which way is the wind blowing? I saw him. Then the clock struck five. The traveller told a story. We all believed it. People study the stars. They use huge telescopes. The sun rose. Then the soldiers resumed their march.. He asked for the book. In the book one finds the meaning of words. I have made a mistake. I admit it. Alphabetical Order1.

Page colonel; extremely; immediately; judgement; language; necessary; official; vegetable. Page The boys pencil lay on the floor.

The ladies coats were in the cloakroom. My cousins hand was badly hurt. The mens boots were covered with mud. The childs doll fell into the pond.

I saw that the object was a womans glove. The register lay on the teachers desk. He looked very smart in page-boys uniform. It took several hours hard work to repair the damage.

In the window was a special display of babies clothes. The childrens books were left in my uncles house. The maids dress was torn by a neighbours dog. My fathers wallet was discovered in the thieves den. A ducks egg is generally cheaper than a hens. Mr Smiths watch is five minutes slower than Mr Browns. Page The Apostrophe as a Contraction1.

Well probably arrive at seven o clock if theres a convenient bus. Page What time is it? His father said, Where is your brothers knife? My friend exclaimed, What a lovely view! He has gone to school, said his sister, in a quiet voice.

The child suddenly shouted, Look! I have hurt my finger. Come here, said his mother. All right, replied the boy. The man asked, Have you seen the hammer? Yes, replied his companion. It is on the table. A boy said to his friend, Are you going to the cinema? No, replied the other. Im on my way home. When I return, said the girl to her father, will you tell me the story of the shipwreck?

Very well, he answered, but dont be too long at your aunts.

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Page The police placed the man under lock and key He polished his boots until they were spick and span. She tried to do it again and again. The child had gathered many odds and ends.

The stout man began to puff and blow with exertion.

The New First Aid in English 2nd Ed ANSWERS

Page The old colonel was purple with rage. The bully turned white with fear. The little orphan was blue with cold. His rival was green with envy. The pages of the book were yellow with age.

DerivationsPage General Knowledge1. Latin British Guyana The Great Wall of China Havana Robinson Crusoes servant and only companion on his island General Knowledge 1 2 1. Be Prepared Holland or the Netherlands New York City Mercury X-ray St Andrew Australia and New Zealand Tony Blair June Ireland St Patrick A, E, I, O, U Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao African grassland London America General Tests7.

General TestsTest 1Pages 1 4 1 -1 6 2 Main clause Subordinate adverb clause of time Subordinate noun clause Subordinate adjective clause1. She told her father When the girl returned from London That she had seen a grizzly bear Which performed tricks in the circus 2. London her that grizzly performed 3. The The The The The a b c d e proper noun - object case after preposition from possessive adjective, describing father personal pronoun, third person singular possessive form conjunction adjective - describing bear verb past tense waitress, spinster, mare, maidservant, wife.

The The The The The owl hoots. He said that you did it. She is the bigger of the twins. It was I that took the pencil. The man went to get the book. A piano with carved legs was sold to the lady. General Testsc where they found a resting placeSubordinate adjective clause describing cottage Subordinate noun clause, object of told Adverb clause of place.

Test He discovered When the gentleman arrived at his home That he had left his umbrella in the train Main clause Adverb clause of time Subordinate noun clause2. General Tests2. Birds build nests by instinct. He was an obstinate man, and would not see anyone elses point of view. The music was very traditional, having been passed from musician to musician over many years. I gave 10 and 1 respectively to John and James.

The accident was a strange occurrence, and no one could explain it. The metric system was standard in France before being adopted in Britain. She was a very respectable person, admired by many people.

The problem will be resolved if everyone thinks hard about it. She felt ashamed of herself. The man took great pride in his garden. The child has been lost since Thursdav. He hurried home from school.

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We were thoroughly alarmed when information reached us the train had been involved in a serious accident in which our friends were travelling Main clause Subordinate adverb clause time Subordinate noun clause Adjective clause describing train2.

Do you think, said my friend, in a whisper, that theres a chance of escape? Certainly, I replied. The man was an out and out rascal. She is head and shoulders taller than her brother. Later through foolishness he went to rack and ruin. The soldiers would follow their general through thick and thin. General TestsTest Adjectival clause. The teacher told the little boy not to meddle with the board as it had a loose hinge.

The child went over to the waste paper bin hoping to find his pencil.

English pdf first aid in answers

We had cousins who stayed on those little farms. They knew that we liked to come here on our holidays. General Tests3. BBC PO p. MP UKadA stitch in time saves nine. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Birds of a feather flock together. A rolling stone gathers no moss. First come, first served. The lady who was rescued was my sister. The man saw that there was no one at home when he returned.

No one came before the child arrived. He sang tunefully He frowned angrily. The wood felt coarse to touch. The river followed its course to the sea. He tripped over the root of a tree. The route was blocked by snow. She rode a horse which was as black as night. They rowed down the river in their small boat.

She found a currant in her last piece of cake. The strong current swept the bathers out to sea. A boy said to his friend, Where are you going, James?

The watch which he bought was broken when he arrived home. He was tired when he reached the station. Reading for the tests. English - Ages Book 1 with Online Edition.

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