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Endless Night by Agatha Christie; 37 editions; First published in ; Subjects: OverDrive, Fiction, Mystery, Accessible book, Protected DAISY. Endless Night By Agatha Christie - FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Gipsy's Acre was a truly beautiful upland site with views out to sea – and in Michael Rogers it stirred a child-like fantasy. There, amongst the dark fir trees.

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Agatha Christie - Endless night. Home · Agatha Christie - Endless night Agatha Christie - 13 - Endless Night · Read more. ENDLESS NIGHTAgatha Christie "Every Night and every Morn Some to Misery are born. Every Morn and every Night Some ar. One of Agatha Christie's personal favorites, Endless Night is a critically acclaimed classic crime thriller from the beloved queen of penniless.

Paperback , Agatha Christie Collection , pages. I mean, I didn't think anyone would be here either. Is this girl a bad lot who's got hold of you? Oh-oh-oh oh oh ohhh If you decide to follow love to its logical conclusion, choose http: Details if other:

Dame Agatha was already in decline due to dementia when, in six short weeks, she flowered this novel. It is the last true Christie novel in the sense that it demonstrates her strengths more clearly than her diminishing powers would ever allow again. That is why I give it four stars. The story is unremarkable, and in lesser hands would be a tedious oft-told tale.

But stop a moment when you feel your eyes start to roll and hold this thought: One of mystery I am always sad when I think of this book. One of mystery fiction's greats like her work or not, she was indeed a great writer wrote this, her last lucid writing, before sliding down a slope we all hope we'll never see up close.

Join The Guardian's group read if you have never read this tale before. It is an experience best shared with fellow Agathans. And I watched the Marple version again View all 7 comments.

Aug 14, Crime by the Book rated it it was amazing Shelves: My thoughts on my re-read: Absolutely loved my re-read of this book!!! I've considered it my favorite Christie read for years now, but was long overdue for a re-read. Happy to report it's just as brilliant and chilling as I remember it.

Dec 05, Mansuriah Hassan rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a chilling stand alone novel by Agatha Christie. The story is narrated by the main character, Micheal Rogers, a young man with grandeur ideas but with no obvious means of attaining it. He is fascinated with Gipsy's Acre - a plot of land in rural England that is said to be cursed by the Gypsies who once lived there and who were driven away.

While walking around the property that has come up for sale, he meets This is a chilling stand alone novel by Agatha Christie. While walking around the property that has come up for sale, he meets an attractive young American woman, Ellie. A whirlwind of romance results in him marrying the very lovely and the rich heiress to a fabulous fortune. They hired an architect to build their dream house at Gipsy's Acre. But the land is cursed and soon a chain of tragedies struck the newlyweds like a very black cloud.

Pdf christie night endless agatha

I quite enjoyed the inner monologue and the first person narration and about halfway through I was held in the grip of the most uneasy sense of creepiness that started colouring the story. There were points in the book where I actually looked over my shoulder. The suspense, character development and smattering of clues that only made sense as such at the end all make for a superb, edge of your seat portrayal of the inner workings of a mind gone horribly wrong. If you enjoy character development over plot happenings, glimpsing into a personality driven by darkness and a book that will have you thinking about it days after you've finished, then this is the novel for you.

Most of Agatha Christie 's books can best be described as cracking thrillers. But Endless Night almost has the feel of a ghost story or a horror tale. A psychological thriller like I never expected.

View 1 comment. Aug 17, Lotte rated it really liked it Shelves: The love triangle situation reminded me of the one in "Death on the Nile" and the whole unreliable narrator thing was so similar to "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd".

Pdf christie endless agatha night

Jun 03, Vikas Singh rated it it was amazing Shelves: This novel is quite different from any other work of Agatha Christie. The beginning is slow and the reader has to make too much effort to stay glued. It becomes increasingly difficult till first half of the novel to make sense of what is happening. Then Christie's brilliance kicks in. The last few pages are the best that I have ever read in any of Christie's novels.

Sep 06, Vanessa J. Every morn and every night, Some are born to sweet delight. Every morn and every night, Some are born to endless night. When people mention Agatha Christie to me, I always think about a woman writing murder mysteries. You know those: Someone is killed and another someone wants to figure out who's the responsible for that death.

Getting into gothic passages, though, is not something I imagined her to do. He' Every morn and every night, Some are born to sweet delight. He's a man who would - let's say, now that I'm rereading Harry Potter - belong to Slytherin: He's cunning and with an ambition greater than a whale. People have always thought he's a man who will never settle down, marry a girl and build his own life. That's when he meets Ellie, decides to marry her in secret, and starts his life in Gipsy's Acre, a place the villagers are afraid of because of urban legends that say it's cursed.

But of course, our charming protagonist does not believe in the legends, and too late does he realise the warnings people gave to his wife were real. That's when Agatha Christie fooled me.

