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Looking for a plugin to add or display PDF files in your WordPress site? Check out our expert pick of the best PDF plugins for WordPress. This post is a collection of free and premium WordPress PDF Viewer plugins that help to embed PDF files in your WordPress website. New list of best WordPress PDF viewer plugins to download WP blog posts as PDF file or integrate PDF viewer into your website.

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WordPress has plenty of features, but a PDF viewer isn't one of them. Check out these 12 best WordPress PDF viewer plugins to enhance your. Algori PDF Viewer is a Gutenberg Block Plugin that enables you to easily display PDF documents on your website. This will allow your visitors to view and easily. There is no button for users to download the PDF in the free version of the plugin, but this is available in the Premium versions along with other extra features.

This powerful plugin allows users to download your posts and pages in PDF format by clicking on a button. Use WordPress? Supports keyboard shortcuts. So, give them a try and see which works best for you. You can add your website title, featured image , custom styles, and fonts. If sharing tutorials and similar content is key to your project, this plugin is perfect for you.

This plugin allows you to embed multipage PDF documents of many sizes in a flipbook kind of manner. All the pages that are embedded will have a thumbnail and the navigation between the pages of the PDF is smooth and fast. You have features like full-screen mode, lazy loading of pages , zooming, etc.

12 Best WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins

This PDF viewer is based on Turn. Many WordPress PDF flipbook plugins first convert the documents into images, and then show the results. This process not only damages the quality of the document, but it also increases the server load as well as load times on the web page.

This PDF viewer plugin on the other hand, allows you to embed PDF documents into a flipbook without converting them at all. You can add a PDF document of any size with any number of pages and this plugin will work flawlessly!

You can check the pricing here. Google Docs is an online freely available Office tool that you can use to create documents like a spreadsheet, a doc file, a presentation, etc.

Keep in mind that this might be a better option over the GroupDocs plugin as hosting documents on a Google Doc account is free. The best part about this plugin is that it does not use Flash at all and hence the plugin is blazing fast when it comes to loading the PDF document. It allows you to add the functionality of inline PDF viewing and there is also an option for the user to choose to download the PDF. This plugin is also one of the best plugins one can choose for the purpose of viewing and displaying PDF documents on WordPress web pages.

This plugin is fully responsive and hence you will find that it looks properly native in the mobile view as well. It is also compatible with all the major browsers today like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc. The PDF viewer provides full control to the user and they can choose to print, download or share the PDF right from the viewer itself.

If you wanted to add a PDF Document on your WooCommerce product listing pages, this is one of the best plugins that allows you to do the same.

Plugin for wordpress pdf

This is compatible with all the major browsers today and functions really well. If you want to embed the PDF documents in a magazine sort of style, then the Real 3D Flipbook is the best option for you. This plugin creates stunning HTML5 pages for your documents. In all cases, if the parent container is narrower than the width calculated above, then the document width will be reduced to the size of the container.

The height will be calculated so that the document fits naturally, given the width already calculated. See the Plugin Instructions for more details about sizing and toolbar options. Not with the free or regular premium versions — it is relatively easy to find the link to download the file directly. A secure premium version is available that encrypts the PDF during transmission, so it is difficult for a casual user to save or print the file for use outside your site.

This is possible only in the Premium version.

12 Best WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins ()

As a workaround in the free version, you could add a direct link to the PDF beneath the embedded version. The Premium versions allow functioning hyperlinks — both internal links within the document, and links to external websites.

For more information on Premium versions visit wp-pdf. Recalculates fresh viewer size more often in response to resize events. Previous versions attempted to increase performance by only recalculating viewer size when it had changed, but this missed some required resizing after Javascript-based tabs are clicked.

Wordpress for pdf plugin

Latest version of pdf. Mouse wheel scrolling in Firefox no longer also scrolls the window unless at very top or bottom of page. Helps debugging any issues. Internal code refactoring. Fix for a small number of PDFs rendering as smaller than expected on some high resolution screens. Please clear browser and any WordPress cache if you experience any problems following this upgrade.

This also ensures the PDFs are accessible to users even if Javascript problems cause your site to break. Uses newer version of pdf. Code placeholders for opening links — available only in premium versions. Updated languages. Now translation-ready!

Your language contributions are welcome. Compatibility with WordPress 4. Contains information about new features in Premium version: Functioning hyperlinks Jump to page number. Better explanation of some error messages e.

Added compatibility. Safari which did not allow ranged downloads. Minified Javascript code. Traduza para o seu idioma. Uso Once installed and Activated, click Add Media from any page or post, just like adding an image, but drag and drop a PDF file instead. Similar to the previous plugin, PDF thumbnail also generates a thumbnail of the first page of your PDF file during the upload.

However, your PDF file and the thumbnail image remain as two separate files. You will need to manually insert the generated thumbnail and then link it to the PDF file. This powerful plugin allows users to download your posts and pages in PDF format by clicking on a button.

12 Best WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins For Your Website in 2017

It comes with an easy interface to setup the placement of the PDF download button and create your own custom header and footer for PDF downloads. The plugin also comes with shortcodes that allow you to control what content goes inside the PDF. The plugin uses JavaScript to embed files with a fully functional toolbar allowing users to zoom, navigate, and even download the PDF file.

It uses Turn. The PDF viewer comes with zoom, navigation, and fullscreen buttons.

It is also fully responsive and can work on different device sizes. If you upload PDF files often, then you may want to categorize them, display them as lists, or a single download. These plugins do not offer a way generate or embed PDF files.

SearchWP is a paid WordPress plugin. It allows you to add a better search experience to your WordPress site. One of the features of this plugin is the ability to search the text inside PDF files. However, it cannot search PDF files that are encrypted, stored outside media library, or have images as text.

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