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Download The ABC The ABC Murders Agatha Christie Level 4 Retold by Anne Collins Series Editors: Andy Hopkins and. Agatha-Christie - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. About the author. Agatha Christie was born in in Devon, England. She was the youngest child of an American father and an English mother. Her father died.

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The Abc Murders By Agatha Christie. Pages · · KB Matthew_McKay,_Jeffrey_C__Wood,_Jeffrey_Brantley(zlibraryexau2g3p_onion). pdf. The A.b.c. Murders: A Hercule Poirot Mystery. Home · The A.b.c. Murders: A Hercule Poirot Agatha Christie - Hercule Poirot 12 - The ABC Murders. Read more. To James Watts One of my most sympathetic readers Contents About Agatha Christie The Agatha Christie Collection E-book.

Where were you yesterday evening, Ascher? I looked at him in surprise. Related titles. We were drinking at the Seven Stars —and then at the Red Dog. But then something else happens. He bent forward. Come, let us go inside, Hastings.

Cohen, L. Popular in Crime, Law And Justice. Christopher Zara.

Murders pdf abc

Ikhwan Haqim. Eduardo Asenjo Cornago.

Pdf abc murders

Saleem Raza. Blanca Alul. Jaypoll Diaz. Rebel X. Janus Mari. Jillian Sheridan. The Citizens Campaign. John J. Heffernan v. Robert W. George Bochetto, Esq, F. Scribd Government Docs. George Tyndall for Alleged Sexual Misconduct. Her name is Ascher. I had expected something very unusual.

He has said several times that he would kill her. So I have said that you and I will go down to Andover at once. It had been a long time since I had mixed with crime and criminals. But later I remembered them very clearly. She looked so p ea cefu l, so distan ced fro m any violen t event.

He gave us the facts about the case. He entered, and at first he thought that the place was empty. But when he shone a light over the counter, he saw the body of the old woman. The doctor said that she had probably died about seven to nine hours earlier.

So that puts the time of death at between 5. They separated some years ago. He was a waiter at one time, but he started drinking. After that, nobody wanted to employ him. His wife worked as a cook-housekeeper to an old lady. When the woman died, she left Mrs Ascher some money and Mrs Ascher started this tobacco and newspaper business. Ascher used to come round and cause problems for her, so she gave him a small amount of money every week to make him go away.

He was terrible when he was drunk - threatening to kill her. No money was taken. No signs of robbery. I was wondering if Ascher wrote it.

Of course it might be coincidence. Who could A B C be? Bring him in here.

Where was he? He was crying and threatening us at the same time. He looked at each of our faces in turn. You should be ashamed to bring me here! You are pigs! How dare you do this? Everyone is hard on poor old Franz. Poor old Franz. I did not kill her! It is all lies! You are English pigs - all against me. I would never kill her - never.

You do not understand.

That was just a joke between Alice and me. Where were you yesterday evening, Ascher? I was with friends —good friends. We were drinking at the Seven Stars —and then at the Red Dog. Dick Willows —he was with me —and old Curdie - and George - and Platt. It is the truth that I am telling you! Nothing new there? It appeared that someone had looked up the trains from Andover.


Either the old woman or a customer. The Inspector shook his head. This was a big one —the kind of guide that only a big shop would sell.

He bent forward. A railway guide, you say. What kind? Until that moment, I had not felt very interested in the case. The murder of an old woman in a small back-street shop was a very ordinary type of crime. I had thought that the date of the 21st in the anonymous letter was just a coincidence. Mrs Ascher, I felt sure, had been murdered by her husband. But now, when I heard about the railway guide, I felt a small shock of excitement. Surely - surely this could not be a second coincidence. The ordinary crime was turning into something very unusual.

We left the police station and went to the building where the body of the dead woman was being kept.

The Abc Murders - Agatha Christie - English-e-reader

A strange feeling came over me as I looked down on that old face and thin grey hair. She looked so peaceful, so distanced from any violent event. The murderer hit her on the back of the head and she fell down behind the counter. A woman fa ces a man who is threatening her. But instead, she had her back to the murderer. Shall we drive over there and have an interview with the niece of the dead woman?

It was a big house about one and a half kilometres from the village, on the London side. The door was opened by a pretty dark-haired girl. Her eyes were red from crying. We entered and Poirot sat down on a chair by the window. The police came here. Poor Auntie! She was always very good to me.

I usually visited Auntie on my free day. She had a lot of trouble with her husband. He used to say he would cut her throat, and things like that. He was afraid of her! Have you any idea who that person could be? Poirot got up. I stayed here to be near my aunt. M ary looked at the card in surprise. Later you may be able to help me. A few moments later we were driving back to Andover. Look at your answers to A ctiv ity 1. Then correct these sentences. What more did you learn? Use these words to com plete the report below.

Everything in the street looked quiet, but I was worried about1. So 12 the door of the shop to make sure it was locked. I opened it and went inside. At first I thought the place w as3. But when 14 my light over the6 6 , 1saw the of an old woman lying on the floor.

While I was waiting for the police doctor, I also noticed an ABC railway 7 turned face down on the counter. Language in use He had moved to a new flat in London.

Look at the sentences on the right. Then com plete the sentences below with past perfect active or passive form s of the verbs. W rite some below. W hat do you think? A Russian, I ha ve h eard. A large crowd of people was standing outside the shop. A young constable was trying to make the crowd move away. Poirot stopped at a little distance from them. From there we could see the sign over the shop door. Poirot repeated it softly. Come, let us go inside, Hastings.

Poirot showed the young constable a letter from Inspector Glen, explaining who we were. He nodded, and unlocked the door to let us pass inside. The shop was very dark. The constable found and switched on the electric light. There were a few cheap magazines lying about, and newspapers from the day before - all dusty. Behind the counter there were shelves reaching to the ceiling, packed with tobacco and packets of cigarettes. There were also jars of sweets.

It was an ordinary little shop, like thousands of others.

Agatha-Christie The-ABC-Murders.pdf

She was probably reaching up to one of the shelves. His eyes moved round the small shop, noting everything. And the railway guide was - where? There were lots on the counter itself. Behind the shop there was a small room which was both a kitchen and living-room. It was tidy and clean but without much furniture. There were a few photographs on a shelf over T 16 Chapter 3 —Questions and Answers the fire.

Another was of a young couple in old-fashioned clothes. The girl looked beautiful and the young man was handsome. I looked closely at the couple in the photograph.

The Abc Murders By Agatha Christie

It was almost impossible to recognise the well-dressed young man as Ascher. Upstairs there were two more small rooms. There were a couple of old blankets on the bed; a small pile of underwear in one drawer and cookery books in another; a magazine; a pair of shiny new stockings, and a few clothes hanging up. Buy now: Other stories you might enjoy. The Mysterious Affair at Styles. Evil Under The Sun. Death On The Nile. Join the conversation f t y g.

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