She fooled me again like an idiot. Nothing could have prevented me for falling into her trap. I guess the only piece of advice I could give you without ruining the book is: Don't believe everything your senses tell you, and when I say "senses" I mean eyes, ears, nose, hands and everything.

You are only to be deceived if you trust them. That said, I have to praise Christie for being able to make me like a character I would usually hate. You see, Mike is very charming.

I loved him ever since he started to tell the story. Oh, but that's not what would have made me hate him. What I didn't like was that he's the kind of person who likes to get things the easy, lazy way. That's something I really despise. Yet I loved being inside his head. I also loved the way she portrayed the rest of the characters - all through Mike's thoughts and feelings. She made my mind give a complete twist, making me hate certain characters I probably should have paid more attention to, and making me be suspicious of others who weren't even important part in the plot or so I thought.

That's just the way it was with the other work I've read by her, in which I was fooled too, though I didn't feel as stupid as I did when I reached the end of the book. The more idiotic you feel, the better the book is, and in this case, I can say I am like: Which is to say, I wholehertedly recommend this book. Now leave me alone because I still feel terribly ashamed of myself.

I bet Christie would be laughing! How she has mocked me Sep 17, Jason Koivu rated it it was ok Shelves: The last fifth of Endless Night was really good! The other fifths? Not so good. This novel reads like a gothic romance horror soap opera Only the gothic horror isn't particularly scary. Hell, it's not really even spooky.

Soap Opera though? Yeah, I'm feeling that! Here's the deal.

Agatha christie pdf endless night

This lacks the razor-sharp writing of Agatha Christie's earlier work, where a premium was placed on word economy. It meanders. For instance, the narrator is very chatty. D The last fifth of Endless Night was really good! Dialogues contain unnecessary exchanges. Sort of like You see, in her day, the dime store novel was all about the poor-girl-meets-rich-guy love story.

It feels like Endless Night is trying to turn that on its head. That would be great! And perhaps that was the intent, but the publication date puts this past the point where this idea would've been cutting edge.

Pdf endless night agatha christie

My other theory was that Christie was trying to get with the times and create more meaningful characterization. Let's face it, some of her early mysteries are almost entirely plot-driven and have little room for character development.

Endless Night certainly spends a lot of time in the mind of the narrator. However, I'm not sold that this was her intent. I suppose what it comes down to is, Endless Night is Christie's attempt at a psychological thriller and it didn't quite work. Jan 13, BrokenTune rated it it was amazing Shelves: I suppose it happens to everyone sooner or later and it happens suddenly.

That I would say: I belong to her, utterly, for always. I never dreamed it would be like that. However, it is easily one of her best. The narrator describes this story as a love story but it is clear from the outset - and obviously knowing that it is an AC story - that not all is well and that there are powers conspiring against the main characters.

It is for the reader to follow the narrator into the story of Gipsy's Acre, his story. I'm not going to give anything away here but just want to say that this book had me hooked and led me down the garden path right until the very end.

And for someone who is quick to describe Dame Agatha's mysteries as formulaic, this is not easy to admit. Well, ok, it is. I enjoyed every minute of being mislead by this story.

It sounds all right— but what does it really mean? View all 4 comments. But I have to say that I really did not enjoy this story nearly as much as I hoped I would. The story is told by Michael, a young man with little money and big expectations who marries Ellie an innocent young rich girl. The story surrounds 'Gipsy Acre', a large house and plot of land in the English 2.

The story surrounds 'Gipsy Acre', a large house and plot of land in the English countryside which is supposedly under a Gypsy curse. Well of course this young married couple buy the land and build their dream house. So why was I disappointed? Well the story was slow, the actual crime doesn't take place until page of a Page book I was so shocked I actually took a mental note of the page number. The majority of the book is the courtship of Michael and Ellie and their family matters with the occasional crazy gypsy lady appearing to warn them of the curse and to tell Ellie that she predicted bad things.

I have to say by about page I was pretty much begging the gypsy lady or anybody really to DO something, but I persevered as I know that Agatha Christie is famous for her twists and turns. Finally as I say a crime is finally committed and the rest of the book is actually pretty good. It is written with Christie's usual level of suspense and wrong turns so it gives plenty of opportunity for guessing and thinking.

I have to say that although I didn't like the story much, I loved the writing. The imagery was brilliant, and I could envision the setting perfectly. The characters were well written and their characters were easily definable although you do have pages to sort this out.

As I said before I love Agatha Christie's work and will not let this little disappointment stop me from reading more of her books. I just wish that this story had a little more opportunity for thinking, I do like to exercise 'The little grey cells'. Dec 08, mark monday rated it liked it Shelves: Choose Your Own Adventure! Where the grass is really greener!

