Project igi cheat code pdf

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4 cheats to be entered on the main menu screen. Cheat code list & console commands for Project IGI: Im Going In. Project IGI PC cheat database for free. This is step by step walktrough hint tip cheat of this title. Cheat Codes At the Ma. Go to c:\program files\eidos interactive\project IGI\pc\common\ a At the main menu type "nada" this enables cheats. In the game type these codes: .

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For Project IGI: I'm Going In on the PC, GameFAQs has game information and a community message board for game discussion. Project IGI- I'm going in. Cheatbook is the resource for the latest Cheats, tips, cheat codes, unlockables, hints and secrets to get the edge to win. Project IGI - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read Project IGI-2 Covert Strike Cheat Codes: Update by: Plawan Hota.

Apurva Jain Ok. Edit that Jpeg image in Paint or Photoshop. In eagle nest2 there are two shorcuts. I To unlock all the stages. Try to shoot the enemies in the head or stab them in the head to kill them instantly.

Someone please help. Atleast explain me how to proceed in the GOD stage Thank you!!! Cheat from harish. Cheat from satish ksatishcmc [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] in i am having project igi v.

Code project pdf cheat igi

Tip from Satish kumar Can any 1 tell me how to complete stage 4. Tip from Himanshu I tried all the trickts mentioned here all other portals. I even browsed almost all the links in google, trust me folks Perhaps, these tricks are only for demo version.

Cheat from www 7yi 09u0u ui. Walkthrough from md. Cheat from aman pls give me cheat code. Cheat from nizam royal-nizam [at] yahoo [dot] com i want igi2 full cheat codes plzplz.

Cheat code igi pdf project

Cheat from shanil pioneerenetrtainment hey guys i am using full version can u plzzz tell me the cheat codes of Project IGI plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Cheat from Fuad nada is fake-made up. Cheat from srijansharma srijansharma74 [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] in please submit all cheats of project igi. Cheat from majhar majhar [dot] mulani [at] gmail [dot] com dddddddddddddddddddddddd. Cheat from sai bannugoparaju [at] yahoo [dot] com IGI plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Cheat from shrikrishna shrikrishna [dot] narayankar0 [at] gmail [dot] i m in third stage and need cheats for it the nada cheats are not working pls rply.

Cheat from jones Enjoy cheatin boys and gals. Dont get busted though: Cheat from jujhar dhillon o saleo jehre tusi cheat likhe e kuteo eh kehra kam karde ne hoye sale cheat code bnaun de bhain de take sale. Hint from hashim raza - i am in bordercrossing stage how can i complete this stage the tanks shoot me any where he jsut looked me and fire via bulllet or via tank bomb how can i hide or complete plz help me?

Cheat from ashok its bullshit there is no option to type nada in main menu ON lift. In igi2 border crossing is very time consuming stage. At last when u reach toward the helicopter jump above the fences at the point where triangular sign is made. Now Start The Game 1st.

Enjoy For any doubts or more cheats mail me to Mannboys gawab The guards may turn off the fuel pump.

Project IGI Cheats

Scroll down and change weapon id ak47 to weapon id m2hb all upper caps just change this e. Tridip patir Hi. I am talking about "The airfield" stage of project IGI 2 after turn on the fuel pump then go into the house and close the door and wait. After you kill all the gaurds turn on the fuel pump and then wait.

After the guards arrive they will come one by one and shoot them. Now open "weapon. II The best cheat in the whole game is described as follows: Create a back up of the 'ai' folder located in the 'common' folder. Run the game ' Not even one of the enemies except tanks and Copters will be able to see you'.

Use Map Computer to look for the river and the best way to it. View cinematics with thermal goggles: I To unlock all the stages.

Project IGI: I'm Going In

Aasif Abdullah aasif. III Don't rename all ai folders to any other name e. Now open the 'ai' folder. Do not cross the line but just walk besides it upto the end of the Stage. Press "z" twice to crawl and use your way to the river. IV In the border crossing stage most difficult stage.

Do not bother to kill your enemies if you are using cheats as it will help you to save time and from Tanks. In this way you will be able to reach near the Helicopter. When the cinematic starts. I now go Home" wait a little until he moves away.

After you exit the house and get bags of explosives to blow up the bridge. Easy completion: XI There are some stages in which the next level or next stage depends upon the Ammo Level of the current stage as in the case of "Bridge Across the Dnester".

Watch out for the security cameras.

Drop it! There are often safer points of entry. Before rushing into a base. The last thing you want is to get stuck reloading during a fight. VI If your primary weapon is heavy and you think it as useless.

X If you are using cheats and reach the 'baghdad stage' look for the 'bribed person' and when he says "You took long time. Enable the cheats again. Use Trucks to get perfect shield and shelter. If you get killed. IX Watch your ammo status and always be ready to reload. This Way". Satyam Sovan MIshra Email: Close the bionocular and using key board left-Control hit once. Bangalore Verry easy 2 play: Give yourself the favorite weapon u like in a mission with max ammo: Utkarsh Dwivedi Well.

Best use of AK47 like Dragunov etc: Anurag While playing the game. I have Completed all levels of IGI 2. Instructions given at site: During the game if alarm goes off. TO download settings. Enjoy the game.

Code cheat project pdf igi

That will kill the enemy. Make best use of thermal camera.

Project IGI: I'm Going In Cheats and Cheat Codes, PC

You can surprise and kill enemies through the wall. Shoot them one by one using a silent gun. Open the file with hex editoy. Open the file with hex editor. Now change all the values as below: But if you do not want to be invisible but want to have a gun fight with the AI then change the values as below: To get results of the changed ammo limit.

Go to program file folder where u'll find a folder 'mission'.

For results you've to take some care like: Now pickup the particular level u r going to play. Now inside it just pickup the location folder in which u r going to play the mission like location1. Just change the value of 64 to e. After u find it. Search for "jones". Inside it u'll see the level folders.

Likewise change the values of ammo in all the next lines if u need them! Jenian S. Sangma jenianzenlem gmail. If you like this cheat then rate this cheat. Watch this cheat video on www. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles.

Cheat pdf code igi project

Jump to Page. Search inside document. Plawan Hota Submitted by: Imran Sajid Shahid. Eric Chambers. Anonymous 1opWKxj. Milos Lazovic.

Project IGI: I'm Going In – Cheats

Martinus Tyasara Sp. Linda Gowan.

Low Sin Yee. Arturo Silverman Viera. Filip Miclea. Clayton Lima. Ravi Mathur.