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Wisdom of the Vedas; the Guru‟s Word is all-pervading. The Guru is Shiva, the Guru is gems, jewels and rubies, if you listen to the Guru‟s Teachings, even once. The Guru has given me the golden palaces of Sri Lanka. || 5 || Listen, you. Gurmukhi to English Translation & Transliteration of Siri Guru Granth Sahib, sentence by sentence Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji - English Translation in full. Page 1 of Page 2. Page 2 of Page 3. Page 3 of Page 4. Page 4 of Page 5. Page 5 of Page 6. Page 6 of Page 7. Page 7 of

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File:Guru Granth Sahib From Wikimedia Commons, the Granth Sahib Ji. pdf. Size of this JPG preview of this PDF file: × pixels. SGGS - Sri Guru Granth Sahib JiHere your can FREE download SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI in punjabi language format. You can send this link to. Makes it easy to read and interact with Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji on your smartphone or tablet. SGGS (Gurmukhi with matching Angs and landscape) PDF file.

Page 24 www. The Name Is Truth. Page 47 www. Page 59 www. Page 75 www.

In addition, there are Sanskrit and Arabic portions. This makes it extrordinarily difficult to translate. The translation presented here is the Khalsa Consensus Translation, which is highly regarded by scholars. The Religion of the Sikhs Dorothy Field.

Occult Science in India Louis Jacolliot. Studies from an Eastern Home Sister Nivedita. The Name Is Truth. Creative Being Personified. No Fear.

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No Hatred. True In The Primal Beginning. True Throughout The Ages. True Here And Now. By remaining silent, inner silence is not obtained, even by remaining lovingly absorbed deep within.

The hunger of the hungry is not appeased, even by piling up loads of worldly goods. Hundreds of thousands of clever tricks, but not even one of them will go along with you in the end. So how can you become truthful?

And how can the veil of illusion be torn away? By His Command, souls come into being; by His Command, glory and greatness are obtained.

Pdf granth sahib ji sri guru

By His Command, some are high and some are low; by His Written Command, pain and pleasure are obtained. Some, by His Command, are blessed and forgiven; others, by His Command, wander aimlessly forever.

Everyone is subject to His Command; no one is beyond His Command.

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O Nanak, one who understands His Command, does not speak in ego. Some sing of knowledge obtained of Him, through difficult philosophical studies. Some sing that He fashions the body, and then again reduces it to dust.

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Page 90 www. Page 91 www. Page 92 www. Page 93 www. Page 94 www. Page 95 www. Page 96 www. Page 97 www. Page 98 www. Page 99 www. Page www. Sikh Voice. Sikh Texts. SikhSangat Books. More From toshaak. Kamalroop Singh.

Harpreet Singh. Popular in Culture. Abhimanyu Choudhary. Roselle Ordonezdoz. Ariel Mark Pilotin. Rohith Nair. Franditya Utomo.

Sahib pdf ji guru sri granth

Khalil Sadiq. Women of the Bible: Pankaj Patil.