Warm, wet, and wild There must be something in the water! Oh-oh-oh oh oh ohhh If you decide to follow love to its logical conclusion, choose http: If you decide that it is time to give up on love and just get out there and start partying, choose http: One of Agatha Christie's later mysteries published in , Endless Night is also one of her best. The twist at the end is brilliant. I have read it three times.

The first time I read it, at least 12 years ago, she really fooled me, though when I reread it much later, I could see that the clues are all there if you can put them together right. This time I listened to the audiobook, with Hugh Fraser's excellent narration. Primeira leitura ca. See review of my rereading here: First reading ca. However, this one left a mark, mostly on the account of a scene that I never forgot.

I remember being very impressed with this story and its ending at the time. The 5 star rating is because of that. Dec 10, F. Well, this is an interesting little oddity. Here is a narrator who is just so un-Christie.

The tone is very un-Christie too, and Michael Roberts — the narr Well, this is an interesting little oddity. Michael Roberts — a sometimes chauffer, waiter and bouncer — meets a young American heiress, one of the richest women in the world, and the two fall in love.

Agatha Christie - Endless night

Aug 23, Tina Rae rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Recommended to Tina Rae by: This book was amazing!!!!! It was definitely Agatha Christie at her best. The ending was completely shocking. I never would've guessed it.

Complete and total genius! May 16, Cristina rated it really liked it. A lot of women killed one after another. The first pages were boring Not bad, but not so good either.

Feb 28, Laurel Young rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

Had I never read Agatha Christie's other works, I might well be giving Endless Night 5 stars--genuinely creepy atmosphere, a challenging narrative voice for her to carry off that of a young working-class man , and a breathtaking twist at the end Well, in my case, the trouble is that she's done the best elements of this novel before, and done them better earlier in her long career.

She's taken one of her all-time most brilliant and shocking ideas the narrator from The Murd Had I never read Agatha Christie's other works, I might well be giving Endless Night 5 stars--genuinely creepy atmosphere, a challenging narrative voice for her to carry off that of a young working-class man , and a breathtaking twist at the end I know that Dame Agatha could not have expected her readers in to have a novel she wrote 40 years earlier AND one of her lesser-known short stories clearly in mind while reading Endless Night.

She liked to take an idea and try it from different angles, and certainly she does a fine job of building suspense here. It's just that some ideas are too iconic to ever re-use, and she was her own toughest competition. So although this novel is actually quite strong when taken by itself, I cannot help but see it as derivative and not as worth my while as its predecessors in the Christie canon.

View 2 comments. Well I think I just hit a new personal record. I needed to re-read this.

Endless Night

Every bit as horrifically devastating as the first read. Yet I'm all the more horrified that I found myself to still have a teeny tiny crush on our horrid narrator. Poor Ellie. This is a stand -alone novel by Agatha Christie and is one that I had not read before. I have to admit that Christie is undoubtedly my favourite author of all time and, whether re-visiting favourite characters such as Poirot, or coming to one of her books for the first time, it always feels as though you are reading something familiar.

In fact, immersing yourself in a Christie novel is rather like slipping into a warm pool and being taken effortlessly on a journey — she is the most capable plott This is a stand -alone novel by Agatha Christie and is one that I had not read before. In fact, immersing yourself in a Christie novel is rather like slipping into a warm pool and being taken effortlessly on a journey — she is the most capable plotter and absolutely joyous to read. Michael had the area in mind for the house of his dreams, but does not have the means to build or buy it.

From the beginning, you feel that something terrible will happen and this is a dark novel, with many plot twists and turns and a surprising ending. I am delighted that I finally got around to reading it and that, as always, Agatha Christie did not disappoint.

View all 8 comments. E foi o que aconteceu. I was feeling like reading something from Agathe Christie - or, rather, reread, since I've read several of her books in my teens, although I don't remember almost anything.

I chose this one because there was this scene in my memory that didn't have anything to do, apparently, with the story told in the synopsis. So, I was curious to see if I was wrong or not. I wasn't, the scene is there alright, and because I remembered it and in spite not being directly related to the main events, I ended up guessing the whole plot when I was just one third into the book.

Funny thing is - as I've read in an article the other day, spoilers can act as a way to get us more and not less, as one would expect interested in a book or a movie.

Endless Night | Open Library

And that's what happened. Though I wasn't enjoying the writing or the narrative all that much too much talking Subjects Fiction Mystery. When penniless Michael Rogers discovers the beautiful house at Gypsy's Acre and then meets the heiress Ellie, it seems that all his dreams have come true at once. But he ignores an old woman's warning of an ancient curse, and evil begins to stir in paradise. As Michael soon learns: Gypsy's Acre is the place where fatal "accidents" happen. Fiction Mystery. Publication Details Publisher: HarperCollins Imprint: William Morrow Paperbacks Publication Date: Agatha Christie Author Agatha Christie is the most widely published author of all time, outsold only by the Bible and Shakespeare.

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